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Miley's People Pull the Plug on DJ -- On Live Radio

6/12/2009 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIley Cyrus: Click to listenMiley Cyrus' PR peeps are hardcore -- and they'll shut anyone down who doesn't play by their rules.

When the MJ Morning Show decided to go rogue on the 16-year-old Disney supastar -- asking questions that weren't pre-approved by her publicity team -- the only response he got was the click of a phone hanging up.


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Right on, Jodi!

1966 days ago

Here 4 Beer    

Nothing like some good ol dial tone.....LMAO

1966 days ago


small news, but it was a simple honest and clean question - who really cares about this anyway?

1966 days ago


BUBBA ARMT...BUBBA ARMY. MJ is a no talent ass clown with pubic hair on his head.

1966 days ago


Way to call into a sub par morning show. She calls into the 4th ranked show and figured out he's a meglomaniacal moron. Good for her on shutting down that sawed off midget. Please MJ don't sue me,

1966 days ago


Looks like her PR Team would have studied up on who they were going up against... MJ is KNOWN for asking inappropriate questions, anyway... Oh story, please?!?

1966 days ago


Good for her handlers! She's a minor and needs people looking out for her. No interviewer should have the right to ask a 16 year old anything he wants to. Shame on him! And to bring up Jamie Foxx in the interview, someone who was beyond disgusting to Miley, was completely unacceptable.

1966 days ago


yeah a 16yr old prostitute.
She sucks, and the world would be a better place without her man voice on the airways.

1966 days ago


I listen to the MJ Morning Show every morning and I love it! There was nothing wrong with MJ asking a simple question, if it was such a big deal all Miley had to say is that she does not want to talk about it! Plain and Simple!
MJ, I love your show!

1966 days ago


This also happen to 105.9 Kid Craddock in the morning but instead of the questions they just hung up on them because they had finished there allowed "time" Miley was in the middle of a sentences when listeners and DJ just got dial tone.. because they used all the time didnt even give her time to finish her sentence or say sorry out of time and hang up .... strange

1966 days ago



Your rant about TMZ hating white "upstanding" Christians obviously involves Carrie Prejean as well.

NEWSFLASH FOOL-Christianity is not just a white thing. It has never been. If you read the Gospel of Luke you would know the theme of that gospel is that Jesus is Savior to ALL regardless of race and gender if they believe. Actually in America Christianity and religion in general is largely a Black and Latino thing as more of them believe in God and go to church on Sunday according to the latest religion pole taken. You would think it wasnt since the Religious Right is made up of mostly whites, but one of the reasons the Moral Majority was formed because they saw they needed to band together so to speak because atheism and pantheistic universalism was gaining popularity among whites.
So to divinity school like I did and learn.

1966 days ago


Not a Miley Cyrus fan, but screw that dj--he was told what the limits were by her reps, then purposely violated the rules. Idiot. The guy thinks he's Howard Stern or something? She's underage, he attempted to get her to talk about stuff he was told she would not talk about. The he has the balls to get indignant. It's simple. You want to do hard-hitting interviews? Pick on someone your own age. Stupid.

1966 days ago


I live in Dallas and she was on 106.1 this morning doing an interview and they just hung up on him too. He didn't ask any questions out of the ordinary. They later found out that their time was up so the PR guy just hung up the phone instead of letting them know they were almost out of time.

1966 days ago


that is pretty bad. it sounds like she was starting to answer, then click. if she is that controlled, what is she doing dating outside her legal age range? unless that relationship is part of her image police too. the dj did sound a little obnoxious, and we didnt get to hear the interview leading up until that point.

1966 days ago


F' MJ Kelly... He is nothing but a Midget .. He is not a public figure he is a Public Figurine...I feel so sorry for the people of Tampa and Orlando and where ever else this Idiot is heard.. MJ Kelly (Todd Schnitt) is a no talent piece of crap.....And now Thanx to TMZ.. MJ Is getting what he wants......a mention on TMZ.....Bubba Army

1966 days ago
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