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Roker's Speidi Attack -- Al, Relax!

6/15/2009 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is -- Al Roker's hard nosed interview that dug at the heart of Heidi and Spencer. But did he go too far?

Roker vs. Speidi: Click to watch
Roker unleashed a barrage of questions at the pair in an attempt to find out if they're really the "jerks" they come off to be on television.

Right after the interview, Roker and Speidi each went to different media outlets to bash the other. Heidi told Ryan Seacrest she felt "personally attacked." So the question now is ...


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They are such losers, THAT is being attacked????? They were completely inarticulate also, good thing they have money because they are both dumb as a rock!

1958 days ago

L. P.    

Well, I was surprised to see Al Roker act that way, hostile and aggressive. He was RUDE!

BUT that guy, whatever his name is, HE IS AS DUMB AS A PET ROCK!

1958 days ago


Al was NOT rude! He was agressive, yes, but that's not quite hard-hiting journalism. Watch it again, if you can stomach it! - but they don't give a straight answer once! They are both dumber than rocks!

1958 days ago


i am soooo sick of hearing about these two... their obnoxious!!! Maybe if we ignore them, they'll go away!!!!!!

1958 days ago

Amie...southen cali....    

These two people are idiots stop putting them on tv shows and they will go away!!!
If noone covers them then mabey they will finally get the idea no-one cares!!!!!!!!

1958 days ago


All I can say is GOOD FOR YOU AL! Thankfully someone someone was able to frazzle Spencer. Spencer was a little nervous... Hopefully Spencer and Heidi will get smart and hire different Rep.'s as they are making some horrible decisions on their careers!

1958 days ago


I wish more "journalists" would call them out like Roker did.
He only wanted them to clarify their comments and they couldn't because they are full of lies.
Good for Roker- maybe Speidi will know how many people can't stand them.

1958 days ago


let me start off by saying... i really don't like either of these people. I think The Hills and Laguna Beach are two the most insipid television shows in the past decade, and that these two have honestly used up all of their 15 minutes.

However, it's not like they don't deserve to have this fame; Spencer is obviously at the top of the game, and Heidi is a pretty picture for publicity. In this clip, Roker isn't a hard-hitting journalist, asking tough questions and probing the two "reality" stars for answers. He's being a douche: why ask Heidi twice if she was "proud?" She asnwered the question...

Roker, if you're looking to be a journalist, try asking questions that produce useful answers without insulting those you are interviewing. This was a wasted interview.

1958 days ago


who the f**K is Roker to talk to anyone about how they portray themselves? the guy acts like a chick talking about his weight for years, calls for Imus's head over a stupid joke and follows it up with a joke about handicapped people. the guy is completely useless and should embrace other talentless idiots like these two

1958 days ago


I watched this expecting to see Spencer and Heidi acting like idiots on morning TV. Instead, here's Al Roker acting like a complete douchebag trying to get a "GOTCHA!" moment. I mean seriously, "Are you proud of it? ARE YOU PROUD OF IT?!?". "AHA! SO YOU DON'T TALK TO HER BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU DO TALK TO HER!". The Today Show is awful now and this is just another example. I never thought I'd finish that clip feeling bad for the Pratts.

1958 days ago


He asked them questions that needed to be asked. Heidi said she is ok with how they acted and spancer said he is ok how he acted. So if they are ok with how they behaved, whats the problem. Spenser is a jerk and knows it and is ok with it, and Heidi married a jerk who is ruining her career (ha ha) and she is ok with it. They both are spoiled brats who have no morals in life. Spenser said he loved how he hit a cup out of a woman hand? Humm, I wonder how may times he has done that to Heidi?
The best thing fir Heidi to do is divores him and say she is sorry to everyone. Spencer is a prick who needs to get his ass kicked by a real man. GOOD FOR ROKER!!!

1958 days ago


Props to NBC for letting Al interview them. They thought they were something special to think that Matt, Meredith ,Ann or even Natalie, would want to waste their time interviewing them. I think it was a slap in Speidi's face from NBC that Al did the interview. Al did was Speidi people! Poor Heidi wanting to protect all women from Al Roker....oh pleeze!

1958 days ago


Heidi is like a younger Sarah Palin, she cannot give a direct answer to a question during an interview.

1958 days ago


There was nothing wrong with the way Al interviewed those two. All they had to do was answer the questions. Instead they tried to "run" the interview and all he did was put them in their place. Who do they think they are Brangelina? To be insulted by being interviewed by a "weatherman"? Please that should have been clue number 1 that your a nobody and secondly EVERYBODY knows who Al is. Thirdly, beggers cant' be choosers so deal with it blondy! If someone is giving you the publicity and free time on tv to promote your show then have the balls to be polite and answer the mans questions. Just shows everyone how immature and unprofessional they are.

Oh by the way anybody else notice how the "weatherman" bested the two of them? I love how they were so insulted by that....and finally why does Hollywood continue to employ these two idiots?

1958 days ago


I watched the interview and I don't see how Al attacked anyone!! They just want everyone to feel bad for them! I think it's rude of them to call Al a weather man like thats a bad thing! Atleast Al works a job were he is proud of himself! If Spencer would google Al he would see that Al owns many shows and productions co. They need to get real jobs!!

1958 days ago
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