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Bangin' Beauty Queen


6/12/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean already had her crown taken away and now Claudia Jordan is lookin' to knock her down even more -- by claiming she's got a better body than the dethroned Miss California. Take a look -- is she right?

Carrie & Claudia


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Carrie all the way!! I don't care if they're fake, I'm a sucker for blondes.

1962 days ago


Politics aside, Claudia looks healthier and Carrie also looks a little distant and her boobs aren't even trying to be real.

1962 days ago


And most of Claudia Jordan looks to be real

1962 days ago

Sue Wong    


1962 days ago


This demonstrates the difference between a REAL and beautiful female body on the right as opposed to the fake body (boobs, dental, colored contact lenses to change the color of her eyes, and probably hair extensions) of the dethroned Miss California U.S.A. Whatever happened to the old beauty contests where young women had brains and talent along with natural beauty?

1962 days ago


definitely claudia!

1962 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

This is my idea of a woman:

Nothing fake. No whitened teeth, dyed hair, boob implants or liposuction.

I don' care what her weight is. She must be chaste, kind, gentle and no tattoos. She must not swear - at all. She must genuinely want children AFTER getting married. I won't marry a woman with children - too much baggage, too many problems.

She must be educated and have a job, and be willing to work for 3 years helping me provide for a nest egg and a down payment to buy a house, and help pay bills, and to keep working until we both decided to have children together - no 'ooops' babies. There's no such thing as an ooops baby,
We'll also discuss and agree together how many children we will have and by how many years to space between them.

She'll be a stay at home mom and raise our children. No nannies or daycare. When the children are in high school she will then return to work and help pay for college, mortgage retirement and old age retirement.

She will not smoke or use illegal drugs. If she does drink, it will be very little along the lines of once or twice a month and no more.

She will acknowledge the husband is the head of the home and the family as God instituted marriage, and she will be a Christian attending Church honoring God, Christ, the husband and our children in that order and she will teach respect for elders, those in authority and respect for me as the head of the family as God instituted it.

And any female (notice I didn't say 'woman') who disagrees isn't worth my time, and will only bring on a string of broken relationships in her own sorry life.

Posted at 4:14PM on Jun 12th 2009 by My 2 cents


I hope you enjoy your permanently single life. Your unreasonable expectations will practically guarantee that you will never marry, or possibly even get laid.

1961 days ago


Talk about your karma, even the new Miss California agrees with Carrie about gay marriage!!! You dumbasses are so stupid that you can't even replace Carrie with a brainless troll to spew your intolerant propaganda!!! Carrie and Tami rule!!!!!

1961 days ago


Wow, can the lonely, liberal douchebag that keeps repeating the same craziness over and over and over, just on different handles, give it a rest already? You give yourself away but repeating "natural woman" nonsense. Every dumbass bimbo in Hollywood that you support, and beat off to, because they're also intolerant, uninformed, uneducated, anti-American liberals like you, are guess what......guess......FAKE AS HELL!!!! LOL!!!

You idiots make this too easy. Your hypocrisy is just ridiculous as all get out.

1961 days ago


Claudia has a tinier waist and natural breasts (or so it appears). Here's another straight-girl's vote for Claudia. Her hips are enviable.

1961 days ago


Why is Claudia still competing with Prejean? The competition's over. She lost to Prejean in the first go round.

1961 days ago


Sounds like Claudia is trying to jump on Ex-Miss California's coat tail just to get some publicity. If her body if that great why doesn't she compete in a beauty contest and make her own publicity.

1961 days ago


Damn, I'll split Claudia like a log. Didn't know she had such a body!

1961 days ago


Hey Two-Cents - are you by any chance an elderly Amish man? I seriously thought you were joking. You know, in the style of Colbert or Stewart. Your continued posts, however, have made you look somewhat unstable and certainly unrealistic in your expectations for a life partner. Good luck, bizarro!

Off to bed. Taught 4 classes today. I'm a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor (Hippotherapy.) And your profession / education is?????? You'll not find a mate in this country.

1961 days ago

Good Man    

Both of these women are American beauties. Learn to appreciate the beauty that each one of them has.

1961 days ago
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