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'NJ Housewives' are Table Flippin' Ridiculous

6/17/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a bunch of backstory here, but chances are if you've never seen an episode of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," you won't care anyway. Just enjoy this nuclear dinner freakout, courtesy of Teresa and Danielle.

Real Housewives fight: Click to watch
On last night's ridiculous season finale, dishes flew, one called the other a "prostitute whore" and a table was nearly tossed over.

P.S. -- Did we mention some of the ladies' kids were around? "Real" classy.


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I don't think I will ever watch that show again. I was so turned off by last nights display. And to behave that way in front of CHILDREN was to tacky and classless. I highly doubt she would have flipped the table and clowed like that if there weren't cameras in the room.

Money truly DOES NOT buy CLASS. SMH

1925 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Six weeks and thank god it's over. What a waste of tape and human space. Those women and their families were as exciting as a box of hair. They typified every stereotype of "Jersey New Wealthy Trash" and were beyond blase. I was hoping perhaps there would be a possibility that there would be a bit more substance other than focusing on that wretch Danielle every episode, who is utterly pathetic in the way she lives her life - nearly tragic. Plus she is just hideous to look at (more so than Teresa), boring and probably did do more than the she claimed from "the book."

The producers really dropped the ball on this series being the most exciting was the finale with garish Teresa losing her mind and tearing up the restaurant table. The women looked like complete immature fools with their husbands by the sac-strings. I'm sure the "last supper" will only bring more embarrassment to their families reputation. I won't bash any of the kids, they are all just kids after all.

Way to go Jersey, you were everything I had expected.

1925 days ago


WOW. I forgot to breathe during the entire restaurant scene. It was freakin' awesome. What a show. This is by far the best of all the Housewive Shows. Bravo to Bravo!!

1925 days ago


Yes, Teresa, you are very, very classy. First thought you were just a ditz, but now know that sitting at a full dinner table w/relatives & friends & KIDS, speaking about details of your sex life & how sore you are (ewww), that is just pure class! I guess you have evolved as much intellectually as the amount of space on your forehead - very little.

Caroline thinks she needs to act tough to be liked - otherwise, no one would pay attention to her - she's actually very boring.

Dina - insecure & knows her husband is living w/his girlfriend in a town 2 miles away - all of FL knows it too.

Jackie - Good for you & your hubby - at least youre honest.

Danielle - Yeah, it's the past, but your past makes you what you are today. And the way your kids look at you when you're getting "confidential" with them is just awful.

1925 days ago


That is the worst acting I have seen in my life. It looks like bad 80' german porn, with less of a script, and much less talent.

1925 days ago


Could "The Book" have received any more publicity? Danielle is clearly making a profit from the book somehow. This season was so phony and staged. Big disappointment.

1925 days ago


Reality shows aren't going anywhere. With today's lifestyles, between working, running with the kids, juggling duties; we don't socialize. Years ago, people would drop by friends and families houses and meet all kinds of people. some educated, some not, some shady, some sexy, but all were colorful personalities who added a little spice to our lives.
Reality Shows are the way we now "socialize", we meet new people from different walks of life but we don't have to leave the comfort of our homes to do it!!

1925 days ago

loretta cammareri    

hookers- every last of them HOOKERS!

1925 days ago



1925 days ago


Want to see Real Housewivees, go to middle town america Bravo..............those NJ women are skanks . Women from NJ, stand up and say " this isn't US", unless it is !

1925 days ago


These women are all insecure bitter bitches and skanks! There is not a decent one in the bunch! They all act like they are in high school. They are embarrassing to watch. I hope Bravo cancels these bitches!

1925 days ago

Proud American    

These are the stupidest women I have avooided to watch. What kind of men marries these tramps, they must have low self esteem.

1925 days ago

Proud American    

what fools

1925 days ago


in Teresa's defence...she asked that her children be escorted out of the room and watched by friends elsewhere when the conversation even started to get heated. Danielle was the one who wanted her kids to stay (even the little one) and witness the meltdown. This is classic & Teresa is right for slamming danielle. Danielkle is a rude condescending "Prostitution Whore" who gives blow guys to 26 year old guys then calls them her boyfriend. Teresa is married with three (now 4) beautiful children, a beasutiful home, family & friuends who love her & Danielle is a trouble making bitch who tries to act tough by staring down everybody & choosing the most naive of all the girls (Jacqueline) to be friends with.

I just can't believe Jacqueline actually defended her & got into a fight with her stupid can you be?? Does she honestly think that Danielle will be there for her over the next twenty years and her family won't? Wake up Jacqueline & smell the coke!!!

1925 days ago

Oliver Cruz    

all these women are alcoholics


1925 days ago
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