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Jon Minus Kate Plus Wedding Ring

6/19/2009 7:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from looking at apartments at Trump Place in NYC, Jon Gosselin was spotted outside his Pennsylvania home on Friday ... wearing his wedding ring.


Think he'll still have it on after that big announcement on Monday's "Jon & Kate plus 8"?!


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OMFG, enough already about this celebreality bunch!

1898 days ago

Bill Cosby    

Oh wonderful! So now I'll have to deal with this trash and his media circus!!?? I live a block away from Trump Palace. I haven't watched television for about 8 years now. I have better things to do than to sit around and follow strangers' lives. Why did I read on another news site that he was moving to one of the Trump towers on the West side (Trump Palace is on the East)? Did you just screw up again? I surely hope so. The trash in this country is growing exponentially by the minute and now it's being delivered right to my doorstep.

1898 days ago


Maybe the annoucement will be that he's GAY....hence the earrings!!!!!!

1898 days ago

Bill Cosby    

BTW, what's "Trump Place"? Bunch of illiterates! And since you can't correctly report on the news I'll do it for you; Some girl was at her friends apartment in Trump Tower and they saw the building realtor with this mongoloid Jon. Hence the news. But TMZ got it ALL WRONG! Surprise!

1898 days ago


To the stupid people out there...Trump has many properties....Trump Plaza, Trump Place, Trump Towers etc, wherever he can put his name. Jon was looking at Trump Place.

Get your heads off the keyboard and into the real world.

Take a deep breath stupid, lambs to slaughter zombies, and shut off TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8. You can do it, one baby step at a time....LOL

TLC should be brought up on charges for the destruction of the Gosselin children. Jon & Kate should also be brought up on charges for the destruction of their children. Someone should have to PAY (not for mansions, sports cars, vacations, spas, etc) for the therapy or medical assisstance these 8 kids will one day required. Gosselins kids are NOT normal and Jon, Kate and TLC are responsible for their demise.

Normal kids don't have TV cameras in their face from birth, to potty training, to sickness on floor in laundry room, to Target shopping, to dentist, to birthdays, at bathtime, and following the extended family being tossed away like old garbage.

They needed to stop TLC's production a few years ago to retrieve a "normal" but that time -frame came and went. Kate's body makeover, mansions, vacations were more important to her. Jon's sports car, new apartment, screwing around (Kate's screwing around with Steve Nield, too) were more important to him, as well.

Kate's tears are TLC "makeup", she uses them for ratings. She never tells you the truth. Why isn't Steve Nield on the couch next to her during interviews?...ummmm

Notice she is "hiding" him to keep things quiet? Kate is a sly fox. Jon is a stupid fox. The 8 kids are the litter of this nonsense.

1898 days ago


Who cares about these lazy, non working, grifters. He's a do nothing, fat, drunk and she is too. When are the people who continue to donate to them, going to realize that these two frauds now have more than anyone who has ever given to them.

1898 days ago


divorce is too obvious. i'm sure they are moving the family and show to NYC, hence his looking for apartments. that is their life changing statement they are trying to get ratings for. they want to move away from their tell all brother/sis-law. promise. they wouldn't announce a divorce on TV. they are moving on up, to the big house in the sky.

1897 days ago


Like Trump Place is going to allow 8 kids and 2 german shepherds to run the halls! Really making a comfy place for the kids Jon. Their old house never sold - why not move back there. Some place the poor kids can have some kind of place they feel secure and at home. And why buy the new house and get the poor dogs if they've been miserable and headed for this for a long time??? Jon - 2 earrings now? Ooooh, he's so cool. Hey J&K - you missed your 20's partying and running around because you chose the family life. Get over it. Truly think about your kids for like 1 second of your self centered day. Do you think they want a dad in high school clothing w/earrings and sports cars. Hate to say it - but Jon was MUCH cooler when he was just a good dad. Suddenly he looks like a sneaky little a.hole. How did these 2 go from such devoted down to earth parents to these frauds so fast???!! Geesh! Get the kids grown up and THEN go get all your big boy toys and have your mid life crisis.

1897 days ago


to number 121 most of the points are correct...but you sound like a real bitch, you and kate might just get alond, you should give her a second chance!

1897 days ago


Jon & Kate...a divorce, a separation, moving to New York, getting doesn't matter to the viewers anymore.

Watching paint dry would be more interesting. At least your "performing monkeys" - (8 kids) wouldn't be worked to death, at least TLC would make money, at least Jon and Kate might actually have to work at a real job.

When your viewers turn against you, Jon and Kate, remember YOU BOTH brought this on yourselves. You thought you were of more value than you are. Eventually, the field gets leveled.

1897 days ago


i do him

1897 days ago


Jon and Kate, 2 fools for different reasons. They both look ridiculous...Kate trying to look 20 for her Steve/lover. Jon trying to look 18 for his young lovers.

Meanwhile the 5 year olds and 8 years old are performing (working) like adults supporting these 2 jerks.

The kids will one day see all this TV coverage and know EXACTLY why they are all screwed up. Kate will be isolated by her 8 kids like she did and they learned from HER.

It happened in the past with sextuplets....history so long ago....but screwed up just the same. Can't we learn from history?

1897 days ago


Big announcement are you being paid to be their publicity because this so called big announcement is just a set up to pull in more ratings because just like them there show took a dump last week in the ratings so give us a break do u really thing the American public is stupid and don't know what is up.

1897 days ago


Jon leaving his garage apt. on the estate...he's not living IN THE MANSION.

What do you foolish viewers think of that?

More sneaky, milk this for all it's worth, from Jon and Kate.

They want their cake and eat it too. Your cake is spoiled....just like your brains.

1897 days ago


hi John here to clear the air of late,
I am John from john,kate and 8
At first life with kate was great
I was happy kates vulva did not permanently dialate
i ponder whether to litigate my bodyguard I so hate
I think Id rather pleasure myself and mastexbate
or better yet get my nanny to do it at her nanny rate
john akahamiltonyan

1897 days ago
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