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Sarah Jessica Parker -- See No Evil, Hear No Evil

6/18/2009 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An un-pregnant Sarah Jessica Parker put Surro-Gate out of her mind Wednesday afternoon by going jogging around NYC.


SJP looks good for a woman who is expecting twins.


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Whether she's a woman or a transsexual she looks hot! Are you sure it's Parker?

1932 days ago

JamboJ ugly

1931 days ago


How funny TMZ! Let's make fun of the fact that she is unable to have children of her own. Just keepin' it classy as usual?

1931 days ago

Freaked Out    


1931 days ago


UUMMMM, she can't have children of her own because she waited until her eggs were gone to try and have another kid! Not unlike too many women in this country do. She is 46 if I'm not mistaken, she did one child onher own remember?

Oh, and the 'she is stressed' comment! SHE is stressed? Are you kidding me? How about the rent-a-womb- who is carring those two for her? Sarah is stressed because now her sercret is out. Did her and that dork she married really think no one would find out? Do these celebs think they are normal regular folks that people don't care about?

GGGGEEEEZZZZ, ya make your bed, you need to lie in it. Lastly, to me, its just as irresponsible to be bringing children into this world after 40, as it is bringing them into this world at 16!

Dirt old parents, gee sign me up.

1931 days ago


Her boobs look fantastic in those photos but it would still be like banging a horse with nice boobs.

1931 days ago

me so horny    

ewwww! she's not aging well at all, one day matthew wil wake up and run like h ell.

1931 days ago


Someone forgot to hook up a hansom cab to her this morning.

1931 days ago

Goerge Bush    

I like her but I do think she is aging real fast. I think it's the smoking.........can make your skin look old. whatever? She's too skinny amongst a few other things, cut some bangs to cover expanding forehead

1931 days ago


my god, leave her alone. i think she is very pretty! she has been working out, OBVIOUSLY. do you idiots expect her to be perfectly stunning after a workout? real classy to make the crack about expecting twins. she unfortunately cannot have babies on her own, you idiots know that... but that doesn't deny her the right to have them. from what i've seen and read she is a wonderful mom to james wilkie and i am sure she will be to the twins as well. get a life tmz.

1931 days ago

Michael Madsen    

ASH... whatever you just said is absolutely sickening... get help... ne really.. get help.

1931 days ago


Enough jokes about her aging. I'm her age and she, Brooke Shields and Elizabeth Hurley (all born in 1965) are my role models. It's rough trying to keep it together, let alone look glamourous!

Would you want to carry twins at 44? I wouldn't (and most probably can't) anymore. Hell, she had James Wilkie at 38. I had mine at 32 and 35. Of course it makes sense to have a surrogate! Now I'm just wondering if the twins are from her eggs or not...

1931 days ago


as my dog would say "ROUGH"

1931 days ago


Since when does an actress have to be a classic beauty? There are really only a handful of truly great looking people on this planet, so you all need to chill on the "ugly" comments because it makes you sound unintelligent. SJP is a stong woman who made something out of her life. Why do people always have to focus on the negative? Are the lives of most of the negative posters really all that bad? Get involved in doing something positive with life and your outlook will change. Being first on a message board or looking down on celebs shouldn't be the highlight of your day. Just sayin'...

1931 days ago


Post # 30---

And now, Johnny... I hold the last SJP joke of the night.....
(wild applause)
Ugh... he, he... okay. uh... thank you, Buffalo gas breath.. Uh... it was so hot in Burbank today...
(audience in unison) How hot was it?
It was so hot...Sarah Jessica Parker's twins "popped" outta her sports bra.

Posted at 2:27AM on Jun 18th 2009 by Iam Smartman

Clearly the best comment !!

1931 days ago
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