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Carrie Prejean -- Minutes of Relevance Remaining...

6/15/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



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First whores!    

Our American royalty. We love you Carrie!

1965 days ago


How embarassin it must be for her.
thinking that shes sooo f*king good coz she was suckin donald trumps stump..thinking she will get away will being a lieing lil $2 whore getting those tiny lil tettas out everywhere possible.
Least they payed for her to have some normal tets.
Its a good trade- have the whole world hate you and have seen her lil nip nips- 10grand boob job
Lets all trade our good christian values for a set of tits
Bet mommas proud XD

1965 days ago


I am very proud of Carrie for standing up for her beliefs.As christians we are often attacted for our beliefs.perez waged a war on her and everyone who don't have his views.Hang in there and don't look to man.keep your head held high.

1965 days ago


Must Suck to be her right now to be one of the most resented people by the gay community. 5 minutes is too long with her plastic and lies. Horse Face looking thing she is.

1965 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

Not so gay about the beauty queen huh ?

1965 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I'm not a lesbian... but I'd sleep with her... she looks smooth and bumpy... oops...I just squirted

1965 days ago


Hot! Maybe now people can get over the fact that she has an opinion. She doesn't make policy. She just has an opinion. I wish her well.

1965 days ago


LOL!!!! Wow, not even a bs, semi-story to accompany the photo? Harvey's, and his talentless TMZ slaves', intolerance are reaching borderline insane levels of craziness, downright dangerous.

She'll continue to be 1,000 times more relevant than the jealous, cowardice un-named "TMZ staffer" that was desperate enough to make this thread.

Here are the facts. Carrie is now free to get rich and pursue any number of hundreds of career opportunties she has in front of her. The new Miss California agrees with Carrie, and the President, on Prop 8 and supports the rights of the VOTERS to decide. Keith "Hilter" Lewis has admitted on national tv that Carrie didn't miss a single appearance and pro-gay radicals are still, and will continue to be, the small angry minority.

Knowing all that puts a huge smile on my face since I know it makes Nazi liberals redfaced with anger :)

Go Carrie, go!!!!

1965 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Finally... a Homo Hater with nice T*ts... this is exactly what the Normal Community needed to help defend us against "The Scourge" Any group that needs to display their sexuality in a Public Parade to feel relevent really should be stopped...
Keep up the good work, Carrie! WE Normals are behind you 100%... (I know I'd like to be behind you).

1965 days ago


She is very pretty. Too bad she has such a crappy personality.

1965 days ago


Like I said before. She has a Job waiting for her at Fox News. She fits all the criteria: Stupid, Disgraced, Air-headed blond, Cherry picks parts of the Constitution she likes (ie: For free speach but not for equal rights?), Ect... Maybe Hannity will give her a job, Or vice versa... ;)

1965 days ago


All U Liberal haters who hate on everyone that doesn't agree with you are answerable to God!!! I'd be afraid!!!

1965 days ago


If you stop writing about her she will go away.

1965 days ago



Romeo, and the guy that all these bigoted liberals voted for who shares Carrie's EXACT SAME VIEWS on gay marriage, does in fact make policy, though he's given a complete pass. It's blatantly obvious hypocrisy like this which is why the gay mafia will never be taken seriously. They don't have the stones to point fingers at the people in their own house. What cowards.

1965 days ago

Whats the big deal? Who hasn't had indecent pictures taken of them? You gotta give props to a girl who stands by her values. Not that gay marriage is right or wrong, but most people don't have an opinion on anything. At least she believes in something.

1965 days ago
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