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Michael Jackson

Mystery Dr. Visits

6/18/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So for the last few months we've been catching Michael Jackson leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills. Now we know who Jackson has been seeing.

Mystery Dr. Visits
Jackson has been going to the office of Dr. Arnie Klein -- dermatologist to the stars -- and he's been going there several times a week lately. Klein and M.J. have a long history together. Klein has treated Jackson's vitiligo -- a pigmentation disorder.

In 1993, when Jackson was under criminal investigation the first time for alleged child molestation, cops searched Klein's office and seized medical records after news reports suggested Klein may have bleached Jackson's genitals so Jacko's accuser wouldn't be able to ID the singer's private parts. The claim was never proven.

By the way, in the 90's Klein had a nurse by the name of Debbie Rowe. She married Jacko and had two of his kids via artificial insemination. They later divorced.


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1889 days ago


Even when he first had those kids other blacks knew they weren't his. You can change your skin but not your genes. And to the person that said that not only white people have green or blue eyes, yes they are. Yes, if you're mixed with white you may have blue or green eyes.

1889 days ago


NO. 12. Jay..Thank YOU ONE BILLION times and a few more. Everyone should read No.12. Educate yourself before you make ignorant comments. Have to agree with Jay. For Michael its been a damned if he do damned if he dont. When he was a child he was an Adult. His father a $$$ seeing loony toon wanted to , live His Life through his he couldnt please his father. casted into Fame bigger than Elvis and the Beatles. (Both worth More Dead than Alive) Living in a Huge Fish Tank for the world to see. his family depending on him to keep afloat. of course hes gonna be eccentric differnt and strange. I say all this to say. Leave the Man alone. Its no wonder hes eccentric. u encourage it.The way you watch his every move and you guys crawl through god knows what just to get a picture. You call him a Freak yet every word that come out of his mouth you savor like its a piece of Steak. Cant you all see Michael is giving you a show and your falling for it? For some one YOU HATE SO MUCH with these comments..yall sure BUST your azzes reading every little tibit of News on Still the World's MOST INTRIQUing artist. if you doubt me look at the HITS on google. If you ask me. I think Michael is not the only one Obsessed. YOu folks got it worst than he does. because inspite of all the so called money woes and suits..You Guys just by TALKING about him..IS KEEPING HIM RELEVANT. keeping his name Alive. and $$$ in His Children and Childrens pockets. Too bad Elvis isent alive to See how much they TALKED about Him and worshipd him. AFTER he DIED. elvis was in delcline got fat drugged out. When he died Yall lost your damn MINDS Like Michael Jackson or Loathe Him you STILL take the time to Comment and acknowledge him..he got your interest, and What could a Star want more..than your Attention? Imortality..Elvis is Immortal..Marlyn Monroe is Immortal..Michael Jackson you will talk about when hes dead and gone. ..He wont be forgotton thanks to YOU guys. His kids are set for Life. and their kids...thanks to you guys LOL... When YALL Stop talking about Michael Jackson..then he may decide to call it Quits. until that time..U ALL WILL FOLLOW HIM AROUND LIKE A LITTLE PUPPY BARKING! dont even know what the hell they saying..and they dont even know either.. reminds me of you guys on here. you haters are Such a Tool Omg. .thanks again No. 12.

1889 days ago


I have a right to my opinion just like everyone else on here does. I admit , after doing some reading on medical sites , that it is POSSIBLE he does have vitiligo, but I will never believe, without proof, that those are his biological children. If you do, that is your right. I have always thought Michael was the greatest talent of his time and hate he has thrown it all away.

1889 days ago


If #40 is a doctor, she must be an embarrassment to her profession. She needs to learn to spell.

1889 days ago


Why are you talking about his aligations from 16 years ago?! He was proven innocent, so just get over it. And its funny on how your making sound like he did bleach his genitals so the child couldn't ID them and how he had his two kids via artificial insemination so she couldn't see his genitals and get him in trouble. Because during the whole accusation he was married to Lisa Marie Presley and about 1 to 2 years after that, and i KNOW they were having sex! Lisa said he did not do that to those kids and she never said anything about his genitals being bleached to get him in trouble. Overall he was proven NOT guilty, kay?

Plus wouldn't the accusers want him to go to jail instead of taking money, of course they would want him to be lock up thats their child. But they just wanted money and thats it.

1888 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

Michael Jackson is hiding his recent surgery. Balls on the chin...

1888 days ago


I have an aunt who has Vitiligo. Michael's skin looks just like that. You don't see the blotches because he always wears long jackets and pants and uses tons of makeup to make it look even. Sometimes you can see it when the makeup melts off of him or he forgets to powder a spot. Google PopSpiracy for tons of photos of it.

1887 days ago


WOW , this picture was definately taken @ 435 N Roxbury Dr. I use to work there , very strange seeing ppl I knew in the news ! I have fond memories of the Bldg , having lunch @ Elizabeths Tea Room , All the Doctors would sit @ the center table , paying the bill in Mickey Fines pharmacy , buying gum so my boss didn;t know I had a smoke , haha , Good Times

1865 days ago


micheal jackson is a legend he is the king of pop all yall haterz can go trash
on somthen else cuz he is a great person. he has someove tha best songz
tha world will ever have. he may be gone but he will never ever be forgotten!!
top dhat

1882 days ago
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