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Adam Lambert: Booze Before Babes

6/13/2009 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert's a smart guy -- despite the fact that he's openly gay, he's still giving the ladies a shot at a steamy make-out session.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch!

Lambert's revelation came at the end of last night's 20/20 interview. For all those ladies wanting to lock lips with their "American Idol" all it takes is a "couple of drinks."


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ANYHOW, Adam should get back to his music. I always wondered why I get a headache when I listen to Adam's NO BOUNDARIES. If Adam Lambert is going to sing MCR's style (ex. I don't love you), he needs to learn to move the microphone away when he starts singing like Gerard. The key is for the listener NOT to get a HEADACHE when he belts or sing with a hard rock voice in a ballad song. If he is going to sing like Dashboard Confessional (ex. Vindicated), he needs to LEARN to move away the mike so his voice does not pierce into our ears. This is a serious ADVICE for Lambert that he needs to consider. ALSO- I compared the instrumental background of Adam's vs. Kris' NO BOUNDARIES without their voices. Kris actually has a better background using electric guitar all the way through with very little back-up singers and they appeared to be male (or lower-voiced) backup singers. Also Kris' background didn't use the R&B sound in the beginning. Kris also used a lot of echo effect. For Adam's background, it was TERRIBLE. I had a headache from the background screaming female singers, & the very high-pitched violins. ANYHOW... Adam's instrumentals were not ROCK at all with electric guitars. Kris' background sounded more rock and more in-tune with what the song should be like. Adam's background used a LOT of UGLY screaming background female voices. Kris background voices were decent & almost none. I suggest that before Adam sings, he must investigate only the background music and background vocals because those alone gave me a headache w/o his voice. Search youtube for "No boundaries instrumental" to hear just the background without the voice. ANYHOW AGAIN- I say that when ADAM creates his CD- he is f*cked!! Remember when he was interviewed about the terrible backup singers in AI & said they were okay-not sure if he was being nice. But ADAM needs to get a great trusted band. Because Adam does not know piano, guitar, drums, backup singers and all- if all those those suck and he does not recognize that then his CD will suck big time. He needs to know how to put music together using instruments & proper backup vocals w/ echo effect & his own signature vibrato. The belting should not be his signature. It will be his vibrato that should be the signature.

1926 days ago


ROFL---pfd....are you for real? Do you really think Adam's label is going to let him just flounder around without the best pros in the business helping him every step of the way? The hastily recorded singles you've heard up until now will seem like child's play compared to a professionally recoded album that comes out in the fall. Adam is already collaborating with some of the best musicians in the world.

1925 days ago


I'd gladly buy him enough drinks to be that lucky girl.

On the other hand, I would have to be tanked up to the eyeballs to go anywhere near the bug faced, Arkansas garden gnome.

1925 days ago


PFD, please please please stop trying to sound knowledgeable.

Firstly, you talk about headaches then write in a way so incorrect, incoherent and immature that you get a headache just trying to read it. Then it is obvious from what you say that you are a Kris fan. How on earth can you hope to be taken seriously? I mean, FFS! Kris? Laughable.

1925 days ago


" If he is going to sing like Dashboard Confessional (ex. Vindicated), he needs to LEARN to move away the mike so his voice does not pierce into our ears "

For crying out loud................ you are commenting on a studio version and you are suggesting that Adam moves away from the microphone.

You're showing your ignorance about ALL things to do with music, singing, performing and recording. Silly little Kris fan.

1925 days ago



You are hilarious. Are you intending to be?

Everything about Adam's version of No Boundaries is better. Never mind the singing as that was always going to be the case and Kris can't help that.

The production of Adam's version is better. It has simply been more worked on and more time and money used on it. The production of Kris' version is non-existent. It is the sample backing track with no adaptation for Kris whatsoever.

The sleeve artwork for Adam's version is more lavish from the image to the background to the lettering. Kris' sleeve looks as if he could have posed for it in a photobooth, the background could be done on Powerpoint or Quark and the lettering is basic word.

There is little doubt which version they were expecting to be promoting as the winner's single and I doubt very much that if Adam had won, Kris' version would have seen the light of day.

What did you expect Adam to say about the backing singers on AI? That they were rubbish. They were good. On one occasion (Crying) the sound bslance was bad. Not the the backing singers' fault, not Adam's fault but the sound balance.

