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Jon Minus Kate Plus Wedding Ring

6/19/2009 7:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from looking at apartments at Trump Place in NYC, Jon Gosselin was spotted outside his Pennsylvania home on Friday ... wearing his wedding ring.


Think he'll still have it on after that big announcement on Monday's "Jon & Kate plus 8"?!


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Jon is being Jon. He is immature and always looks bored around his children. Kate is left to do all the organizing and most of the work with Jon being so passive and lazy. If you have many children it requires alot of work and unfortunately Jon just doesn't have what it takes to put your children first as it should be. My best to you Kate.

1950 days ago


i think this is a sad situation for everyone involved. i pray for the best and peace for all of them, especially the children.

1949 days ago


I watched the show last night and Im so sick and tired of Kate playing the victim! I cant blame Jon for how he is feeling he tired to tell Kate last year at the end of the season he wanted to stop and she said oh well I like it! That should have been the first clue that it was going to end. Kate has yelled, belittled him and down right embarassed him (she should be too for the way she acts on the show). When will Kate ever take a second to look at things and realize that she has and attitiude and a problem and needs some help! WOW!

Jon isnt right for what he has done. Even when he has tried to tell her what shes done to upset him she always says if you would just do what I wanted you to do this wouldnt have happened.

Kate cry yourself a river build a bridge and then just move on! Kate is a evil vindictive person who is out for herself!

OMG! I feel shell write another book! Can only imagine the title of that one! LOL

1949 days ago



1949 days ago


Kate gets yelled at for being a horrible woman. She didn't always treat Jon in the best way...but you don't give up on your marriage. She's willing to work on it with him and he doesn't want to have anything to do with it. He's being selfish. Atleast try to get counseling or couples therapy. Instead he wants to go act like hes a 21 year old. I feel so sad for Kate and the kids.

1948 days ago


I would like to agree with 189 to an extent. Kate is taking a severe beating by many people who have no idea on raising one child let alone what she has. After the cameras turn off where's Jon then Off with his buddies , at the gym or whatever but is he at home pitching in then. I'm sure at the beginning they weren't rich. Once a nurse always a nurse I know from experience. You have to have organization and follow many rules to make things work. Speaking from a 41 yr marriage while your doing all that plus correcting everything that goes wron Later returns to bite you in the ass. They turn around an call you biotch and witch , bossy and whatever. Yes she need not have been out there so much and will have to come down off that pedestal now but really. I can understand her at the beginning , her frustrations. As for stepping out Jon's the one doing the sleeps over with that ding a ling. Where's Kate , haven't seen her out entertaining herself. and could because she to could with the money now made and babysitters. So quit pointing the fingers. Jon needs to quit the pity party just so he can screw around Most bright women know Jon Just what you were up to. She's looking to cash in on you to bud so wise up. The pasture always looks greener on the other side. I Just pray for the KIDS because they are the only ones going to be truly hurt by all negetivity towards their parents. Money won't help that.

1921 days ago


I think that reality TV shows almost always mess up relationships. They are hard enough when you are not famous, why put yourself through all that... I don't get it...

1908 days ago

Darla Parrott    

No doubt, these two could most likely benifit from some couseling, but why do they have to stop the show to get it ? We've been watching these kids grow up with amazement ever since they were born. Truly, the kids were always the main reason I wanted to watch episode after episode. Personally, I don't think they are suffering. No more than any child star would...I mean really.....Some really great opportunities can stem from their show. Movies, therater....and of course college .....Would we all be happier if they were in a tiny house or perhaps working in the fields ?? Why can't this family be left alone to provide a wonderful life for those kids and for themselves for many many years to come ? And Kate! What an amazing business woman ! You go girl! It's hard for a woman to make it in business and she's proven that it can still be done. Me and my friends can't wait for new episodes !!

1907 days ago
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