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Usher's Wife -- Divorce? What Divorce?

6/11/2009 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Usher Raymond filed for divorce from his wife Tameka Raymond -- it's news to her.

Here's what we know. Although there are rumors Usher has filed, we're told by sources close to Tameka that she has yet to receive any papers. But our source also tells us Tameka hasn't spoken to Usher "in a few days" and has been trying to get a hold of him the entire time.

As for the courts, there's no record of any filing by Usher.


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Michael Madsen    

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1959 days ago


Iam- what does that have to do with Usher?

1959 days ago

shut your foul mouths!!!!    

usher divorcing...............oh oh......i wonder if he interested in making anymore babies?

1959 days ago


This post seems kind of irresponsible to me. "Rumored divorce filing", "source" says his wife can't locate him, etc...Don't they have at least two kids? This is a family here. I could see reporting it if papers were filed, but......this seems pretty sketchy.

1959 days ago


tell usher to drop that zero and get with this hero. me! loves em!

1959 days ago

First whores!    

You are all fat except for the adorable Adam Lambert, Carrie Prejean and Heidi. The rest of you are lazy , fat rednecks.

1959 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

YO HARVEY, is this another Carrie Prejean story? Did she cause the breakup? Just asking.

1959 days ago


She divorced her last husband for Usher, Sounds like a get rich quick scam to me. No prenup was signed

1959 days ago


Isn't Tameka in the hospital in Brazil from a tragic complication from Plastic surgery?

1959 days ago


I cannt believe they married in the first place...he could do much much better...she looks like a tranvestite , has poor health - remember the incident with her hearth recently...Hope he doesnt change his mind and divorse her for real... He was nice enough to marry her for the kids ..He has all good years ahead of him, great secision

1959 days ago


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1959 days ago


10. Hey Iam "smartman" lol!!

Who peed in your cornflakes?

Posted at 7:17PM on Jun 11th 2009 by thatstyte
No one.

His third world country doesn't have cornflakes, ...or corn or food.

1959 days ago


OMG "'I am smartman" every dame post i have read that stupid crap you have posted .... looks like the only 1 that fat and stupid is you. why can`t you post something a little intelligent or just keep ur ass off of the dame site

1959 days ago


well hopefully he's realizing that all the rumors of Tamika were all true.

About Tamika > I'm not sure how true this is but it's been spreading on the web since they got married. Click on the links below!

According to The Enquirer:

The scene for deception was set at a “getting to know the in-laws” dinner in Tameka’s hometown of Oakland, Calif., on July 7 as the couple finalized plans for a July 28 wedding.

Valencia, 49, explained that Usher led a prayer before dinner, then turned to her and said: “’You know all the family secrets- tell me about them.’ Before I could say a word, Tameka kicked me so hard under the table she almost put a hole in my leg,” Valencia said.

“Then she pulled me aside and whispered: ‘Don’t tell him anything.’”

1959 days ago


Why did he marry her in first place...she is soooo looking like a tranvest, has such a poor health ...cannt believ she made it throught 2 pregnacies ! Hope he doesn change his mind and really get ride of her !
His kinds are boys - they will always adore their father and back him up ! There is a light in the end of the tunnell for him ! Great ! She was sooooooooo not worth it

1959 days ago
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