Adam has experience of recording and extensive experience of live performing. To say that anyone who isn't an instrumentalist wouldn't know a good one when he heard one is not just insulting but plain idiotic.

Thank you for a hilariously ill-informed post. Now get back to your Kris Allen Playschool.

1925 days ago


Re 18

Exactly right. AIDS is far more common in the heterosexual community than in the homosexual or bisexual community because some idiots still think that it is only a gay man's disease and that straight people don't get it. Therefore, gay men and bisexual men and women are more careful.

It was just an unfortunate coincidence that many of the first instances of HIV and AIDS were in the gay community. There was absolutely no logical reason for this any more than for any other sexually transmitted disease. It is HUMAN Immunodeficiency Virus, not HOMOSEXUAL Immunodeficiency Virus.

All other sexually transmitted diseases - such syphillis, gonorrhea and also hepatitis - are more common in the straight community because of their nonchalance, carelessness and ignorance of such matters.

1925 days ago


I've read all the comments and either I missed it, or I am the first to comment on the "sexuality is universal" phrase? I would like to put in my two cents' worth about it, becuase I think I feel the same way. I have always disliked titles like straight, gay, bi, etc. I am almost 40, married to a man, and obviously a mom. I like men's anatomy, their rougher skin and just being masculine. However, I also realized that I liked the softness of a woman and their tender touch. I am physically attracted to both sexes, but have never been in a long-term, girlfriend relationship with a woman. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm attracted to certain people, not their sex-that's the bonus plan. Maybe that's what he is hinting at. Either that or he is a PR genius, cause I've bought him hook, line, and sinker!

1925 days ago


Adam is a flaming homo and his 15 minutes is nearly up. The pro-gay media is trying everything they possibly can to keep him relevant but it's clearly not working.

The likelihood that Adam is "bi-curious" is as probable as Harvey getting a 3 inch woody from seeing a naked girl. It just ain't gonna happen......

1925 days ago


Actaully im sure he sed he likes men nd hes not bi but he would kiss a few girls for fun not sayin anything else LOl. nd itz in drinkin games nd if i were him id do the same thing to keep me fans hopes up mhigh. but still id love to play a game with him =DD

1925 days ago


I dont care if Adam is gay or straight, He is an amazing singer and a very smart down to earth guy. I hope he stays focused and his career comes first.

1925 days ago


Adam was serious about the fact of making our with girls at clubs on occasion, but he was just joking at the end of the program about whose the lucky woman. Although, i actually do think, there is probably that on an attraction level at least, everyone might be biseual. That dosen't mean taking it ony further though than feeling the attraction.
The interview in its entirety puts this clip in perspective. Adam Lambert is an ariculate intelligent guy, not just a gay guy, and not just the best singer in 5 decades with such intoxicating, mesmerizing stage charisma you can't take your evyes off him. His interview from the Rolling Stone Magazine has been reprinted in parts in a thousand articles and this video was made from his interview on 20/20 and added to TMZ. Adam's name sells sells sells and the guy ought to get paid for the use of his image.This talented performing artist is already an icon. And, yes, he is an honest courageousnice kid.

1925 days ago


Adam is fascinating and so sweet and sensitive. His fans are obsessed with him. His bashers are obsessed with him. the medial is obsessed with him. Yes, Adam Lambert has talent. Yes, he can sing anything. But all ths interest, and it is around the globe now, is not only because he is the greatest performing artist breading into the market, it is something more. Finally, i think I've found the answer, Adam is his own truth, he is not spitting out what everyone wants him to say, or what he was taught to believe, or what he reed womewhere or heard somehwere- Adam says what Adam thinks and feels and he doesn/t make apologies or excuses. or give reasons or explanations. He is simply honest without all the manipulative game playing we are so used to in our culture. Fourtionately, he is a really nice guy, helpful, thoughtful, dependable, likable, and a focused motivated goal setter who has the intelligence, creativity and talent to back up his dreams. Adamazing say his friends. And this gay dude has my straight gal heart in his pocket. Whole lotta love to ya, Adam.

1925 days ago


bi, gay, whatever I'll take sexy Adam anytime

1925 days ago


#61 " blondemom"

Seek help, You are living a lie!
Your poor Kids!!!

1925 days ago
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