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Stephen Baldwin

My House Needs to be Saved

6/12/2009 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612_stephen_baldwin_bn2-1Unless Stephen Baldwin's charity on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" is called the "Keep Stephen Baldwin from Losing His House to Foreclosure Org." -- dude is gonna lose his digs on the auction block.

According to documents, Stephen and his wife are more than $824,000 behind in payments on their Rockland County, NY home -- although they only paid $515,000 for it in 1997.

Unless the born-again Christian hits the lottery, his home will hit the blocks on June 24.


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Then again, why be rude?

1959 days ago


Ask God, maybe he'll help you. hahahhahahahahahaha

1959 days ago


So, I really don't understand TMZ's total hate for anyone who calls themself a Christian. I understand that there are a lot of hypocrites out there, and there are many people who claim to be Christians who aren't or if they are they don't represent their religion in an appropriate, respectful way, but TMZ seems dead-set on a campaign "let's hate all who claim to be Christians". I'm done reading this website (waste of time anyway) because of the hate they are spreading. It's turning into a Christian hate-fest on here!

1959 days ago


That is sad; why can't Alec and his other bros. help him? Hope it all works out for you, Stephen..

1959 days ago


Just wanna say,True beauties are actually among ourselves,check this out...millionaire chats.c/o/ and sincere rich people,hot girls and handsome men there are much more attractive and charming!

1959 days ago



1959 days ago

eyes glued opened    

LOL please.. you all are such suckers.. they don't find God until they're hard up.. and actually there's nothing necassarilly wrong with that as we all need to look to our God but come on, not when it's only convient to do so. Go ahead and fall for it in the name of "God". They're laughing in your poor white/black trashy faces ( in their eyes), go head, send him money.. awwwww, that's the Christian thing to do after all then you can watch him spend it at the mall the next day.. stimulus baby!! LOL suckers.

1959 days ago


He is the biggest loser and a disgrace to the rest of the baldwins. Funny how these D lister people who lose what little career they have always end up "born again christians" I think its a load of crap, its just a way to get attention and he is obviously still involved with drugs because he acts like he is out of it all the time. What a LOSER!

1959 days ago

eyes glued opened    

After all, calling people on their irresponsible crap isn't a non Christian thing to do... If you don't do it, ya have more Octo's and more bottom feeders like this family who have come from money and mismanaged it all and then look to the working class to help them get out of their hole only to forgot all about the "trash" that bailed them out all "in the name of God". Ya'll mean well, but don't be fooled and put your hearts and money in your family and community's. Enabling these people are why we have more people like them and i'm sure you know someone who's lost their homes WHO HAVE NOT refi'd their homes multiple times so they could live like celebrities on a beer pocket-book..

1959 days ago


He should have been doing what Christ did and stop spending and start saving.

1959 days ago

u wenr    

How can you be behind $300,000 more than you paid for it???

1959 days ago

Smelly Jelly    

I know the house well. Right off the Hudson river just south of the TZ bridge. They spent a king's ransom decorating and rehabbing the property, which likely explains the disparity on the amount due and the amount paid for the home.

Funky area with lots of celeb homes.

Rockland County, though....ewww...

1959 days ago

Wanda W.    

Oh boo hoo hoo ! Why not PRAY for divine intervention you self rightious,untalented,Jesus obsessed FREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe even Jesus wont help you because,now let me get this right because I am anything but religious ( I am actually intelligent so a mythical super being has no attraction for me). He Helps Those Who Helps Himself............ WHO TOLD YOU TO GET INTO DEBT WITH A HOUSE YOU COULDNT AFFORD MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1959 days ago

Wanda W.    

And for "Me"#18, your leaving the website,good, BYE-BYE. You "Christians" have had it all your way for far too long now. Time for rational,thinking people to rise up say a resounding NO to all that has been done in the name of "Christianity" Religion is the opiate of the masses,and more has done in the name of religion to hurt humanity, than all the wars and disease put together.

1959 days ago


What has he done with all his money? Maybe the Jesus freak should pray for help from that imaginary space-daddy up in the sky.

1959 days ago
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