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Roker's Speidi Attack -- Al, Relax!

6/15/2009 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is -- Al Roker's hard nosed interview that dug at the heart of Heidi and Spencer. But did he go too far?

Roker vs. Speidi: Click to watch
Roker unleashed a barrage of questions at the pair in an attempt to find out if they're really the "jerks" they come off to be on television.

Right after the interview, Roker and Speidi each went to different media outlets to bash the other. Heidi told Ryan Seacrest she felt "personally attacked." So the question now is ...


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I have never watched these 2 before, only read what comments others have posted. Now that I have seen Spencer, I can see what an arrogant, effeminate poser he is. What is with all of the nose in the air, blinking like a pissed off teenage girl? His mannerisms are cartoonish and would certainly earn him an ass kicking in the playground in my day.
Heidi is annoying, plainly is unintelligent, and has no chemistry with her dweeb of a husband.
It is ludicrous that producers use cretins like this to fill air time. It is like poking us with a sharp stick until we attack. What a waste of resources.

1923 days ago


What's with the dingbat on #6. She calls these two douches royalty. Did she not watch the interview or the tv show. All dingbats should stay away from commenting "oh, that's right" that's what makes reading these comments so fun. So-go-dingbats....

1923 days ago


Those to are total idiots.
But I have to say that Al Roker has turned into a mean bitch since losing all that weight.

1923 days ago


Wow this is the first time I think I've seen the Today show ask a "tough" question!! Step aside Anne Curry... Al Rocker is the MAN!

1923 days ago


He said what everyone is thinking. These two are NOTHING and needed to be put in their place. Even that idiot Spencer didn't know what to say. LOVE YOU AL! GREAT JOB!

1923 days ago


Jeeeeze Roker! chillax for a minute. He was way out of line, even if he thinks speidi are idiots, he’s the interviewer he has to be neutral........................wait a minute, he’s the f-ing weather man. Duh, DONT LET WEATHER MEN DO INTERVIEWS!
All you people who say you hate speidi and they are losers blah blah blah, then why did you click on the video of them being interviewed, your fueling the fire people. You're all hypocrites.

1923 days ago

Linda Mott    

I don't want to judge another Christian, for fear that God will judge me.......but did God tell her to pose in playboy and to have them act like such idiots? I realize they are new Christians and need to grow in their spiritual lives, but not on camera or in front of Playboy's camera. Just pray for them and remember Al likes ratings too.

1923 days ago

Load of Idiots    

Anyone who calls or thinks that they're American Royalty must be atleast 12 years old or have the intelligence of one. They're nobody's who are simply in the spotlight due to reality television and wacked out behavior. There's no such thing as American Royalty its a crap term made up by people who have no idea what Royalty really is. I'll be glad when Heidi and Spencer return to abscurity when The Hills go down in flames next season.

1923 days ago


That was GREAT! I love interviewers who don't try to sugar coat things. Those two are idiots and they deserved that. I want to see more interviews like that with them. Get them out of the news already.

1923 days ago


I don't like Heidi and Spencer, but Al Roker is a stupid POS and someone needs to duct tape his mouth so he can STFU permanately. They can duct tape Heidi and Spencers as well.

1923 days ago


Al's the man......Wish he would have had more time with them. You go Al!

1923 days ago


Out of line? Are you crazy? That was great. I think I might start watching the Today show now. Just don't make any sort of apology, Al. They deserved every bit of it.

1923 days ago

Spencer is rad    

al was soooo rude to heidi and spencer, maybe that fat azz should
stick with the weather and leave the celebrity interviews to
meredith, matt or ann. His tone of voice from the start of the
interview was condescending, impatient and disgusted. He was very
unprofessional and should stay AWAY from twitter with his snaky
little remarks...

1923 days ago


Roker is a really bad interviewer, stick to weather

1923 days ago


Spencer on the View.
He said the only reason he apologized to Lauren, was to get her to the wedding.
He said she really did sex tape.
He is pure evil

1923 days ago
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