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Beyonce Sues Pirates over Bootlegged Booty

6/17/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BeyonceTurns out you don't have to actually know who you're suing to file a lawsuit, because Beyonce is going after a bunch of John and Jane Does for hawking fake goods at her concerts.

Beyonce has filed a federal lawsuit today in New York, alleging that a pile of shady people have sold knock-off CDs and merchandise in "the vicinity" of past concerts she's performed around the world.

Beyonce believes the piracy is bound to happen again -- specifically at her upcoming concerts at Madison Square Garden on June 21 and 22 -- so she's asking the court to deem it illegal before the bootlegged booty hits the streets.


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i am a fan, but girl please. "celebrities" kill me with this. you have so much money your great grand kids will reep the benefits. you have every house, car, clothes, vacations, any thing you want at your disposal, and youre worried about somebody making 5, or 10 off a cd? now you done pissed me off, so i have to end with bitch please!!

1921 days ago


"Beyonce was born in 1974. She is definitely hiding the truth when it comes to her age." ~someone she grew up with

1921 days ago

sick of Rihanna    


1921 days ago

sayy it aint so    

now i know that beyonce is not hiring a lawyer to handle a job that BOSS HOGG papa knowles can handle now girl don't be just giving your money away for nothing what can an attorney do that BOSS HOGG can't do please, give me a break you know bey i admire your go and get it attitude and how you stay ahead of the gang like hiringt the NEW GROUP TO TOUR with you , thats very clever but to hire a lawyer to pervent people from doing what they want to do , youu know one of my brothers said the other day can't nobody do nothing with beyonce she will do what she wants to do and you can not keep the business in the family you needs outside help i can not believe that, after the way that you and BOSS HOGG are treatin latoya beyonce you have drawn a line in the sand now because thats the last straw to treat latoya like keep her from performing at the bet awards IS THE LOWEST THING THAT YOU CAN SIT BY AND LET HAPPENN I AM ASHAMED OF YOU A STAR THAT I ONCE WORSHIPED..

1921 days ago


Beyonce - get a clue. Leave that Divalicious attitude out West. You just mad because the tickets aint selling at your shows – well don’t take it out on us NYers. You good, but I think most people are tired of your azz. If I hear “put a ring on it” one more time, I honestly don’t know what I’ll do. Bey – put a lid on it - please. SMILEEEEEEEEEEEE

1921 days ago


This is actually pretty clever - especially if she has licensing with anyone that WILL be selling items at the event. The suit will deter pirates and (if she hires someone to film any selling and they catch any bootlegging) she will be able to sue the promoters and Madison Square Garden owners for non-compliance. It's all about money kids!

1920 days ago

sayy it aint so    

this trick has been touring for a long time i wonder why she has hired a lawyer and all of a sudden she is mad as hell, this has got to have been going on for quite sometime now, beyonce needs to get over herself, she is on top right now but her azz is going to get knocked out of her comfort zone by some of the new kids on the block are it might take one of the legends to rise back up out of their comfort zone to put beyonce in her place, we will watch and see, the venders are buzzing all over about how selfish they think that she is, and she is getting boat loads of negative press directed toward her and BOSS HOGG people are burned out on seeing her all of the time, and its not about us its about her beyonce, all of the time you do not hear that she gave no millions to no one to help, no orginzation, a.kolie just gave 1-million to help some people somewhere thats good considering that jolie did not make nearly as much as beyonce did she and her empire are as greedy as all get out.

1920 days ago


PLEEEASE!!! That's apart of the good and bad of the business!

1894 days ago
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