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LeBron James

Most Valuable Loser

6/17/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Overcompensation -- noun -- excessive reaction to a feeling of inferiority, guilt, or inadequacy leading to an exaggerated attempt to overcome the feeling ... especially when someone expected to win the NBA championship doesn't even make the finals.

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LeBron James rocked this egotistical t-shirt during a shopping break in N.Y. yesterday.

For the record -- you won't see Kobe Bryant wearing a shirt with his individual accomplishments plastered on the front of it during his championship parade today -- he's gonna let the trophy do the talking.

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HAHAHAHA Kobe lovers saying Lebron is egotistical. That's way beyond the pot calling the kettle black. To all the people comparing Kobe to Lebron and saying Kobe is better because he has rings. I will flat out say it is a stone cold lock that if you put Kobe on the current Cavs team, they don't even make it to the conference finals. Put Phil Jackson on a team not pre-loaded with ringers and he's not "the greatest coach of all time". Who wouldn't be one of the winningest coaches in history coaching MJ, Shaq, and Kobe all in their prime??? Forrest Gump could coach that team to victory. Kobe had a great situation with Shaq. But once Sahq left, Kobe was JUST LIKE LEBRON for several years, unable to carry his team BY HIMSELF and he cried like a baby and demanded trades until they surrounded him with enough talent to get him over the hump. Lebron's shirt is an obvious play on the old RUN-DMC logo. Lastly, as for the baby mama comment. He is with his old HS sweetheart. When he finally does buy her a real ring (and not a "I'm sorry for the whole little raping that chick in Colorado misunderstanding ring), all that noise will cease. Plus, last time I checked, Lebron's woman didn't have her maid dig through dog poop for a receipt like a certain evil, pointy eyebrow, big-toothed troll.

All that being said, it was a bitch move by Lebron not to shake the Magic's hand. I don't want to hear all that weak talk about not congratulating your conqueror. Then again, Kobe dry-snitched on Shaq the minute the police started questioning him about his rape, so despite all their teeth gritting and chest thumping and tats, and tough guy antics on the court, I think both these jokers have some kool aid pumping through their veins. And they can't deny it.

1961 days ago

Brad is a Tool    

Bunch of whining Cavs fans trying to justify why LeBron is such a pig. And this is not the first time that he refused to shake the other team's hand when he lost. He's a big-ass cry baby.

1961 days ago

Brad is a Tool    

Da Commish- you sound you're three years old. "He did it so I can, too." LeBron is a punk and now the whole world knows.

1961 days ago


Gotta love the homers of TMZ, LeBron is clearly superior in almost every facet of his game at this point and if he had the teammates that KB24 had he would've won a NBA championship too. But I must agree this shirt is extremely douchey, but Kobe matches his douchey-ness not with the clothes he wears but with his extreme smugness and all his out actions. LB23 is a much better teammate KB24 is a team chemistry killer!

1961 days ago


For the record, Kobe is seen wearing a tshirt today with his hand and 4 rings on it....way lamer than lebrons....LBJ 23!!! Screw the lakers!!!

1961 days ago


Yeah right!! Kobe is as egotistical as they come! TMZ don't even try to make Kobe seem like some saint. Leave Lebron alone. He is the League MVP and he played like it. He can't do it all himself.

1961 days ago


LeBron has more than just two kids dude. Hell, one of them is practically ready to start driving a car. This guy has a serious problem with keeping the snake in its cage. But that's the black culture. Have as many kids as possible, regardless of your age, employed or married. Just pop 'em out like candy!!!!

1961 days ago


tmz is full of hate a hater site he still have time to win one and he will win a lot more and u will see it. It took jordan time u fools i can tell your people are not real basketball die hard fan your don't know anything and it a team sport the players he have are not that good he can't do it all by him self he need some really good players around him he can't guard all five players you haters

1961 days ago


Kobe did wear a shirt about his individual accomplishments at the parade today. It was a 4 fingered hand with a ring on each finger.

1961 days ago


HEY LEBRON: YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO CLEVELAND!!! You not only are a sore loser but you also snub your fans!!! These are the fans that made you and fill your bank account and pay your mortgage on your 35,000 square foot home!!! I hope you do go to NY. And take your LBJ MVP shirt with you. The fame and fortune have really gone to your head.

1961 days ago


Lebron has embarrassed the city of Cleveland by his behavior and poor sportsmanship. Now he snubs the fans!!!

1961 days ago


I think hes earned the right to wear that shirt,...he is the MVP, let him wear what he wants. There are a lot of people who envy him for his talent. It's bassically like kobe walking around with the ring on, he earned it, let him wear it.

1961 days ago


Holy crap, how hilarious is it that Kobe wore a shirt today that was just as bad -- arguably worse -- than LBJ's shirt that was the subject of this article? Haha. Oops, TMZ.

1961 days ago

David Lane    

How do u know its not a shirt paying tribute to the ex-president? Lyndon Baines Johnson Most Valuable President.

1961 days ago


Oh, but Kobe did wear a shirt with a puppet hand that had 4 rings on it to the parade. So your prediction, "you won't see Kobe Bryant wearing a shirt with his individual accomplishments plastered on the front of it during his championship parade today -- he's gonna let the trophy do the talking" is completely wrong.

1961 days ago
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