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Chris Brown -- I'm a Celebrity ...

6/16/2009 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

chris brown and rihannaChris Brown is secretly knee-deep in a campaign to resurrect his image and his target is a certain group of 12 people who will judge his fate. And guess what -- it's working.

We've been talking to people in Brown's world and here's what we know. Brown -- who hired Sitrick and Company, the crisis management firm for which he more than qualifies as a client -- has been calculating every public move he's made over the last 6 weeks. From the NBA final game last Sunday ... to the "I'm-not-a-monster" video.... to the antics with Omarion -- Sitrick and others have tried to make the images of Rihanna's bruised and battered face disappear -- or at least recede into the background.

One source says Brown has been told going out clubbing could kill his chances with a jury -- it's just too flip. For the most part, he's obeyed them, although they weren't happy when Brown hit a club with the Kardashian sisters and Bow Wow.

Ironically, Rihanna has actually helped Brown by resurrecting her glamorous self and getting on with her life.

Short story: We're told the Sitrick and Company game plan is the opposite of what many lawyers would urge -- going underground until the trial. They want Brown out and about, resuming life within limits.

Rihanna takes the stand next Monday to kick off Brown's preliminary hearing. Should be interesting.


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frig chris brown, frig him, loser    

he need to burn, and not hit chicks

1925 days ago


chris browns a beast!

1925 days ago


I think we should neglect this person, since beating girls is very, very bad. He doesn't deserve our attention.

1925 days ago


All the crisis management firms in the world will never erase the picture of Rhianna's battered face or the blood inside the car. Personally, I think the picture of her should be shown continually in case others choose to try to forget what he did to her. As for her, if she defends him or goes back to him, she'll get what she deserves.

1925 days ago


Leave this dude alone

1925 days ago


put him in the octagon with an MMA fighter and we are all even

1925 days ago


I hope he gets amputated!

1925 days ago


Geez!! Are you guys really that angry that your earlier story proved to be fake?? Now you're just making up ish to keep trying to taunt him. Well guess what TMZ you're helping him too. Many ppl are watching your witch hunt and simply getting tired of this story....So he should be thanking you a**holes too!!

1925 days ago


hmph...well im SURE he's not going to get jail time..but karma is a bitch so something will prevail

1925 days ago


I really hope that he grows up and realizes that his behavior was immoral, unacceptable and illegal. He seems to think this is a big joke when there is nothing funny about a person that would attack another human being. That woman deserves justice and I pray that she receives it.

1925 days ago


Are you sure that's Chris Brown TMZ? They all seem to look the same to you.

1925 days ago



Nothing that Chris has done shows that he thinks this is a big joke. He can't talk about the case, because I'm sure his attorney instructed him not to, like any attorney would. And if the reports of Rihanna hitting him first are true, then what would you say about her? Probably nothing. Her actions aren't immoral or illegal, right?

1925 days ago


LOL! Look at TMZ trying to do reverse psychology to get Chris Brown out partying and making more web videos lmao!! They know he's done nothing but alienate people other than his fans, and they want him to keep on doing it up until trial! LMAO!

Pretty sneaky, TMZ. I see you. (I hope your plan works too. Let him do time!)

1925 days ago

who dat    

How about the courts just get this over with and make the proclamation. Chris Brown is a great human being, we will name a street after him. When a person has unlimited money, they can spin any situation. The mayor will probably end up presenting him (chris) the key to the city, in recognition of "his hard work".

1925 days ago


I was assaulted again... That's right again by my uncle, it was not the first time, and it wasn't even the second time. He got away with it due to lack of evidence. This time I promise he will not get away with it. I know it will hurt my grandma who I love and care for dearly, but this is continuous vicious pattern. He assaulted my mom, when she was 16 or 17 years old. He assaulted his ex-wife numerous times and was incarcerated for a little while. Clearly the time he spent away didn't help, maybe there needs to be more programs for violent criminals like these. I believe my face was way worse than Rihanna’s, but that isn’t the point; once a beater always a beater. I wish that someone close to Rihanna could help her see clearly; HE IS A MONSTER, AND HE IS ALSO A COWARD. He can’t even admit to what he did, anyone who has been assaulted knows that, that is what they so or the try and convince you that it is your fault…. He needs help, and hopefully he will get it. And for those who keep defending him, shame on you, I hope none of your mothers, sisters, and daughters have to go through something like this, even though it might wake you up…

1925 days ago
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