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I Support Chaz's Transition

6/17/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cher & ChazCher has made her first statement regarding her daughter's decision to become a man.

She tells PEOPLE: "Chaz is embarking on a difficult journey, but one that I will support. I respect the courage it takes to go through this transition in the glare of public scrutiny, and although I may not understand, I will strive to be understanding ... The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child."

As TMZ first reported, Cher has known about Chaz's decision for a year.


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Mutilating your genitals and taking hormones does not make you a man. Your DNA is forever female. What she needs is mental help, not people encouraging her delusions.

1897 days ago


“38. well what do you expect when you have a slut for a mother and a father who did his best (unfortuantely died) and then the mother does nothing but sleep around with everything. You raise yourself and look for love in the wrong places. How sad. She's a woman. She'll always be a woman. She's making a huge mistake.”

Sonny and Cher are both responsible if you must put blame for how Chaz has turned out. I hate that the mother always has to take the blame. It simply isn’t fair. Cher may be a slut, but Sonny was no angel. Cher seems to be a good mother. Perhaps I don’t know much about their history, but she’s no Joan Crawford. Please fill me in if I’m missing out on something, but Cher has been very supportive and they seem very close.

1897 days ago

Truth in advertising    

Did you notice how well worded the statement was, so Cher didn't have to use the "he" "she" part of this whole tranny mess?

1897 days ago


Chaz is following the recommendations of his doctors. You know, the people who go to school and actually study this sort of thing. Do all of the negative people commenting here think they know better than the people who have actually researched the issue? Anyway, in light of how some dispute the medical validity of Chaz's condition, how about this. What if I were to say I don't agree with heart surgery. "If God meant for those people with bad hearts to go on living, He would have given them perfect hearts. A doctor can mutilate their hearts, but all the surgery and drugs in the world won't make them truly alive. They will actually be dead. And I surely will refuse to acknowledge them when I see them, because I do not speak to dead people, What's the matter with these people? Why can't they figure out they are actually dead? And what's with all these other people treating those individuals as if they were alive? It's insanity I tell you. And I am not ignorant for merely expressing my opinion!"
To put it bluntly, gender transition is just as necessary for the people who require it as heart surgery is for people with bad hearts. God gives us the knowledge of how to fix these problems. God will not have a problem with Chaz when the time comes. He will, however have major issues with ugly souls who would attempt to deny him necessary medical treatment.

1897 days ago

show me the $$    

At least she has a mother who supports her, unlike my family who would have taken it as a personal affront if I ever wanted something like that. I saw Chastity on a recent clip. Even with the weight problem, she has such a pretty face. I hope this is really what she wants because there’s no going back.

And Ladybeth, sorry but that’s a really stupid argument.

1896 days ago


The point is, Chaz has never wanted "a pretty face." How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and had somehow been changed to the opposite sex, but still felt the same underneath? And when you looked in the mirror, you saw the opposite of what you expected to see? That most likely is how Chaz has felt his entire life. Imagine having everyone tell you what a pretty girl you are, when you know in your soul you are a boy? Like many Trans people, Chaz probably learned early to keep it quiet. He probably decided it was better to do as the world expected, and pretend to be a girl. Pretend to be a Lesbian. But a person can only live so long pretending to be something they are not. Gender identity is hard wired in the brain. It is not something that is taught. And every so often, a person is born with a hard wired gender identity that is the opposite of their physical sex. There are many kinds of birth defects, this is simply one. Doctors aren't completely sure why yet. Some feel it may be because the gene which determines how the brain is wired for gender is actually located on a different chromosome than the ones typically referred to as the sex chromosomes. And that can be a reason for mismatch. Or, it can simply be a matter of the fetus not getting the right hormones at the right time. Medical science has found that the best cure for this physical defect is gender transition. It actually has one of the best success rates of any medical procedure, other than the severe social condemnation the patients often receive. Other medical procedures which at one time seemed strange and non-Christian have since been accepted. How is this one different?

1896 days ago


IM a Mom and No matter what, We love our Kids..This is going to be a really heart breaking ride or already is..I like Cher 4 some reason..Same age, same generation..Chastity was a doll baby...i think chass loves Women after seeing so many pretty ones while growing up..BUT-- SHE is a woman, not a man..Best wishes 4 all the family and I hope Chas changes her mind B4 she starts chopping things off..Pray 4 Chastity Bono..Sonny Bono was mudered I read.I believe it..Had something to do with his government job, What Else

1896 days ago


Good luck Chaz, I can't imagine what any of this is like, but I hope you find what you're looking for.

1896 days ago


Um, it wouldn't be "in the glare of public scrutiny" if she hadn't thrown a damn press conference. People hardly even knew her except as the child of Sonny and Cher. She could have had surgery and completely removed herself from the spotlight. Honey, she WANTS the attention.

1896 days ago


Um, a psychologist or psychiatrist and some psychotic meds would probably be cheaper. Let's not pretend transsexualism is the same thing as being gay.

1896 days ago


I agree with Jenn that Chastity wants attention! Look at Cher, Chastity looks nothing like her..... maybe she is jealous of her mom`s success, talent and looks ! Chastity said she was always a Daddy`s girl. I hope Chastity changes her mind and finds peace. It`s obvious the girl is screaming for help in the wrong direction.

1896 days ago

Redneck Girl    

I am appalled that Chaz (he,she,it) and Cher felt this matter had to be thrown out for the public. I'm sorry. I just can't get my head around the idea that you "were born in the wrong body". What if I woke up one morning and said, I was born in the wrong body, I should have been a German Shepherd, is there someone out there who could fix me. Maybe I could get Dr. Marci the famous sex change physician to help me, or should I see a vet. Dr. Marci, born a man, still married to a woman, changed to a woman who is involved in a lesbian relationship with a woman who dresses and acts like a man. Am I the only one who feels slight sick at their stomachs?

1894 days ago


This is so sick!! She was a born a girl because God wanted her to be a girl. I think that she felt she could not compete with her mother. Mothers and daughters can be so competitive. She must have felt that she couldnt get out there and shake her bare butt covered with tattoos, and date men half her age, and have constant plastic surgery. So she went completely the opposite, first by bulking up, going lesbian and now trying to be the complete opposite of her mother, A MAN. And I believe that she is doing this, maybe subconciously to punish her mother, who was not the cookie baking mom and soccer mom all kids want. It must have been painful to go to school and see the other mothers in their jogging suits and your mom was out there half naked. Cher is being punished for being so far out there as a mother, so now the daughter is going even further out there in a different direction. She will be a FAKE MAN, so if her lover girlfriend wants a man, why doesnt she get a real one?? why get a Fake Man when you can get a Real Man?? Cher you are being paid back for your self indulgences instead of concentrating on your children.

1894 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

Dolly... you are so right!! I agree 100%. cher was never there. That's the bottom line.

1894 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

Don't worry. Cher will still be parading around almost naked after this is over. I am so sick of seeing her doing that. I feel bad for Chastity. I really do. The mother almost 65 and prancing around like she is 18. Something is very very wrong there. She wants that attention. She is so fake it makes me want to throw up. If I could Chastity I would try to talk you out of this sweetie. You are a beautiful soul. I wish you happiness in whatever you want to do. God Bless.

1894 days ago
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