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Carrie Prejean -- Special Olympics Too Awkward

6/12/2009 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss Cali USA Carrie Prejean is steering clear of the Special Olympics tomorrow -- and it's all because her replacement is gonna be there and Carrie doesn't want to make things awkward.

We just spoke to Carrie's attorney, who said Miss Cali USA's executive director, Keith Lewis, couldn't wait to give the new crown-wearer Carrie's spot at the event.

Despite getting the boot, Carrie had expressed interest in volunteering at the event anyway -- something she's done in the past -- but decided against it because she didn't want the bad blood between her and the Miss Cali people to make the event "uncomfortable."


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I don't think this young woman deserves all the press attention she is getting and I think she was wrong in how she handled the situation after the question was answered (not because of her answer--she was entitled to that--but because of her crusade to vindicate herself while ignoring her obligations). I've been pretty critical of her, but feel I also have to give credit where its due. I agree with her on this decision and feel it was more gracious and mature than some of her other recent decisions. It probably would have been awkward and would have taken the focus off the important event--the Special Olympics.

1921 days ago


So even the new Miss California supports Prop 8!!!! BAWHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! And she even supports the will of the voters that said HELL F'N NO to gay marriage!!!! How's that Karma feelin' Harvey!?!?!?!? You not only made Carrie a star and rich for life, but you also got a new California that feels the exact same way she does!!!! Serves you bullying, intolerant Liberal douchebags right!!!

Carrie and Tami own Harvey and liberal haters!!!! Karma took a huge chuck out of your flat white ass!!!! No one wants gay marriage!!! BAWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!

1921 days ago


Way to go Harvey. You disrespect and make fun of mentally challenged children just like our BIBLICALLY CORRECT President did on national tv. Kudos for being as evil and cold-hearted as he is.

Oh yeah, and the new Miss Cali also DOESN'T support your "right" to marry and agrees with the voters. HOLLA!!! :)

1921 days ago


Lets leave her alone.... and what can you say about Perez Hilton's rants, he just was pissed he couldn't be up there competing to be Miss USA...

1921 days ago


Hank, you make a good point. If Harvey and the rest of his gay mafia bullies were REALLY serious about "gay rights" for everyone, then why just focus on, and attack, Conservative Christians? Obviously he gives a pass to the BIBLICALLY CORRECT President, VP and Sec. of State who all agree with Carrie. And he gives a pass to the over 70% blacks and over 60% hispanics in his own state that also agree with Carrie.

So clearly Harvey isn't serious about his "cause," he's just an angry, bitter, miserable kook who blames Christian Conservatives for all his unhappiness and disappointments. If he was REALLY serious, then he'd argue that the entire Miss USA pageant is "intolerant and close-minded" since they don't allow men to participate. Hmm....that seems right up your alley for future hate rhetoric Harvey. If you're really serious and all....

1921 days ago


What amazes me is how more angry the liberals quacks have gotten lately. I mean, they have their own Socialist in the White House and own both sides of Congress, but yet they seem to be growing with venom and hate. Look no further than Bill Maher, David Letterman and this website. I mean, they should be jumping for joy to have this much control for the first time in years.

Could it be that they realize just how stupid and incompetent Obama truly is and how he's going to ruin it for them and the GOP will come storming back in just a matter of years and correct all his disasterous mistakes? Could it be that they thought since Obama won everyone would support the radical gay agenda now, even though Obama himself doesn't? Could it be they realize they're on the losing end and it's only a matter of time before the wheels fall off and all the uninformed fools that voted for him will realize just how big of a mistake they truly made? It's very interesting to see their anger and hostility growing.

1921 days ago


Miss California Carrie Prejean,
Stay-Down with your co-Anchor volunteer situation. Your a very beautiful young attractive girl you will have many other oppurtunities in life. Ever hear the old story when "One Door shut's another Door opens right behind it".... Keep your chin-up babe.... Lot's of Love & Respect....Rock-On.....

1921 days ago


Just like with anti-gay marriage, the LARGE majority of Americans support Carrie and knows she's in the right and are counting down the days til the intolerant bigot Keith Lewis is out on the street. Donald won't let us down.

1921 days ago


Do you liberals have no self respect? Why does Obama the Socialist get a pass for mocking and making fun of Special Olympic athletes on television and opposing gay marriage? Then the liberal extremists attack Carrie for holding his same views on gay marriage and she actually volunteers to help these children.
This is why liberal extremists aren't taken seriously; you're the very definition of hypocrites.

1921 days ago


People should leave Carrie alone now. She's been through enough. To criticize her for not attending this event is grasping at straws. She will have plenty of opportunities in the future to work with the Special Olympics and they know how much she supports them. I think she did the right thing. Having both Carrie and Tami there would have caused too much media attention and taken away from the Special Olympics.

I think it's interesting that the new Miss California has the same view on same-sex marriage that Carrie does. I think that just goes to show that the Miss California directors didn't like her and wanted her out. Tami is well spoken in her answers but she didn't take a stand like Carrie did. She is playing it safe. Carrie is better than all this anyway. She doesn't need to be a Miss Anything. She is young and has her whole life ahead of her. And shame on Perez for starting all of this. If he hadn't left that hysterical blog after the pageant (which by the way was completely unprofessional seeing how he was a judge) I don't think any of this would have happened. He is an idiot! I think that same sex marriage should be ok but Perez is an embarrassment to the gay community!

1921 days ago


Damn! Knew I shouldn't have given her the benefit of the doubt in an earlier post. It sounded rather noble and gracious that she was bowing out of the Special Olympics to avoid any potential controversy and keep the focus on the charity event. Yeah right. Little Ms. Narcissist never puts anyone ahead of herself. She announced today that she WILL be at the Special Olympics, protocol and common decency be damned. After all, this event, like everything else in the universe, revolves around her. What a disgusting, shallow, waste of oxygen. She is about as Christian as the president of Iran, with the same mindless, self-righteous, everyone else be damned mindset. She is not as clever as he is, however, so her life of fame will no doubt flame out when her hypocrisy is exposed in a way that can't be defended or lied away. It irritates me that she is set up as a shining example of Christianity. She is nothing of the sort and it is a slam to real Christians to be compared to this vapid, narcissistic girl.

1921 days ago

chris t    

With the crap in her brain....she should be in Special Olympics!

1921 days ago


Hint: If you're going to try and pretend to be many people, don't keep typing "BIBLICALLY CORRECT" in all caps because it confirms what most of us know -- this is mostly one person being a major bitch. Hey! I'll bet it's Rush Limbaugh. The whole ranting thing sounds like his usual oxycontin-fueled ramblings.

1921 days ago


Hint: If you're going to try and pretend the man you voted for as President doesn't agree with Carrie 100% on gay marriage, don't keep typing "BIBLICALLY CORRECT" in front of Carrie's name every time you make a bs, hit piece of a post about her, because it confirms what most of us know -- this is mostly Harvey's hypocritical ass being a major bitch. Hey! I'll bet it's Harvey himself coming up with the thread titles. The whole ranting thing sounds like his typical, bitter, intolerant, Neo-Gay Nazi buttplugged-fueled ramblings.

1920 days ago


You are very entertaining...and a fun type person I will give you that. However, that being said, I feel you are truly hurting your cause by being so in youre face bold, vile, and hateful.... Now I write this with respect and we can agree to disagree on issues...Let us all see what comes back here on the comments I made. Can you also, here, be respectful...or hateful? I echo millions of Americans.

1920 days ago
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