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Is Lohan Accusing Timberlake of Cheating?! -- redirect

6/17/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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ha ha first again

1953 days ago


seriously, what would there be to gain by lying about makes me think it's True, besides this is HOLLYWEIRD isn't it....don't they all eventually end up cheating on one another????? Not like any relationship ever lasts in the land of the stars....

1953 days ago


She is such a sad pathetic person.

1953 days ago


Lindsay never lies about anyone and she does go to clubs all of the
time so I have to believe her on this one. Justin thinks that he'll
never be caught because he thought no one would snitch or notice. I
think he might do this because he's headed for quitsville with
Jessica Biel and this is the only way he feels wanted. YOU GOT CAUGHT

1953 days ago

Zach Swan    

Snitches end up in ditches.

1953 days ago


The reference to this being hollyWEIRD and everyone cheating on each other reminds me of Cold Heart Canyon...

1953 days ago


Hateful B@tch. She can't control her own relationship, so she's gotta sling mud on everyone around her. He probably blew her off her skankness at some point and now wants revenge. She has no career anymore... completely ruined any hope of anyone in Hollywood respecting her as a person.... so now she bitter and beyond pitiful. Time to grow up and pull up your big girl panties Lilo. You aren't as talented as you think... and now because of your antics, everyone has seen through the vail and sees you as the juvenile talentless hack brat you are. Greasy was right, you are a firecrotch... and nothing of substance.

1953 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

Lohan's a wackjob, but I'd still love to give it to her several times.

1953 days ago

Evan L    

Ha, It' just like highschool drama. When too much heat gets put on one person, he/she has to go like "Wellllll guess what THEY did! . . . nowleavemealone." I bet it wasn't even JT, and she was coming out of a club more trashed than Paris Hilton going in one. haha

1953 days ago


Yeah Aquababy.... Lindsay NEVER lies. She's NEVER done coke either right? What dreamland are you living in. She's so into drugs and self loathing, so you really think she is a credible witness? Seriously? Really. Are that blind?

1953 days ago

Helen Rainier    

Who gives a rip whether it's true or not? Sheesh!

1953 days ago

who dat    

Justin cheatin on his beard, with another beard? Say it aint so.

1953 days ago


Maybe is true, but who cares what Lindsay's has to say? She can't control her own relationship or even her career!

She wants people to mention her name, that makes her happy!, and people always follow into her little games. Lindsay go get a job, gain those pounds they tell you to gain, start getting healthy and stop being such a self-center and let's see if you can make a comeback. LOSER!

The dude is gorgeous and really famous (not for stupid things he does like her, actually, for doing his thing!!), could be true but his not that such of a dumbass to do this in a club in front of all this people. It seems like he has a GOOD! relationship with her, and i'm pretty sure he doesn't want to messed that up. So, Lindsay, start getting ready!, he's coming after you or maybe not, he's not gonna waste his time on a loser like you.

1953 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

Why won't this strung out broad just go away? There isn't an actress in H-wood that's worth this. Every day it's something. Just go away pleeeeez!!!

1953 days ago


Is that the same lindsay who claimed she was not lesbian ?? Really ??
Oh oh !

1953 days ago
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