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Michael Jackson

Mystery Dr. Visits

6/18/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So for the last few months we've been catching Michael Jackson leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills. Now we know who Jackson has been seeing.

Mystery Dr. Visits
Jackson has been going to the office of Dr. Arnie Klein -- dermatologist to the stars -- and he's been going there several times a week lately. Klein and M.J. have a long history together. Klein has treated Jackson's vitiligo -- a pigmentation disorder.

In 1993, when Jackson was under criminal investigation the first time for alleged child molestation, cops searched Klein's office and seized medical records after news reports suggested Klein may have bleached Jackson's genitals so Jacko's accuser wouldn't be able to ID the singer's private parts. The claim was never proven.

By the way, in the 90's Klein had a nurse by the name of Debbie Rowe. She married Jacko and had two of his kids via artificial insemination. They later divorced.


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Ew, check out those wrinkled up old man hands.........

1921 days ago


#16 - Thank you for the THANK YOU message!
Its really nice to know that someone read & appreciated what I wrote.

1921 days ago


Yes I am sure that "vitiligo" change his hair texture and facial features.
Get real the man can't stand being black.
He hates being black that is why he bought those white kids.

1920 days ago


TO Number 13 - Posted at 8:46AM on Jun 18th 2009 by COMPLETE THE CHANGE

You have OFFICIALLY posted the most incoherent comment I have ever read on TMZ. Congratulation, your a moron that should have stayed in school to "gets you one of dem govment edumakashions"

1920 days ago


I'm sure he has to constantly go back to have his ears and nose sewn back on!!!
The good thing is when he dies his plastic parts will never decompose!!!

1920 days ago


Oh I feel so sorry for all the losers here. Jokes about his nose and other parts of his body?

When will they get old? Come up with something new if you wanna try to mock him. Its getting old and boring.

Then, all the folks who actually studied the COURT SCRIPTS knows that there were NO evidence to convict him at all. All the jurors told that several times after the trial.

And why on earth do you want to make this to be scandalous? MJ has gone to Dr Klein since early 1980's.. nothing new about that. And its so tacky of you to try to be scandalous by mentioning that he went to the DR to bleach his genitals.

You are disgusting TMZ.. Always trying to bring the King down.. because you cant stand the fact that he sold out 50 shows.

1920 days ago


# 19

Boo-hooo on you! Go and preach and weep somewhere else. I just love these self-proclaimed professors *cough cough*.

Why on earth wouldnt he be able and be permitted to keep his kids? What has he DONE that doesnt suit you? Can you please keep me any example on why he is NOT a good dad? Did you know that fame-whoring lawyer Gloria Allred called
Los Angeles Child Protective Services on him. They investigated him because a cimplaint from Allred came in and they found out his kids to be VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

So next time you wanna pass on a judgement like that... please do your homework and be more open-minded.


1920 days ago

sandy k.    

To #16: I too have seen photos and videos of MJ's oldest son with blonde hair. And Debbie Rowe has said herself, that their children ARE NOT biologically MJ's, but were from a DONOR that he chose (presumably white), with which she was inseminated. Their MARRIAGE was primarily for legal reasons, to give him absolute parental rights.

1920 days ago


I believe he's just having more cosmetic surgery. Especially to his nose that's been destroyed by taking out all of the cartilage to make him look more white. Those masks have never fooled me. His face is under constant construction/destruction.

1920 days ago

sandy k.    

To explain MJ's sudden skin color changes, I have a different theory. I don't think it was "vitiligo". (And remember Latoya denied he had vitiligo those few years when she wasn't on MJ's payroll). But people forget the Pepsi commercial Fire incident when MJ was seriously BURNED when his hair caught on fire. It was soon after this that MJ began changing his skin color. And there is a logical explanation. When dark browned skinned people are seriously burned, the layer of skin containing the melanin (or skin color), is burned away. Leaving permanent 'white' or 'pink' patches that are very similar to Vitiligo in appearance, and would be treated in a very similar manner by a dermatologist. (Though they usually just cosmetically 'color in' the patches to match the unburned skin, MJ with his unlimited resources at the time, odviously decided to 'bleach' his BODY to MATCH the 'white' patches instead.) So I believe there was a skin 'discoloration' issue, but it was from burns, not vitiligo. And then MJ just took it to extremes with a COMPLETE makeover including nose, eyes, lips, and chin.

1920 days ago

Sue Wong    

I don't think Michael liked being black because he was made fun of as a kid. He was a real cute kid so I don't get it. He must've been hurt pretty bad and screwed himself up. I'm suspicious that he's the biological father because he chose Debbie and I don't think he would want to take the chance of them looking like him even if they were mixed. I notice that Michael always hang with non-black kids.
There are alot of mixed kids in my family and my mom is too. My husband is blond with blue eyes. My son had sandy blond hair and grey eyes at first. His eyes became a lighter brown and his hair got darker every year. It's dark brown now with blond highlights in the summer. He looks latino. My adult son whose father (deceased) was also white looks latino too.
Prince does look a little like Michael in the face but they seem awfully white, unlike the hundreds of mixed kids I've seen.

1920 days ago

I am    

The pedophile has long asserted a laundry list of 'abuses' suffered at the hands of his father and siblings. It's no wonder that he developed the self-hatred that manifested into what we see today. The current facial features that have been so grossly butchered have no resemblance to his genetically produced ones. As for the vitiligo, I can recall patients who utilized makeup such as Dermablend to even out their complexions , but it seems as if Wacko just opted for a full fledged bleach job. Don't think he was ever afflicted with the condition as much as tired of seeing the reflection of Joe Jackson staring back at him from the mirror.

1920 days ago

I Love Memphis    

All I can say Michael is that you are one talented individual. God Bless!!! Don't listen to these morons...

1920 days ago


#18 you are a very ignorant person speaking outside of your butt to try rationalize this in your own little world. Because he's a celeb and rich does not always mean that they jury would have found him not guilty, lets rememberthat this was an all white jury that aqquited him, a big differance from Oj's. Do some research moron

1920 days ago

doctor hook    

wtf is wrong with the wrinkles on his hand? is he that far gone?

1920 days ago
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