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Bangin' Beauty Queen


6/12/2009 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean already had her crown taken away and now Claudia Jordan is lookin' to knock her down even more -- by claiming she's got a better body than the dethroned Miss California. Take a look -- is she right?

Carrie & Claudia


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Carrie Prejean is a lovely articulate beautiful girl while Claudia is just looking for fame and has a very nasty attitude - remember she was on celebrity apprentice and was terrible.

1926 days ago


boobs, stomach, thighs, butt..... claudia FTW!!!

1926 days ago

Dave the pig    

That nasty ass skank and attention whore name Claudia looks as if she had baby oil placed all over her to cover up her nasty ass white crust on her elbows and knees ......... biatch please, do something worthwhile other than holding an effing briefcase! You don't need brains for that!

1926 days ago

Dave the pig    

Claudio is just another washed up, used up, talentless whore who will do and say anything for fame.

1926 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Aww... what the hell... I'll do'em both.

1926 days ago

Buddy Stein    

I would call it a tie

1925 days ago


Based on the vote "who you rather", it is clear that the queers are busy on the site today. Good news, that means they are not doing other nasty things.

1925 days ago


To the arrogant, immature and piggish females who assume I'm fat, balding and enjoy blow up dolls:

I'm 56, not balding, and have a job that pays me quite well, thank you for enquiring about my financial health. We own a house, 2 cars and a cottage by the lake.

Our sons are married to women, have families, own their own homes and vehicles. They've never been in trouble with the law. They have jobs that also pay well.

My wife is the light of my life - I wouldn't dream of having a one night stand. Nothing, no-one could ever hold a candle to her, and we're still in love with one another as opposed to people who just tolerate one another after decades of marriage.

But you who think you're so much better than I am because we are a Christian family - you're really immature and pathetic.

So go have your tattoos, watch soap operas, sleep with any male that catches your imagination for the moment, have your illegitimate children, and you're the ones who will look worn and tired, and a lot older than your actual years before you know it.

...and secretly, in your mind at some point you'll have wished for someone like me.

1925 days ago


Looks like the new Miss California also supports Prop 8 Harvey. Karma has done a complete 180 on your Nazi, bullying, intolerant ass!!! BAWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! You made a star out of Carrie Prejean, allowed her to get free of her contract to make loads of money only to have her replaced by a new Miss California that also supports Prop 8 and the will of the voters!!

EVIL (LIBERALISM) WILL ALWAYS COME UP WITH THE SHORT OF THE STICK HARVEY. Why do you think God made your ass no taller than a hobbit? :) BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Go Carrie and Tami!!!!!

1925 days ago


#109 Jake,

LOL, no f'n joke brotha!! Just like every other poll Liberal quacks do, they ALWAYS win by a landslide, yet however, when it's put to an honest, actual vote (as honest as you can get by catching as many cheating Democrats as you can) they 9 times out of 10 lose, especially on gay marriage.

Plus, they're the ones who are in the majority of the unemployment numbers and are sitting on their lazy, fat asses waiting for all that HOPE AND CHANGE to delivery a job on their front door step. Or at least at their mama's house so she can hand it down to them in the basement, LOL!!!

1925 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

This is my idea of a woman:

Nothing fake. No whitened teeth, dyed hair, boob implants or liposuction.

I don' care what her weight is. She must be chaste, kind, gentle and no tattoos. She must not swear - at all. She must genuinely want children AFTER getting married. I won't marry a woman with children - too much baggage, too many problems.

She must be educated and have a job, and be willing to work for 3 years helping me provide for a nest egg and a down payment to buy a house, and help pay bills, and to keep working until we both decided to have children together - no 'ooops' babies. There's no such thing as an ooops baby,
We'll also discuss and agree together how many children we will have and by how many years to space between them.

She'll be a stay at home mom and raise our children. No nannies or daycare. When the children are in high school she will then return to work and help pay for college, mortgage retirement and old age retirement.

She will not smoke or use illegal drugs. If she does drink, it will be very little along the lines of once or twice a month and no more.

She will acknowledge the husband is the head of the home and the family as God instituted marriage, and she will be a Christian attending Church honoring God, Christ, the husband and our children in that order and she will teach respect for elders, those in authority and respect for me as the head of the family as God instituted it.

And any female (notice I didn't say 'woman') who disagrees isn't worth my time, and will only bring on a string of broken relationships in her own sorry life.

Posted at 4:14PM on Jun 12th 2009 by My 2 cents


Obviously you will never get a woman. Good luck to you and your hand.

Posted at 5:36PM on Jun 12th 2009 by Rae


You are forgetting that even his hand doesn't meet his own requirements.

It is not chaste. It can't give him children. It's not educated and works only to pleasure him, not to pay bills. If he EVER gets any, it's not a stay-at-home hand. Most importantly, his own hand realizes that his "little head" is the brains of that outfit, not the idiot that did the typing.

His hand clearly disagrees with his viewpoints. He should cut it off immediately to save them both some heartache.

1925 days ago


I almost feel sorry for Claudia. She's nowhere near Carrie's league. She's like 14 years older than her and Carrie still has more class and intelligence in her little finger than Claudia does in her whole body. And looks, lol, you might as well be comparing Rosie O'Donnell to Jennifer Aniston. Carrie beats her handsdown.

1925 days ago


You can't even call Claudia a has been, she's a never was. Only TMZ knows who she is. I seem to remember her making some racist remarks on the show one time. Wonder why TMZ didn't get on her back? Hmmm......

1925 days ago


Yuck they're both pretty fugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1925 days ago


To all my Neo-Gay Nazi fans and supporters out there, let me be the first to apologize to you for breaking down on Geraldo At Large and admitting the truth, that Carrie DID NOT miss a single appearance. I thought our ridiculous lie would work, since we have every dumb ass liberal news station, and this POS website, in our back pocket, but it was just too difficult to continue to conceal the truth. But have no fear! I'm currently in the middle of working out a new exit strategy as to why we "had" to let Carrie go, and again, it has NOTHING AT ALL, to do with her views on gay marriage, the same views that she shares with my hero, and President, Barrack Obama.

We have learned there is a new, breaking video, however, of Carrie bashing a potato sack full of puppies and kittens, with a baseball bat. As soon as we're done with the editing we'll be sure to get it out to you ASAP!!! Have no fear, our justification for firing Carrie will prevail!!!

1924 days ago
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