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K-Fed's Babysitting Duties - It's a Hard Rock Life

6/19/2009 8:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Babysitter-of-the-year Kevin Federline blew some of the $30K Britney's paying him to watch the kids this month on a quality dinner in London last night -- at the local Hard Rock Cafe.


Federline rolled into the joint with the bodyguard seen in the photo -- plus his GF and a personal nanny to help with little Sean Preston and Jayden James.

It's great to see K-Fed finally holding down a job.


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If he was a she you all would have no problem with him getting paid. BS does not have custody he let her take the kids on her tour since her dad has her on a leash. If her dad wasn't around she'd still be driving to gas stations banging that Adnon guy and trying to sleep with another guy.

1929 days ago

sick of Rihanna    

Eww! K-Fed is such of a turn off. His parents must be ashamed of him.

1929 days ago

tuna marie    

britney was the idiot for marrying him. her stupidity knows no bounds. i feel sorry for their kids, having 2 dopes for parents.

1929 days ago


Why are people down on KFed for taking on the responsibility of raising children? Should we not be after all the women who divorced their husbands and drained them of their money, because they don't want to get jobs?

1929 days ago


Not only that Britney had to be a really lousy mommy to lose custody. In almost all cases the mother wins over the father. For a woman to lose means she's bad big time. So she's paying child support like a man. Hey, you want to be equal.

1929 days ago


Father of the Year, huh? In this case, I can understand having travel expenses paid since Britney wants her kids near her while she's on tour, but what kind of parent gets paid for taking care of his own children and needs a nanny to do even that? His sons dress better than he does and from the looks of him, he needs to go back to dancing and earn his money honestly.

1929 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Silly, silly. As far as the boys are concerned, Kevin is the sole custodian parent. Contrary, to what TMZ tells you, Britney has zero custody. She may see them half of the time, but she paid dearly for that time with them. If Kevin had not allowed her sons to follow her on her tour, - that would have been it. Kevin would have still received the previously agreed upon child support, but Britney wouldn't have seen her sons, while on tour. Kevin is getting paid for the extra visitation he is allowing, and for the fact that he has to follow her a$$ while she's on tour. If there was a medical emergency with one of the boys, only Kevin has the legal right to make decisions for them. If Kevin was working at some daily job, and had to stay at it to earn a living, then the boys wouldn't have been able to travel with Britney. So get off Kevin's back. If some extremely rich man or woman had offered any of you a millionaire life style to "be" with them, who wouldn't have taken it?

1929 days ago


It's not babysitting if it is your own kids. He is being a parent. Who cares how much he gets. What about all the women who are doing the same thing. Equal rights for everyone

1929 days ago


Kevin deserve every penny in child support .He is taking care of his kids and not babysitting. Tons of women are getting child support so why should'nt kevin do the same. He has full physical cusdody of the kis, he is leaving his life to follow spears around the world so she could see the kids he deserve evry penny. The kids always look happy with him then their loser mother. He is the only parent those boys know why their slutty mother was partying he took care of these kids for 3 year all by himself and he deserve every penny in child support.

1928 days ago


Happy Father's Day Kevin. It's only right that Britney pay Kevin and all his expenses if she insists on having the boys with her on tour and away from their home. She still isn't capable of caring for her children. I still can't understand why people are paying to see her lip sync. Like Kevin or not, between him & Britney, Kevin is the parent who adds stability.

1927 days ago

Scoobys mom    

How can this "man" even look in the mirror. He is pathetic and he certainly is not teaching his kids how to be a man. He's living off a woman. Way to go you low life piece of grap. Wait until he doesn't get money for the kids anymore-he will be one sad idiot living in the street.

1927 days ago


doesnt kevin like owe 14000 in taxes shouldnt he use some of that money to pay his taxes

1926 days ago


kevin you need to get a job stop eating cause your way to fat and you dont need a bodyguard nobody is intrested in you and stop been paid to babysit your kids and the reason his never pictured with his other kids is because nobody is intrested in them kids britney's kids are where the money is at for the papz

1926 days ago

for now    

Kevin has a full-time job,taking care of the 2 boys.
He is not being paid for it.
Britney is paying for the divorce.because she's rich.
The court system has ruled.

1926 days ago


Kevin Federline has four not two kids

1853 days ago
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