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Carrie Prejean -- Special Olympics Too Awkward

6/12/2009 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss Cali USA Carrie Prejean is steering clear of the Special Olympics tomorrow -- and it's all because her replacement is gonna be there and Carrie doesn't want to make things awkward.

We just spoke to Carrie's attorney, who said Miss Cali USA's executive director, Keith Lewis, couldn't wait to give the new crown-wearer Carrie's spot at the event.

Despite getting the boot, Carrie had expressed interest in volunteering at the event anyway -- something she's done in the past -- but decided against it because she didn't want the bad blood between her and the Miss Cali people to make the event "uncomfortable."


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Still in Shock    

All is not lost. I have respect for people who look out for the best interest of the cause...not the best interest of the media.
Classy move Carrie, in this day of everyone wanting everybody to know everything, are standing back and letting the Special Olympics have its day...that is really nice of you to do. :)

Ummm...Carrie...I was just going to tell you that I have been through something similar to your situation (No, I wasn't a beauty queen)....I had someone at a large firm that wanted me when I thought it was going to happen it didn't...then later they tried to say I didn't do this or that....the problem was...I was never even asked to. It was the first time I had heard about it (ya know what I mean don't ya???). They made it look like I was being insubordinate (how could I be insubordinate when I had no idea what it was they wanted me to do).
They did not communicate with me..but put it all on me....that it was my fault.

I know your attorney knows all that stuff and has seen it a million times.

I hope you have some legal recourse, as I feel you were wronged.

1957 days ago


This tells you just how rotten the unholy duo of Moakler and Lewis are. Carrie had a special interest in doing the Olympics because she is a volunteer with Luv Em Up and Best Buddies, organizations that help people with disibilities. And she’s studying Special Education.

If you read through those e-mails you'll see they were giving Carrie flack for volunteering with the Special Olympics now they cut her throat by sending someone else.

There is no doubt in my mind that they made things impossible for Carrie to stomach in an effort to get her to quit..... 54 tasks in 30 days....... the sicking suggestions of doing playboy (must have been Moaklers contacts).

This was trumped up in an effort to make it impossible for her...... what a slimy campaign!!!!

1957 days ago


Support Carrie at:

I can't wait for the book.... I'll pre-order 4 copies.

Now for some legal action please.

1957 days ago


One of the wisest moves that Carrie made was to avoid the Larry King show. Old Follywood liberal Larry all but gave Perez Hilton a big kiss on the ??? when he appeared on Larry's show.... not one mention of Perez's vile misogynistic rant. Then Larry rounds up Shanna "the porno-poser" Moakler and Keith "the gay-activist" Lewis for a little love-fest with Carrie....... I'd pass on that thanks.

Good one for Carrie and a slap for Larry.

1957 days ago


Carrie P. said in an interview yesterday that "tolerance" goes both ways. I agree!!!! I don't want "religion" pushed on me and I don't want being "gay" pushed on me. If I have biblical beliefs, I'm a fanatic, close minded, and homophobic. If I believe that gays should be able to have the basic rights as heterosexual couples, I'm a left wing liberal who is going to hell. Do these attitudes show tolerance for either "side.?" NO! It amazes me that people can't see the double standard and hypocrisy of these attitudes. We may not agree with one another but we do need to respect one another.

1957 days ago


TMZ definitely appears to be the gay network.... it no longer exists on my TV set. I don't know why the local stations are carry this thing.....

1957 days ago


Carrie had volunteered to handout medals at the Special Olympics but apparently that didn't go over well with Lewis...... what in gods name is that guys problem...... he must be gay!!!!

1957 days ago


I am so happy for Miss California now that she is rid of that despicable Keith lewis and shana (no class) moakler married to that disgusting tatoo creep. The liberals and the liberal media can beat up on all of us conservative Christians all they want, but in the end it is they who look like fools. God bless America, Miss California and Sara Palin for all the bashing they have taken - even Obama goes to our enemies and apologies to them for this war. God help us all as Obama is turning this country into a communist state by appointing CZAR'S (now that is unconstitutional) and gov't is in every aspect of our business controlling what we can buy and how much money we can make so he can go and spend it on all his liberal programs.

Perez Hilton is the one who gives gays bad names. He is the epitome of why there is so much gay bashing in this world. I have a lot of gay friends who are wonderful people AND christian and conservative believe it or not, and they are embarrassed of him. Hopefully Trump will fire him, and that whole pathetic Miss CA organization.

1957 days ago


OK, now I know most of the comment are from Carrie's mom using different handles. G

1957 days ago


I used to think she was just dim witted but now I'm starting to think she has something seriously wrong with her brain. I do pity her, since she seems incapable of taking responsibility for doing a job and I hope she doesn't wind up on a rooftop with a rifle. It seems like there is some serious mental illness going on.

1957 days ago


I would say she belongs IN the Special Olympics, but that would be an insult to the contestants.

1957 days ago

Linda Mott    

She was REPLACED, that means step aside and let the new Miss California take over. If she wants to do things for the kids at a later date or donate money to the cause, then do it, but don't take away the attention from this event, it's not about the Miss Californian's, it's about the kids. Are you going after the new Miss California, since she is for prop 8?

1957 days ago


#47 REALLY? If she wries a book you're ordering four copies? Are you THAT desperate for tips about self tanning & how to avoid scars after a boob job? Because really that's all the advice this chicks got to offer.

I am still shocked buty also amused you people are holding her up as a poster child- and you wonder why the conservative movement is a laughing stock & considered to be full of bigoted morons???

1956 days ago


The kids don't matter anymore since she doesn't have a contest to win.

I am afraid more of her true colors will come out.

1956 days ago


If the special olympics were a cause she honestlly believed in then she would not allow some 5th grade situation get in the way of supporting the cause. This is just another way for her to back out of doing something that she dosen't care about. Her "causes" are just as fake as her t*ts.

1956 days ago
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