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Chaz and GF

He's Got Her, Babe

6/14/2009 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First pic of Chaz Bono's girlfriend, Jennifer. People who know her say it's not a great pic. Nonetheless, here she is -- yesterday.



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PEPSI Generation    

PHater it`s GONa CRoack

1866 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

his Cherry for a million mom bucks.BUTCH has a control freak problem and this money ho will burn out on mutilated WEED

1866 days ago


I used to be against homosexuality and sex changes and stuff like that. But really who are we to judge them? As long as she has thought real hard about it and is certain of her decision, I say go for it. BTW her girlfriend is cute. It's a bad picture but you can tell she is pretty.

1866 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Mutilated meat .MOMMY payed to get her little sunny back.

1866 days ago


Jennifer and Chaz have done interviews together before, and Jennifer appeared on Celebrity Fit Club when Chaz was team captain. Yes, she is more attractive than this photo indicates, but why is TMZ only now interested? They've been together for quite some time. I'd say perhaps it is TMZ that is the freaks.

They are a committed couple. Who knows why they ended up together, but some of the fools posting on this forum seem to think that relationships are only about genitalia. Grow up, people. Committed couples become committed because of a multitude of things that draw them together. Just because we may not fully understand something doesn't mean it is "freakish."

They are just people, trying to maneuver their ways through life just like everyone else. Leave them alone.

1866 days ago


I commend Chaz for her/his bravery in exposing his/her personal journey to the all so opinionated public awareness. Hopefully it will encourage all of us to be more upfront and honest in our everyday activities no matter the magnitude of importance. Although my mother always told me that if I had nothing good to say, then say nothing at all.....there is so much opportunity to tweet, text, comment or blog anything and everything on our minds. So there ya go. Tweet out peeps...LOL.

1866 days ago


If "Chaz" wants to drastically change her appearance, how about dropping a hundred pounds?
After that if she still wants a penis, go for it.

1866 days ago


wait you mean, HER girlfriend jennifer (her being that she is STILL A FEMALE AND WILL ALWAYS BE A FEMALE!!) Just because one goes to the dr. and gets new boobs and a man made penis, does NOT mean shes a dude. Sorry, if she was born a girl....she will always be a girl. But since everyone INSISTS on caller "her" a "him" now, does this mean her "lesbian" partner is now straight?? This is why gays get such a lack of respect in the world....they can't make up their minds as to who they are or wanna be. I think it's gross.

1866 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

A strap on NO urinary infections no recovering time.Cuttin down town at 40 plus will kill her or him.Most males get some cancer down twon by 50.SHE is a CONTROL FREAK she has been all her life and mom is trying to build a new copy of sonny.Why not just do it yourself? and get locked away for the next 40 years or so.GENDER BENDING won`t save her from being a control freak.BUTCH can`t have her way put on a penis STILL won`t have her way.She is living it all for HER only whoever she screws it`s all`s moms money and when mom checks BIG BAD CONTROL freak will be news again

1866 days ago


Chasity better lose a ton before getting a penis or she won't be able to find it...

1866 days ago

show me the $$    

I was expecting some young, pretty thing. She looks like a middle-aged soccer mom.

1866 days ago


Why si TMZ like jock riding this story, outside of announcing that the Chers daughter wanted to be a man, why the hell would we care about anything else ? It's like when Perez Hilton writes about Paris Hilton, Harvey being Perez for OBVIOUS reasons, I've never seen TMZ be so favorable to a story in the history of this site, This site has some kind of obvious gay agenda, because the only type of storys that get this treatment and where I can get a non biased relay of a story that doesn't try and influence the opinion of it's dumbass posters is when it pertains to a "attractive" male celebs .

1866 days ago

Katarina Davis    

So, Is "Chaz" still a lesbian? After sex change, is he/she hetero? Is "Chaz" girlfriend (who is a lesbian) gonna want "Chaz" after the sex change? This is confusing. Also, is it just me, or does Jennifer resemble Cher? hmmmmm.....

1866 days ago


So what, she's an average GIRL. She's probably only dating 'Chaz' because her mom is CHER.

1866 days ago


Maybe she wants to be a mommy, but not really. You know the type, half this, half that but nothing much of anything.

1866 days ago
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