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Jo Bros Sing

Headaches Ensue

6/16/2009 5:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing screechier than a Jonas Brothers song: A Jonas Brothers song, as sung by them and nearly a hundred screaming, hysterical, tweenage girls.

The Jonas Brothers: Click to watch
The evangelical Christian dandy boy banders caused chaos yesterday outside Radio 1 in London.

Get your ear plugs ready.


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wow more gay siblings....

1919 days ago


What can I say.... They are ultra popular.

1919 days ago

Mr. Tolerant    

What's the deal with mocking them as Christian evangelicals? Don't you have any tolerance?

1919 days ago


Sure, I'm not a fan of theirs; but they haven't done anything to make me dislike them.
I've always had the impression that they try to stay away from all the drama... so it's pathetic whenever I hear people bash them -just because they're famous.

BTW the whole evangelical -thingie joke was funny the first time. Now it's slightly childish.

1919 days ago


Who's the Jonas Brothers?

1919 days ago


Why does every story on TMZ about the Jonas Brothers always start with "Evangelic Christians?" Does the Jewish Harvey Levin, who I am sure is quite familiar with anti-semitic behavior, condone this religious intolerance? Every time Harvey is referenced in the media, should they start with "Jewish Harvey Levin of TMZ..."?

1919 days ago


Joe is really losing his looks lately.

1919 days ago


They are three cute gay incestual brothers, now please leave them alone!

1919 days ago



1919 days ago


This is what passes for talent these days. Thank you Disney for spending billions in promotions to manufacture their fame. I don't think the current generation has a ear musically trained enough to tell that these boys sing way off key and I would not be surprised if they do not play their own instruments. Not that their playing is any stretch to try and mimmick it's just that they have not been doing this long enough nor are they gifted enough to play an instrument well.

Each time I see a snipet of them perform on TV, all I can think is "you have got to be kidding me!" It must be because the quality of recorded music has gotten so compressed thanks to the MP3 format. CD's were bad enough compared to vinyl reproduction but now, MP3 format is even worse and masks real quality hi-fi reproduction of music.

Christians or not, these guys simply stink musically.

1919 days ago

Bash a Pap    

They are so gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Gay. Evangelical and GAY.

1919 days ago


I'm not even going to begin to start with how OLD it has gotten that TMZ calls the "The evangelical Christian dandy boy banders" with every story they post. What I am going to comment on is how it shows how much these boys LOVE their fans. Not many artists would do an unexpected acoustic performance for their fans. Also, to all of the people that highly direspect them, Try listening to their music. Really listen to the words you might be suprized. It's actually kinda sad that you all disrespect them so much. You must be jealous.

1919 days ago


I feel bad for these guys. They aren't meant for adults to rock out to but something wholesome for kids to listen to. So why all the opinions on it? That's like me complaining about Kidz Bop or something. I'm a grown woman; I don't concern myself with kiddie tunes.

It's also sick that you would knock these UNDERAGE guys for NOT having sex. What example are you setting for our youth? Will it not make them think that if they take the high road and decide not to do something they think is wrong, that everyone will chastize them for it? As if kids today don't have enough problems. I'm happy there are at least 3 out there that aren't going around spreading herpes.

1918 days ago


TMZ you guys are such losers always making fun of the JoBros what did they ever do to you...Nothing... they're just living their dream and your just trying to tear it down. They actually really great voices if it wasn't for 100 + girls singing with them (:

1917 days ago


Tmz is so pathetic now I use to watch it every night with my family, they still watch it but I have no time for the show anymore why am I going to watch a show when they are bashing everyone it's so rude no one ever did anything to any of you so whats the problem.

And The evangelical Christian dandy boy banders caused chaos yesterday outside Radio 1 in London ... ? Drop it who cares If they wear purity rings I actually admire that. And just leave them alone you guyys never say anything nice about them if they're on the show so why speak about them at all?

1917 days ago

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