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Miley's People Pull the Plug on DJ -- On Live Radio

6/12/2009 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIley Cyrus: Click to listenMiley Cyrus' PR peeps are hardcore -- and they'll shut anyone down who doesn't play by their rules.

When the MJ Morning Show decided to go rogue on the 16-year-old Disney supastar -- asking questions that weren't pre-approved by her publicity team -- the only response he got was the click of a phone hanging up.


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To the person who posted the #5 comments. What a waste of space you are. First of all, take your hateful comments to another website. Second, if you are so concerned about Miley, where were you when this minor was "dating" and having sleep overs with her boyfriend who is a legal adult?

1927 days ago


I don't know if the two under Bubba Army are the same person or not, but I just had to let you know that my husband LOVES that show - he talks about it often. I guess I should check it out one day.

1927 days ago

who gives a shit    

Sick of Miley and maybe if she acted like a 16 year old instead of a 25 year old she wouldn't be asked questions they don't want asked..........................

1927 days ago

Linda Mott    

Even though she dresses like a big girl she is only 16 years old. Shame on them for asking a child anything inappropriate.

1927 days ago


Good for her handlers - she's 16 yrs old - bound to say something she'd regret over live radio with "seasoned" adult interviewers.

Stick with your PR people Miley !!

1927 days ago


This happened this morning on Wes, Rahny & Alley on KISS FM in Milwaukee. She was answering questions about her duet with the Jonas boy she dated and was saying that they text back and of the djs JOKINGLY said, "hey can we have his number to text him?" and her people hung up on them. That was totally rude...I understand she's 16, but she should learn how to handle HERSELF in media interviews.

1927 days ago


The same thing happened on Radio Now in Indianapolis!! It was so weird, because the DJ was telling Miley about how "The Climb" was inspirational to his young niece with cancer, and giving her an abundance of praise. Then he said something along the lines of how she was such a great girl and always happy and uplifting, and said that he hated seeing Jamie Foxx say the things he did because she didn't deserve it and CLICK! they hung up on him instantly. He was even defending her! But, like the DJ said, it's her reps that hang up, not Miley herself. It's not her fault.

1927 days ago

who gives a shit    

remember those pic's of her and Billy Ray and the other ones too......................................

1927 days ago


First of all, if they are told they should not ask particular questions, why are they doing it? I'm betting my ridiculous summer paycheck that her people don't want to bring up the Jamie Foxx thing ever again and it was more than likely said prior to the interview. And when it was brought

Second, everyone is talking about how this has happened before and yada yada yada. I've listened to plenty of Miley interviews with JohnJay and Rich in the morning and Miley's people have never hung up on them.

Lastly, why is everyone bringing up the fact that she dated someone older? Who cares and why does it automatically mean she is having sex with him? I dated a 19 year old at 15 and guess what...he turned 20 and I turn 16. I stayed with that guy for five years almost and didn't have sex with him until I was 18. I have they way people love to assume the worst.

1927 days ago


I was actually listening at the time the interview went on. Yes, MJ did have certain guidelines to follow, but all he wanted to know is if she got a personal apology from Jamie Foxx. They could have let her answer and if the questions got bad from there, then terminate the interview.

1927 days ago


Normally don't care about Miley Cyrus but but her camp did the right thing. They gave the dj some instructions, he chose to ignore them, and Miley's people cut him off.

He was clearly setting her up. The Jamie Foxx thing? That's old new....why would he even brng that up unless it was segwaying into something bigger.

1927 days ago

Just sayin'    

I listened to it and MJ was very nice and polite. All he asked he was if she received a formal apology from Jamie Fox and they hung upon him. Totally uncalled for hanging up like that.

1927 days ago

Chuck D    

The idiot should have not accepted the interview if he couldn't play by the rules...What part of "here's the catagory of question you can ask" did he not understand. Miley is huge star and it sounded like she had stepped way down in market size to do the interview anyway..

1927 days ago

MJmorningshow is Fake    

That morning show is known for having people calling in and claiming to be celebrities or people in the news that day or whatever.
I am willing to bet that the segmet hadn't even ended and his producers already had the call sent to TMZ.

Giving that morning show more than 15 mins of national fame is a waste.

1927 days ago

Cliff Barnes    

Miley needs to give out pink slips to her PR reps... crappy job they are doing

1927 days ago
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