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Swats at Obama

for Killing That Fly!

6/17/2009 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA is finally going after President Barack Obama for delivering capital punishment to a housefly on the White House grounds yesterday -- a death that was caught on tape.

When asked for comment, here's the statement PETA released: 

"He isn't the Buddha, he's a human being and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act."

We're told the fly's carcass has been moved to a secret location ... we're guessing the bottom of a White House trash can.


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Oh, please. PETA people! Ya'll act like ya'll never kill a fly before. Stop being so ridiculous! Only in America!

1951 days ago


Even though I think they go overboard at times like in this case, I have to respect PETA for working as hard as they do to protect animals and fight to get justice for the ones who are victims of animal cruelty like the dogs who suffered at the hands of Michael Vick or the guidedog who was beheaded because his killer wanted revenge on his owner for rejecting his romantic advances.

Animals (wildlife and domestic) need protection from the sick freaks/furture serial killers in training who get enjoyment from torturing them and PETA does a lot to help them.

1951 days ago


I looked PETA's website, and it is probably the most corrupt site on the internet. They even stated that buying maple syrup is supporting the clubbing of baby seals. They may have a point, and a suprisingly good one, about slow deaths and mistreatment in hunting and fur farms, but the fact that they think that boycotting maple syrup will help stop killing baby seals makes them deranged. But now...a FLY!? At least when Stephen Colbert makes it funny when he complains about the fly killing. If you do check out the PETA website, be sure to check out the baby-seal-clubbing coloring page.

1951 days ago


I think we should all eat steak and wear leather shoes to honor the life of the fly that was brutally murdered by Obama...

1950 days ago


Ste 103, 2898 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles - (323) 644-7382
heres the peta office in them, complain, show up, complain.......

1950 days ago


Does PETA complain about the slaughtering of whales in the deep south Pacific/Antarctic by Japan, who claim annually that it is for "research"? For law-breaking corporate luncheons in Japan is more like it. Same with shark fin soup and bear gallbladders being used in China for nothing but pointless superstitions.

Isn't it time to poach the poachers? Seriously! Defend species diversity. Humans who poach are breakfast for worms. That's the new law.

1950 days ago


I hate PETA! I think they are stupid gross political extremists That like to start stuff. I am against animal cruelty & abuse, but they take things to the extreme.
By the way I am 40 years old & have always wanted a fur coat. If I ever hit the the LOTTO AND DECIDE to buy one & someone throws RED PAINT on MY COAT there WILL be CONSEQUENCES & REPERCUSSIONS! PETA put that in your PEACE PIPE & SMOKE IT!
I'm OUT!

1949 days ago


Flyer is right.


Maybe the sane folk should all move to a different planet or something. The human race will end up destroying itself with all the drama that goes on lately.
Too, too sensitive. Besides, I hate insects anyway. I'd swat it just like Obama did.. unfortunately though, I'd miss.

1949 days ago


Well they woudl have my head on a silver plate. For when one of them is in my house the whole place goes on lock down until the little bugga is caught and disposed of

1949 days ago


I love animals, but PETA is freakin' nuts!

1949 days ago


89. A fly is an animal. Look it up, you dolts, since you didn't seem to learn in school.

Posted at 12:33PM on Jun 17th 2009 by Dave
This insect, known as the common house fly, is found all over the world..

The house fly is a common insect known around the world. Interesting info there. What animal has their offspring in a pile of crap. Dogs-Hmm no, cats-no again, Birds- I would say that is a no again.

1886 days ago


An insect is an animal. All living things except plants are animals. How did some of you graduate? Good God, it is so embarrassing to be from America sometimes!
Posted at 1:13PM on Jun 17th 2009 by Goldie
The fact that some of you think a fly is a animal is proof that your nuts.

It may be in the animal kingdom but it is in the insect class.
House Fly
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Family: Muscidae
Genus: Musca
Species: Musca domestica

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
class: Mammalia
order: Primata
family: Hominidae
Genus: Homo
Species: sapiens
Our scientific names is just homo sapiens

The class a species is put in makes it what it is. So there fore a fly is a INSECT. A human a mammal.

1886 days ago

Aaron Simpson    

Perhaps Obama should have used a different pest control method! I've just posted about the different ways to control a fly infestation on my blog at
Obama will never have to pay for pest control again!

1602 days ago


PETA is nothing but a whole bunch of stupid annoying hippy freakholes trying to force their stupid mindless philosephies and even while they blabber about compassion in their stupid ads and protests they dont have any compassion for the 97% of those animals they killed off

1347 days ago
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