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Carrie Prejean -- Clear My Name or I'll Sue

6/18/2009 6:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean says she means business. She's giving the Miss California USA team one last chance to clear her name -- or she's gonna sue.

In a letter Prejean's lawyer fired off to the lawyer representing pageant honcho Keith Lewis, the attorney says Lewis defamed her by making her seem uncooperative and difficult to deal with. He did not address Donald Trump's comment to us ... that Carrie treated people "like s**t."

The letter also accused Lewis of using Carrie to push a gay agenda.

And here's the best part ... Carrie's lawyer says Lewis had no right to release her confidential medical information -- aka, a boob job.

The letter claims Carrie has suffered "severe emotional distress." If Lewis doesn't recant his comments, Carrie's lawyer promises a lawsuit.

UPDATE: Keith Lewis gave TMZ the following statement: "Mr. Limandri obviously has never watched "THE APPRENTICE" if he believes that Mr Trump could be so easily fooled. Facts are facts and we stand by them. No matter what strong wind the General Council of NOM will blow, Our vest of truth will stay on."

Carrie Prejean


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This bitch needs to give back her tits and go away !

1951 days ago


Hey Carrie,

the alarm clock called... your 15 minutes are up!

1951 days ago


ABSOLUTELY she should sue. Hey, Keith Lewis - ever heard of HIPPA? Ask ANYONE in the medical industry and they'll tell you QUICK that releasing medical information (breast augmentation qualifies) without permission is grounds for legal action. Even in this fishbowl, his violation of that private information is worth millions alone. My question for Trump is, "How in the HELL did you allow a franchise owned by a gay militant with his OWN agenda become associated with YOUR successful name?" Yes, so it's California. So? And...? I mean The Donald should find ANY loophole to disengage his organization from Lewis' K2 Productions. Grounds aren't hard to produce. The negative publicity alone, brought about by and due to Lewis' controversial totally gay agenda has given us much more now than "just "publicity for The Donald, What continues to will only prove to hurt Trump and the Miss Universe USA organization. I mean, the year before this fiasco, the Miss CA organization awarded the Miss CA title to the WRONG contestant, then jerked the title over "incorrect scores!" C'mon Trump! Thought you were the consummate businessman. What a bad stain on your record to allow Lewis' gay groupies define your once impecccable record of first-rate entrepreneurs only. What gives Donald? DO SOMETHING! Carrie obviously has been set-up and you turning a blind eye to this over-the-top gay agenda that stripped her unfairly of her title (and Miss USA) is going to be the first unraveling of you Trump Empire if you don't pay attention to the rest of us.

1951 days ago


And to think all of this is happening just because she gave the politically incorrect answer.

1951 days ago


Okay, guys, I have been one of her most ardent supporters, especially her right to free speech. However, she needs to move on and graciously exit the stage. At this point I don't even care anymore.

1951 days ago


Hey GoGetEmCarrie:

HIPPA only applies to doctors, nurses, etc. who are working in the medical field. That is why it's called "Doctor-Patient" confidentiality. It isn't illegal for a 3rd party to discuss someone's medical issues (else it would be considered illegal for your friend to discuss your operation to have that stick removed from your ass).

1951 days ago

Chuck, Sacramento    

Hope she sues - hope she wins. The instant vindictiveness of the gay-obsessed CA pageant and most of the media coming out of LA was way over the top. And she's right, it is no ones business she had a boob job. How many pagent girls do you think didn't? The whole point is to look and sound their best. You don't like her politics? So what, get over it.

This is like the prop 8 supporters getting "outed" on the internet so their jobs and homes could be threatened. I didn't support prop 8 but geez, if I had I'd have to worry about my tires beign slashed or getting fired cause my employer would be targeted as happened to other people who did support it?

1951 days ago


I hope she can build a solid case against Lewis. People stood by and post comments about her while she was being stoned by everyone, now that she is defending herself they figure she should go away peacefully. It's just like all the hypocritical crap that she has put up with.

1951 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

May I make a suggestion ? Next year at the Miss Whatever Pageant, why not just ask some simple math questions ?

1951 days ago

sick of paris    

You go Carrie- more power to you...that pagent is old and over rated to begin with. She was/is entitled to her own opinion on gays and marriage.whatever. That is the great thing about our country. This so called pagent fired her to be poitcally correct. I hope she sues the pants off of them and becomes a multimillionaire

1951 days ago

over her    

Who would Jesus sue?

1951 days ago


According to Carrie's lawyer Keith Lewis is an openly gay man that produced a short movie in 2007 called "For the Bible Tells Me So." It advocates same sex marriage.

So is it a conflict of interests when Keith Lewis brings his politics into the pageant by trying to force Carrie to attend gay events like the opening of that new movie with the gay marriage theme.

Carrie requested security if she had to appear at a gay event.... wonder why??? Keith Lewis made a mockery of it and while trying to prevent her from setting up the appearance at the Special Olympics suggested that maybe she needed security for the event.

These are the methods of a vengeful agenda driven employer trying to force an employee to resign or be fired.

1951 days ago


Support freedom of speech the one way that counts.

1951 days ago

Lelsie B.    

GO CARRIE GO. Don't let these A*!wipes get the best of you they're haters.

1951 days ago


Doesn't she realize by now that everyone KNOWS she's a witch with a capital B? Hello, your fake smiles and miss sweet act is so over...everyone realizes what crap that is. Even Donald Trump says she's horrible to people and he would know (since he's horrible himself to people on The Apprentice). I'm ashamed to share her first name.

1951 days ago
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