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R-Patz: 'Twilight' Fans Are a Pain in the Neck

6/15/2009 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today in NYC, two rabid Edward Cullen devotees did what oh-so-many crazies only dream of: Wrapped their two arms around the magical man meat that is Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson: Click to watch
It wasn't long until security pried 'em off -- but the two gals still touched him for .5 seconds more than you have.


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does it not seem weird that people were calling him EDWARD. they are Edward fans not Robert fans had he not played the famous vampire no one would care about him. he would still only have fans from Harry Potter. I love Robert Pattinson's works but it is true.

1923 days ago


I actually thought this video clip was hilarious. I mean, that is definitely crazy...that chick flung her arms around his neck so fast! Geez. I bet if Rob ever saw this again in his old age and reminisced about that past, he'd laugh at this too. Too funny! HAHA.

1923 days ago


Dear psycho girls,

Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us today. RPatts was covered with bodyguards and umbrellas.

Normal fans

1923 days ago


Let the poor guy work!!!

1923 days ago


aww i feel bad for him.... ooh well you cant do anything since girls consider him "hot" because he plays edward cullen.... i wonder would it be the same if he didnt play edward cullen in twilight.....

1922 days ago


Poor guy. His whole career just blew way up all of a sudden. I don't think he's even had time to adjust yet.

For those of you wondering what all the fuss is about, I don't think it's him as much as the way Stephanie Meyer portrayed his character in the book. It's hard not to think good things about the guy when he plays such a selfless, loving, and giving character. I was not a big fan of the movie. I thought it was really teeny-bopper but someone gave me the book and honestly, it's really good.

And RP isn't ugly or stomach turning, people. He might not be the hottest guy on the planet but he's still a cutie. And people claiming he's greasy and looks cracked out, etc, I think that's part of the charm, as odd as that sounds. It makes him more vampire (AKA Edward Cullen) like.

1922 days ago


i was in the city yesterday and i saw him. it was unbelieveable how many people were swarming the poor guy just to touch him. I mean, he is beautiful, but the guy deserves some privacy!

1922 days ago


Poor Robert Pattinson got hit by a Taxi today because of fans. :( Leave the poor guy alone.

1921 days ago


give him some space....a little respect guys!

1921 days ago


Ok...first off let me say...his name is ROB not Edward.
And I actually feel bad for him. I just heard he got hit by a car trying to escape fans in NYC. I mean, he didn't sign up for this. Some would argue that it comes w/ the territory. But, let's be realistic. This is going way overboard and he doesn't strike me as the type of person who will ever get used to this kind of madness. And who can blame him? I hope things die down for him soon, so he can get back to something of a "normal" life and not have to worry about who will be jumping on him next. Maybe he should just take a break and "run away" somewhere where there is less of a chance he will be recognized?

1920 days ago


Dang girls are so pathetic!
I mean i'm a girl, but if a guard tells you to back off, BACK OFF!
I bet he gets real sick and tired of that!
He's absolutely G O R G E O U S!
But i wouldn't act like that.
Wow this cracks me up.!

1920 days ago

what the hell    

people who just came here to bitch about how ugly you think rob is: you need lives.
you're just making him more sucessful because your shallow friends stopped texting you about all of your superficial lives.
go buy a dildo and use it on yourself to turn on your frat boytoy because that's all you'll be good for.

he's making the money you're not, and whether or not you think he's talented, you're certainly never going to be a quarter of the way sucessful he is.

and before you call ANYONE ugly, let's take a short look at you and judge. you're a beauty queen? that sets you far apart from all the other indvidual, cake- faced cheerleaders around.

rob pattinson is a respectable person. he doesn't piss and moan if he gets word of one individual every day. you know why? it's because he has humility, manners, and he's humble- traits you quite obviously lack.
if he's so beneath your standard, then don't bother reading these things. we could all do with knowing that less tools stain his reputation with their bull. go squeal about your overly hyped- up celebrity, since i know you're the type of hypocrite who will do just the same as these chicks.

as for people who 'love' rob so much, they maul him and scare him into his home, i really hope you're doing this for the attention of being an obsessed bore.
no sane person dreams of marrying someone who will draw their own blood if they say they love you. you don't love him, you love his fame.

why don't all you who fit these standards move back to second grade so you'll be on the same intellectual and maturity level as those around you.

rob's a good, hardworking person.

1918 days ago

Kayleigh Pool    

Ok, this is just rediculous!! I mean I am a HUGE Twilight fan. Robert only plays Edward Cullin, he is not him. He is a normal person, with normal abilities. And do you think he is attracted to psyco, crazy, stalker bitches, that scream in his ear, grab at him, pull on his clothes, and drive him insane?! No, I am sure he doesn't. Yeah, he's hot, but would you do this to the boy at your school, or work, that you lust over? And quit saying, "Oh, I love him" You don't know him! It is called infactuation, or lust!! Chill out!! Freakin' psyco's!!

1895 days ago


OMG!!! That was crazy. I feel sorry for robert. I don't understand what they see in robert though, he is cute, but he is not drop dead gorgeous.

1917 days ago


Uptown said :"How many of you guys would be all over this dude if he wasn't famous... NONE... He has to be the most over hyped ugliest sex symbol I have ever seen in my life... Ughhh"

2 EACH IS OWN- if he sweep you off your feet you would not say that! also I meet him in person he looks so freaking fine!

Also let this man live his life! He so sweet but your going to ruin it for everyone else that meet him! it is a job with get *money*

but the paps are making it bad for him!!!

1916 days ago
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