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Sharon Osbourne

Tax Cheat of the Week?

6/14/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612_sharon_osbourne_credit_tmz_ex-1The Accused: Sharon Osbourne

The Debt: $23,363.16

The Story: According to the State of California, Osbourne was fined nearly $50k for not paying her 2007 taxes -- a year in which she owed $436,026.

She eventually forked over a majority of the cash, but Arnold and Co. claim she's still on the hook for more than $23k.

Meanwhile, California is running a $24 billion deficit.

So, thanks Sharon.


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PEPSI Generation    

PULLY my hairout

1955 days ago


Another celebrity that live in California and doesn't pay taxes. SHOCKER!

1955 days ago


we all know why california is bankrupt and it has nothing to do with sharon osbourne. too bad no one in government has the balls or integrity to address the problem without lying. arnold, mayor villaraigosa and most of our legislature should be tossed. we need to start from scratch. enough with the government whores. the constitution is NOT an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government... patrick henry

1955 days ago

Mexicans Aren't Human    

California's budget problems are due in large part to bloated pensions and health benefits for government workers. The union bosses run this state. This state has the HIGHEST tax rates of the fifty states and is still in a deficit. Why we keep voting for Democrats is beyond me. Oh well, Latino children will be paying for the greedy white state workers pensions so who cares.

1955 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Pay up old bloke or get the hell out.OZZY is asleep Now no money right now wake the dizzy SOB right now OR I`ll be black.

1955 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I mean ER back sorry B>O

1955 days ago


Ok so she owed almost 450,000, they fined her an additional 50, 000 she paid all but 23,000? I'd be curious to hear her side though, if she was fighting the fine for some reason.. maybe she had moved ect. I once got a fine and license cancellation because someone with my maiden name had not paid her excise taxes.. even though I didn't have a license when this woman owed I had to go through alot of work to prove she wasn't me and that her fines and cancellations (from YEARS ago) shouldn't be leveled agains me. Why pay that much of the bill and not all.. other than error or contention?

1955 days ago


wow what a surprise another person who votes for tax increases but yet doesn't pay their own taxes! damn hypocrites..

1954 days ago

chirs messin    

and beat goes on waht a joke. we paid for her ham throwin husby

1954 days ago


#4 I agree with you...NJ is in the same boat and I hope this November we get a republican.

1954 days ago

Linda Mott    

Since I am from NJ, I understand the problems. I think TMZ is doing a great service to the Sate of California. If they can embarrass the dead beat stars into paying taxes, they will greatly reduce the problem. Waste and bad management are the biggest problems.

1954 days ago


No.4. Budget problems has nothing to do with political parties. It never has and it never will. Budget problems arises because the politician is NOT spendiing his/her money. They are spendiing yours. It's like the person who comes to you and asks to borrow your car. When you go to the inpound to look at the wreakage after he uses it you will realize that he didn't take care of your car for one simple reason. It wasn't his. There are budget deficits in almost every state, Republican and Democrat controlled. It's the same with the Federal Government. We are going towards a ten trillion deficit in this nation because, let's face it, Senators and Congressmen have NO incentive to treat your money with respect. They know that every second, every nano second of every day, someone somewhere in this country is buying something and they are reaping the taxes there from. No incentive. It's kinda like the women who, after moving in with her boyfriend, setting up house and having 6 kids with him, can't believe he won't now marry her. Well, what's his motivation, his incentive? And don't bring up the kids. If he was the man he needed to be, he would have had the moral fiber to do the right thing up front.

1954 days ago


Everybody loves mama Sharon, but you've got to pay your taxes.

1954 days ago

Vessa Allan    

Gotta help support Octomom's litter after all.

1954 days ago


Nearly half of Obama's picks for his cabinets didn't pay their taxes so maybe she feels why should she. Hey, she might get away with it but I guess not.

1954 days ago
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