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Chaz and GF

He's Got Her, Babe

6/14/2009 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First pic of Chaz Bono's girlfriend, Jennifer. People who know her say it's not a great pic. Nonetheless, here she is -- yesterday.



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Not a great pic? Oh, you apologists at TMZ! What, she forgot her makeup, hair stylist, designer clothes? She's an average woman who has a bloated, fat and confused woman as a partner. Now go and and pick on Carrie Prejean...I'm sure you will find something insipid and irrelevant to post about her.

1924 days ago


It is so trashy! TMZ really like talk about this stuff. It is sure is gross.

1924 days ago

National Champs    

California is a state..of retards

1924 days ago


What first look ? They did a whole episode of Sell This House on A&E 2 yrs ago. Cher is a fan of the show apparently.

1924 days ago


At least she is more attractive than LINDSAY LOHANS g/f SAM if i was a lesbian i would take jen over DJ GIRL SAM looks scuzzy

1924 days ago


Why are so many people here so h#ll bent on telling two people
they don't even know, how to live?

Seriously, does Chaz Bono write to some of you and tell you what color
underwear to put on on Tuesdays? Does his gf Jennifer tell you to sit
up straight and stop picking your nose? If they're doing that, then
you have every right to tell them how to live too! Darn them! I knew
there HAD to be a perfectly good reason for all this holier than thou crap...

1924 days ago


Last time, there's no such person as "Chaz" Bono. Unless that was Chaz's last name in Wedding Crashers.

1924 days ago

Mickey von Dutch    

I think that you have to be really desperate and very brave to undergo a sex change. This decision will not have been taken lightly. To me some of the comments here seem somewhat harsh and judgemental.

1924 days ago

Donald finally realized that Prejean gives crappy head    


1924 days ago

Donald finally realized that Prejean gives crappy head    

they should tie sarah palin to a tree and force a sex change on her, and also too, a third-term abortion. you betcha.

1924 days ago


We are not supposed to do whatever we want..GO figure this out...There are laws and commandments..Changing sex is not IS NOT an option with GOD almighty..However, the selfish freaks, messed up liberals will do whatever they wish...Ya know what??Chazz messed UP Bono will never ever be happy becuz she will wonder if her lovers really love her 4 her or him and his Mom Chers MONEY$$>>This is a mess..A sex change is not a real SEX Change anyway..IT is only a partial sex change..GET IT..Going back to the basics and simple honest living works, Usually..Good Luck to all you float your boat canoes =anything does not go in the end...Sony Bonzo Bono was supposedly Murdered does anyone have these facts?? IM serious

1924 days ago


What I don't understand is this. Chastity said she's been gay all her life. OK I buy that. Actually no I don't. She's not been gay she's been in the wrong body. RIght? Well what about her lesbian girl friend? Why would she stay with Chastity when she looses her female parts replaced with male parts? If your a lesbian I wouldn't think that would be your thing. Just a question. Not a critic. Trying to understand the GF's reason for staying.

1924 days ago


You people make me sick with your whatever turns you on bull s..Hey, this is a weird website..we say what we want..If you dont like the comments tuff s go someplace else..dont read the junk then..Hey, I feel sorry for chastity bono but I also feel she is in serious trouble in her head but God Bless her(I hope) anyway..Its a very strange sick world as I am 63 Years old..I long 4 Yesterday when I wasnt packin and My doors were sometimes unlocked..Also, people didnt swear so much ..Oh and women were not half naked walking down the street..Sex is OK but so many of YOU are makin a really big deal outta this sex thang..It aint all that and Yes I know whats UP...Go find a Bible and study GODS Word I mean this...I like Normal and Nice people..Sweet, kind, decent, polite, sensitive, smell nice, no tatoos, WHITE TEETH

1924 days ago


I am still upset that people seem to be ignoring the obvious facts! Chas(z) is free to do whatever she wants with her body. As a fitness coach, I am disgusted that any doctor would agree to perform such drastic surgery on a person as mordidly obese as this woman. I work closely with nutritionists, coaches. and docs. All agree that ethically, sexual re-assignment surgery on a person of this weight would be an enormous risk to the patient.

I hope the best for this troubled young woman, but fear the worst.

1924 days ago


~she's a CHER photo-type~don't you think~?

1924 days ago
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