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Chaz Bono

Can Soon Tie Knot

6/12/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz BonoChaz Bono can do something as a man which she could never do as a woman in California -- marry her partner.

At a point during the gender change -- typically when breasts are removed -- the subject can go to court and ask a judge to legally change his/her sex. It's discretionary on the part of the judge in determining when the person switches sex and is entitled to a legal change, but typically it's when the breasts are removed.

Judges typically do not require a genitalia switch as a prerequisite to a sex change.

Chaz has been in a committed relationship for several years. Therefore, what Chaz could never do now -- marry his partner -- he can do when the law acknowledges he is indeed a he.

Exact same person -- totally different result. Go figure.

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So - to all those making such critical remarks - who DIED and made YOU God's critic? And who ARE YOU to tell me what God did or did not say/mean? Until we all mind ourselves and our own persdonal behavior MORE than we mind others, we're doomed.

1957 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

She makes me wanna throw up.

1957 days ago


Congratulations Chaz! You can finally be at peace.

1957 days ago


Again with the gay marriage. This has nothing to do with the gay marriage issue. which I am sick of hearing about. Enough already. The voters voted and its a no go. Accept that and move on. This is about being transgender. Maybe I am wrong but I thought being gay meant that you are attracted to those of the same sex not that you wanted to become an entirely different person or sex.. Thats some serious issues in my opinion. sad but true. I think its the parenting. Sonny and Cher must have did something to make Chastity hate herself so much to deface her body like that. After the surgery she will still hate herself because obviously there was not enough love put into her in the first place.

1957 days ago


This fatassed ugly heifer will never be a man...She will always be a fatassed ugly heifer manly lookingdyke though...Cher must be so proud of her little abomination...

1957 days ago

laughs at Obama voters    

I want California to have gay marriage.

That way, all the gays that want to marry will move to California and the Northeast. They sure won't be moving to Iowa.

Whatever it takes to get a bunch of them out of my state. Good riddance.

1957 days ago


she can cut out her boobs as much as she want she still has a vagina, falopian tubes and a uterus. even if the latter ones were removed she was born a woman and will always be a woman PERIOD. its fine that she wants to be gay but she should remain looking like a manly woman. Gay marriage should be legalized who are we to judge what a person wants to be or to love who they want to love . thats fine !! but to get a sex change thats crazy !!! she should stay as is and be proud to be what she is which is a lesbian, gay woman.

1957 days ago


I'm wondering if his partner will stay with him once the sex change is done. I mean yeah they can love each other but if his partner is in to girls???

1957 days ago


I made a comment about this topic just the other day in the "Pregnant Man Pregnant No More" thread. It is absolutely insane that someone can cut off their breasts and be legally considered a man and can therefore get married but if that person doesn't have their breasts removed they aren't allowed to get married to the same person. It just doesn't make any sense.

But I can't wait till after Chastity has transformed into Chaz, gets married and then gets pregnant ala Thomas Beattie style. We can begin the new trend of 'pregnant men' but at least they will be legally married. Right? right?

1957 days ago


SHE is not a man nor will ever be. People are dumb. Just b/c you change something on your body doesnt mean you change who you are!!
If gays are SO PROUD of who they are --then be yourself and quit trying to CHANGE.
I dont know about you but I am sick of hearing the word "CHANGE" --it has no relavance anymore.

Getting a sex change to beat the system--yep another liberal.
If you had a good relationship with your parents and had a healthy upbringing then you wouldnt be gay in the first place!!

1957 days ago

Animal Lover    

What??!! Because Chastity Bono is having her breasts removed makes her a man? What about the millions of women who have mastectomy's does that make them men??? This country gets more insane by the day....liberal freaks!!!!

1957 days ago


I agree with normal

1957 days ago


Ok please help me with this. Chaz has been having a Lesbian relationship with the same partner for several years. Both are admittedly Gay! Correct. Ok, she has her breast removed, then the State of California allows her to become a "legal male". Then her and her former lesbian partner are now "legally straight". I hate to say this but if the former lesbian lover wanted a man to begin with, and hetersexual love, why didn't she just find a guy and not require a "proof of Chaz's love" be wacking off her breast! Sorry, but it appears they both wanted to "be stragiht to begin with" and the State is certfying them no longer Gay to me

1957 days ago

stewie griffin    

I'm sure she should have gone for the gastric bypass and just turned into a less repulsive lesbian rather than a fat and disgusting he/she.

1957 days ago


She is not very attractive, so who would marry her, maybe based on the fact that she's Cher's daughter and money may have something to do with it, but who knows and who really gives a crap??

Check out if you want to read a mysterious journey of a woman who's daily life pulls you into her apartment and what happens with her with whom and 'what' she is involved with. Filled with erotica, It makes interesting reading as opposed to reading about Chasity or whatever she's calling herself lately.

1957 days ago
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