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Roker's Speidi Attack -- Al, Relax!

6/15/2009 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is -- Al Roker's hard nosed interview that dug at the heart of Heidi and Spencer. But did he go too far?

Roker vs. Speidi: Click to watch
Roker unleashed a barrage of questions at the pair in an attempt to find out if they're really the "jerks" they come off to be on television.

Right after the interview, Roker and Speidi each went to different media outlets to bash the other. Heidi told Ryan Seacrest she felt "personally attacked." So the question now is ...


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Al Roker is a fat obnoxious pain in the ass....probably grouchy becuase someone ate his donut!!!

1767 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

This is what happens when you ask stupid people questions.

Al did just fine and probably can rip that flesh colored beard off Spencer.

Most women can defeat Spencer.

If Jesus were alive he would wup Spencer’s ass.

I really hate these two losers! And I don’t hate often…

Maybe it’s because these two retards don’t realize they are the butt of the Joke…

1767 days ago


Was Al a lawyer or something in a former life? He did great! He attempted to MAKE them answer a direct question without them having the opportunity to spin it. Those two are pure idiots, not to mention publicity whores.

1767 days ago


These 2 are the biggest losers! Heidi has changed sooo much since the 1st episode that she was on of The Hills. She's so fake and plastic now, it's disgusting. But why are they even in the public eye??? I can't stand them and Spencer needs to look up what a christian is, because he's far from it! Great job on helping out that charity, by the way. I'm really so sick of hearing about them...Losers!

1767 days ago


Did Al wake up in the morning and decide he wasn't going to do his usual puff piece?

Was his lap-band too tight? Was he doing his best Matt Lauer? Speidi is a joke but they deserved more than a scolding on early morning tv.

He can't reconcile with their easy life and bs antics? So what, get over it Al. He's a turd who prances around talking about the weather.

He's a joke, his interviews should be the same.

1767 days ago

brits ok    

Yeah ok Speidi that was an aggresive interview. Maybe next time they can try going on Howard Sterns show or even 60 Minutes. Roker didn't go far enough. He could have grilled these two morons a lot harder.

1767 days ago

Chrystal K.    

I didn't watch the interview, but now i have to go home and look it up on youtube. But I'm pretty sure I'll be on Al's side.

1767 days ago


I don't watch them. I know their reputation as being a bit dim. But Roker was worse. What a jerk! Why doesn't he go after someone significant, instead of ripping up a couple of reality tv stars? SOOOO lame, Al. Time to retire?

1767 days ago


i think they were just caught off guard that someone wasn't kissin their demon asses!

1767 days ago


nice work Al! those two losers didnt have anything educated or interesting to say - they are useless and deserve each other!

1767 days ago

K Mittler    

Spencer is a low life and Heidi is right on his heels. Feel sorry for her mother.

1765 days ago


Drop these 2 jackasses out in the middle of the jungle and bolt! They are pretentious, pretend Christians using God's name to fame. They don't have enough brains between them to blow their own noses!! Quit giving them a soap box!!

1764 days ago
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