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Corgan & L.A. Weathergal -- A Smashing Couple

6/12/2009 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan landed a chick who can really raise the local temperature -- stacked local L.A. weathergal Jackie Johnson.

Billy & Jackie: Click to watch
The forecast for these two: Random, with a chance of WTF?!


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First whores!    

I think I can help clear this question........

Uber - Meaning extreme or exaggerated. I think he was implying that "jillianreynoldslazyeye" was very jealousof Jackie.
Seinfeld - I believe that he was using Seinfeld as a way of expressing sarcasm. I think his meaning was that Seinfeld is funny and he does not find you funny.

I hope this simplifies everything.

Thank you

1967 days ago

A Nagai    

Jackie Johnson is married. She has married to a former hockey player, just go to (her tv station) to check her bio

1967 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

When she first started working for KCAL 9 - weathergirl, her Boobie where as big as her head, now they're as small as peaches. What happen, I guess the lack of sun shine in LALA Land.

1967 days ago


KCAL 9.....the ONLY channel where I watch the weathercast with a bottle of Nivea and some tissues!! Hey Jackie.....stand a little more facing directly away from the camera.

1967 days ago


I'm sorry...did somebody say she is a 'natural' beauty? Bleached blonde hair and fake boobs...let's see here. The fact she wears low cut outfits to show off her fake tatas is not dear...

I think she would be beautiful with her natural hair color of brown and her natural breasts - not fake ones. Then...she would be a natural beauty.

1967 days ago


Hopefully Jackie will stay normal and not go all celebrity on us and turn into a total bimbo like that Jillian chick on Good Day LA?? GOD is she freaking annoying!!

1967 days ago


This is too funny. We see her on the news and she wears the weirdest outfits with belts that are practically wrapped around her boobs. She also wears skirts with high slits that show off her way too skinny legs. We find that most of the people on that channel are very poorly dressed and she's the one that started my family talking about it. She looks 100% better in her jeans and shirt shown here. Maybe it's just the news stylists that dress her poorly and it's not actually her. Good luck to them.

1967 days ago



1967 days ago

el polacko    

billy corgan is straight ?!? ... i don't think so. why is it every time a gay guy is pictured with a gal the story is that they are dating ? are we still living in the 1950's ??

1967 days ago


i watch jackie for her looks and her voice. the dude she was with would get kicked out of iraq for the way he dresses. i have never seen her nipples. i think it is a job requirement.

1967 days ago

Mo mo    

A few months back Jackie was sporting a giant engagement ring and she had been wearing it for awhile. The other night she was not wearing it. So perhaps she is available or perhaps she is just hanging out with Billy Corgan.

I don't think Billy is gay...He is known to date models. A few years back he was with some runway model. I've seen pictures of it. I went to a local restaurant and they had a picture of him with another model girlfriend. As far as being bisexual, who knows????

1967 days ago


Jackie J use to work in Miami also for channel 7 just in case anyone cares

1966 days ago


This trend of enormous implants on women who do weather/traffic needs to stop. It's so in your face and these women look ridiculous. Are news programs that desperate? It's a news show not a porn video. They are putting off a lot of viewers. Other than loser pervs, no one wants to wake up and look at that first thing in the morning

Just do the news. Is that possible anymore. No wonder people stopped watching the news

1965 days ago


#32 is so right. That Jillian is mind numbingly annoying and makes the show unwatchable. The show is only watchable when she's off.

(Steve Edwards is fantastic.)

1965 days ago

Weathergal Yvonne    

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1891 days ago
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