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Kelis Is Cash Poor

6/17/2009 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelis has just filed her financials with the court, making her case to get support and baby expenses from estranged hubby Nas.

Kelis says from 11/08 to 4/09, her average monthly income was $21,616. Hardly poor, but way less than what she and Nas were pulling in while she was with him.

Kelis, who is ready to give birth, has some pretty hefty expenses -- $80,831 a month ... way more than she says she makes.

Kelis says she hasn't toured in a year and most of her income comes from her concerts.

Kelis says she spends $14,861 on her mortgage. Her nanny costs $3,500 a month. She spends $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacations -- not too shabby. And she says it cost $175 to have the "baby rug dry cleaned."

And there's this ... Kelis says she wants to buy "storage to bank the baby's blood when he is born. The banking is the collection and storage of the stem cells found in the baby's umbilical cord." It's used to treat 70 life-threatening diseases. It all costs $$$.


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Omg, are you serious? First of all, $21, 616 is plenty to live off of. Im not saying a father shouldnt help pay for his kid, but this chick is ridiculous! Why does she need a nanny when shes not working? $175 to clean the baby's rug? Is the baby going to be living on the rug? If Nas turns out to be a deadbeat, she can definately make it work with what she's got. Geez, she makes babies mammas look bad everywhere!!!!

1920 days ago

I am    

If you're unable to make it on 22 grand per month, it might be time to downsize a bit. Don't see why your single lifestyle has to be subsidized by your childs future support payments. If you can't forgo nannies and vacations, even though you're 'unemployed' , perhaps some other alternative can be explored regarding the full custody and care of your child.

1920 days ago

Valerie McLellan    

Seriously? $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacation? Buy DVD's, stop buying gifts, keep your arse at home and take care of your kid. $3500 for a nanny? If you aren't working, find it within yourself to bathe, dress and change your kids dirty diaper yourself. Why is the "baby carpet" so darn dirty? What the he11 is a baby carpet anyway? It doesn't have a crib? Geezus. The sense of entitlement of some people is over the top. She'd kill herself if she had to live like a normal person. Ohhhh, I feel so bad for her and all her hardships. NOT.

1920 days ago

who gives a shit    


1919 days ago

who what huh    

damn skank hoe cant balance a checkbook without a gun or line of crack or 30 welfare babies..........DOWNSIZE!!!!!!!!!!

1919 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Is this line where I lose my children, eighteen years of income and 1/2 my sh1t? Oh great. Look. The line's movin'.

1919 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

You play you pay.

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1919 days ago

To hell with her    

"Kelis says she spends $14,861 on her mortgage. Her nanny costs $3,500 a month. She spends $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacations -- not too shabby. And she says it cost $175 to have the "baby rug dry cleaned."

Dear Kelis, aka STUPID DUMBASS. In case you haven't heard, there's a SEVERE RECESSION going on right now. People are losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing their dignity. And you're whining like a f*cking loser because you "only have $15,000 a month to spend on entertainment, gifts and vacations"? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F*CKING MIND? What's wrong with you? You should be ecstatic that you have $15,000 a month to waste. Pull your head out of your *ss & stop whining, you self important entitled loser...

1919 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

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1919 days ago


I feel sooooo sorry for this dipwad who CHOOSES to live way beyond her income level...I'm going to call the bimbo a waaaaaaambulance right now...

1919 days ago


She needs get off her lazy butt and get a job it isn't his job to pay for every single little thing she wants. Seriously she isn't all that not even close. No way she should get child support and that's it! She deserves nothing more.

1919 days ago


I love how some women are strong and independent until it comes time to not live off of a man. Just because she was carrying on on Twitter about cheating doesn't mean he cheated. As a matter of fact, if he's smart, he'll get a paternity test. When her last album came out, she was "Bossy" but now she's helpless. Should Nas pay child support? Hell yes. Should he pay an able bodied woman in her 20's who is perfectly capable of getting off her ass and working alimony? Hell no. Since her milkshake is so popular, maybe she needs to raise the price.

1919 days ago


what does she need a nanny for? shes not working. i dont see her working in the future.hey nas,put $100,000 in a interest bearing acount and she can go on her way.she wants to take you to court to get things that she IS NOT ENTITLED TOO.!!!

1919 days ago


if she's not working, wtf does she need a nanny for? raise your child yourself, you selfish spoiled b*tch.

1919 days ago

Now what now?    

You know what? This is Nas' fault. Apparently they lived a very extravegant lifestyle on his dime. He turned her into a spoiled brat. What the hell is she doing paying a nanny when she doesn't have any children yet? I hope that is a projected expense. She spends more on entertainment than she spends on her mortgage, both of which are horribly expensive. She can live in a very lovely home in an upper middle class neighborhood on 5k a month. With a child on the way she needs to chill out on all that "entertainment" anyway. I guess that's where the nanny comes in. Does she plan to have any involvement in the raising of this child that she seems to have created either to hold onto her husband or hold onto some of his money? No matter how you slice it both of them will be forced to live a middle class lifestyle anyway in 5-10 years as Nas' career is in the final stages and Kelis' never really took off to begin with. It's apparent saving is not a priority for them so they won't have anything left for the future and will have to continue to work for less and less money as time goes on. Both of them are idiots. I hope the child does get a fantastic nanny or he/she will be doomed with these idiots.

1919 days ago
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