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K-Fed's Babysitting Duties - It's a Hard Rock Life

6/19/2009 8:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Babysitter-of-the-year Kevin Federline blew some of the $30K Britney's paying him to watch the kids this month on a quality dinner in London last night -- at the local Hard Rock Cafe.


Federline rolled into the joint with the bodyguard seen in the photo -- plus his GF and a personal nanny to help with little Sean Preston and Jayden James.

It's great to see K-Fed finally holding down a job.


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Wish someone would pay me to "watch" my own kids!!

1891 days ago


Still fat as F*ck I see

1891 days ago

What the Hell?    

I'd be willing to bet -he will end up broke!
My guess is, that he is not saving back any money-so we will have to endure him on some reality show!
P.S. the nanny and bodyguard are not needed-no cares about him!

1891 days ago


WHEN'S HE RELEASING HIS NEXT HIP HOP CD? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1891 days ago


What he should be doing is spending some of that cash on a personal trainer.

1891 days ago


Its just sad that rich people have gotten so pathetic that they need a nanny to take 2 children out to dinner. That is exactly why I have no respect for K-Fed.. its pretty easy to "step up" and be a parent when u have someone else's money with which to pay nanannies to actually do the "caring" for the kids.....

And people wonder why celebrity children grow up to be so messed up.

1891 days ago


Where's his busted girlfriend? You know, the one that quit her job so she could live off of Britney's money too?

1891 days ago


KevIn Federline has 5 children. Brittany's kids have 3 other
siblings. Why are they in none of the pictures?

1891 days ago

for now    

Kevin has a full-time job,practically being a single dad while Britney is out doing her thing.
He is not being paid to babysit his kids. Britney is paying the price of divorce.
People who know him,like Britney's parents,say that he's a wonderful father.
People who don't know him,seem to hate him. Could they be jealous?
At least 2 organizations named him Father Of The Year in 2007.
The sore losers need to face the facts.

1891 days ago


lol K-OVERFed has it made. Yes he gets paid to watch his kids. Whatever parent has the MONEY does the paying. It shouldn't be ONE WAY.

1891 days ago


1) HE IS NOT BABYSITTING>>>>HE IS TAKING CARE OF HIS KIDS.. Just like any MAN would/should/could. Just because you all are out sleazin pictures of REAL men, don't slam the ones that are really needed in the country! He could have gotten $$$ another way had it really been important so don't say it's just cuz he's paid for it. He actually could HIRE A NANNY if he wanted to, but chooses to have the kids WITH HIM!

1891 days ago

snow white    

In case you haven't read he has gone through all the money he had he blew it all away, Britney and him have had 50/50 custody for quite a while now, she is the only one wokring and since that is the case why is there any money being passed between them. If he doesn't work and he is a stand up Dad he wouldn't need a body guard and nanny to take 2 children to dinner. Wake UP....his bar bill in his house is over 800.00 a month he doesn't even support the other 3 kids. Besides how often do you see them??? because he doesn't get paid. Real dads get jobs and support there on children and put they in daycare go home at night and feed them. Even his new girlfriend doesn't have a job

1891 days ago


Are his other children not important? Why is he spending so much time with his kids with Britney? Ohhh that's right, they are his little cash cows. His kids with Shar can't bring him the money that he and his money grubbing girlfriend seem to need so he isn't around them as much. I feel sorry for all those kids fathered by that loser.

1891 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    

He needs to be told that kids grow up fast and then the money goes away. He needs to find another woman with money fast, Brit is no longer available. He is as dumb as they come.

1891 days ago


Wow,he is paid to take care of his own kids?He's an idiot!And a bad father too.What a shame,the boys will never respect him as their father when they grow up,he will be considered a joke for them.He's turning into the boys's babysitter,not a real father.He should take care of them for free,he is the father,not a stranger to them.K-Fat is so pathetic,each day getting more and more fat,eating Britney's money,i wonder if he uses the child support for/with them or only with himself.And still asked to be paid to raise his sons?He's a loser,a horrible father,with no real job,a gold-digger.What man she chose to be a "husband",an idiot that loves the good life and only wants money,money and more money.Loser.I feel for the boys,have two freaks as parents.Poor boys.

1891 days ago
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