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Leighton Meester

Sex Tape


6/19/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leighton MeestrUPDATE 9:40 AM ET
: Apparently the deal has been closed, because has pics of what looks like the video on its site.

Spotted ... "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester having sex with her BF... on video.

We've learned a Meester tape is being shopped around town. It was shot a few years back, and shows Leighton in mostly innocuous though nude scenes -- with several big exceptions ... one involving her very talented feet.

We're told a company called is negotiating for the video. The company's spokesperson, Kevin Blatt told us, "We've seen the tape and we're hoping to close the deal."

We contacted Leighton's rep but so far ... no comment.

Leighton Meester


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Jerry Jarvela    

Wow, the first celebrity foot job video! It's about time. SEXY!!!!!!!!!

1952 days ago


Has anyone seen the sex tape yet? Is it online yet?

1952 days ago


If I knew her brother I would say, hey meester I want to m eat your seester

1952 days ago


38. I'm sure it wasn't planned and I'm sure it wouldn't help her career. It also was an accident that the sex tapes of Pam Anderson, Jenna Lewis, Verne Troyer, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Dustin Diamond, Tonya Harding, Joanie Lauer and others were leaked.
Can you see my eyes rolling?
These idiots do these tapes thinking it will help their career. Don't feel sorry for this idiot.

Posted at 9:42AM on Jun 19th 2009 by Megan

Yes, she'd leak a video that would make people call her an idiot.

You're a dumbass.

1952 days ago


call me a cynic, but no one can be trusted including your bf (or gf) or bff. can't women ever learn?

1952 days ago


This is what you get when you videotape yourself having sex with someone and don't keep the tape to yourself. She's not attractive, and she's not talented, except with her feet apparently. Blake Lively and Jessica Szohr are the hot chicks on that show. Leighton looks like she was hit in the face with a brick... or when she was born in that jail cell, she must have hit the concrete floor face first. Sad but true.

1952 days ago


This is what happens when you date bad boys. They see women as sex objects and have no respect for them. If Leighton went out with a good guy this would never have had happen, but good guys don't produce drama which women crave.

1950 days ago


Oh, I'm so, so sorry, Leighton!

She doesn't deserve to be judged, guys. It was a stupid mistake, and she's young. She has the right to make a few mistakes in her lifetime. Keep on being strong, Leighton.

1949 days ago


So what???? Good girls have sex as well as other people. Where is the problem? She's not a nun. She is on a tape? What is the problem again? It was only for private use, all people who have a cam do that. Of course some don't say it, but this is only hypocrisy.

1949 days ago


In any case, I still don't fully believe it's her. Putting aside the fact that I think she is way too beautiful and classy for a raucous sex tape, the pictures don't look like her, and the body doesn't, either. I say this a heterosexual female, of course, but I am a loyal fan of Gossip Girl and since there are some selective scenes where she's wearing a little close to nothing (lingerie, etc.?), I have reason to believe that the video is a hype.

Leighton Meester, regardless if this is real or not, is still a very beautiful and talented actress. While I agree this was a silly, dumb mistake on her part (considering if it's real or not, of course), she is still young. Everyone makes stupid mistakes. Leighton wasn't even that big of an actress when this happened.

My thoughts:
1. If she did it, sorry, Leight, but it was a stupid mistake. Still love her, though, that won't change. Her ex-boyfriend should rot away painfully in hell. While it may have been her conscious decision at the time, she never agreed for him to exploit her all over the internet, now did she?

Another thought, guys. What if she was drunk? You can't sit there and tell me that celebrities don't get drunk, because, sorry to break it to you, they do. A lot. She may not have known there was a video recording (not likely if it's true, though), and if she was drunk, she was subject to make a mistake she would regret.

2. If it was a hoax, blame the media for taking it too far. I have reason to believe this 'Leighton' is simply a well-known porn star that looks a lot like her. Someone saw it, posted a blog about the SCANDALOUS ACTS OF OUR DEAR GOSSIP GIRL, and well, took it from there. I'm still 50% on this. While I wish desperately for it to be fake, it is agreed that she does look uncannily like Leighton, if she isn't her.

My main thought is that if it was true, I feel so sorry for her and hope she can get past this. I know it was a horribly stupid, silly mistake on her part, but she's young and can make mistakes. She never, ever expected this to be leaked, and this I am POSITIVE of. This wasn't some publicity stunt. I can expect a publicity stunt like this from Paris Hilton (who can't?), but definitely not Leighton Meester. She obviously didn't want this to be leaked, and her ex-boyfriend is a pig for doing this to her. I can agree that it was her fault for 50% of it. She should have been smarter about it. But her ex was absolutely horrible for leaking it on the web, which is obviously something she didn't want to happen.

Be strong, Leighton. You're still beautiful and a talented actress, with a fanbase to back you up. ;D

1949 days ago


You know what I hate , all the women makes love ,and the more they do things the more are better women the game of sex is good for both genders ,I don't blame her at all ,In fact I would tell her and all young women do not take naked or make video sex ,and if they do Keep that only copy of the video to themselves, Kim Kardasian ,Paris Hilton ,Pamela Anderson Were NObuddy before their tapes so for One side is Good ,but for the other ,this moment most be terrible for her.WHAT I HATE IS MANY WEBSITES ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THIS, ringtones ,to sales you anything ,to buy a video that is not the sex video .. I'm looking for it, but i won't paid a cent ,I would paid to Meester if she agree and sale it as Paris Hilton did..Meester if there any remote chance you could read this ,You will be more famous ,I know you must be embarrassed ,and feel terrible this time ,you did nothing wrong (well you shouldn't trust the guy and never allow to tape you) ,and many men wish to have a incredible and real sexualy alive women as you are ,not a cold ice women, I done this with my wife ,its normal its a hole part of the game of sex will be fine and better..
Alejandro 44 years old, Venezuela

1949 days ago


where's the video anyway?! --'

1949 days ago


not leighton!!
shes soo sweet an nice !! X__X okay ,first off having sex doesnt change your personality. Being a virgin or not these day aint a big deal. She is still sweet, but she is just as human as all of us are,and she does has her needs like we do.Having sex doesnt make her a bad girl or infact anyone. Unless you really do behave bad.

Making a sex tape well all celebirty do that victim or not please there are just two human that are having sex. Geez,We all remeber those miley pics of her in the bra and half naked ones.THEY ARE JUST PICTURES ! that wasnt bad,gawd.So many people over reacted towards it,It is not like she was actually naked in any of those picture.

It's stupid how people made such a big deal about the miley pics it's not like she is going to turn out like a few washed out popstars out there that we all know.

Having a sex tape only makes you more famouse especially when you are staring in these tips off show. This did seem like an act for public attention,but this doesnt change Lieghton personality she is just has human as we are just because she is famous doesnt make her less human.

1948 days ago


the guy she is with in the video is her boyfriend, the Romanian actor named Sebastian Stan. and don`t visit dose websites that invite you to do a survey to watch the video free. sooner or later the video will show up on "redtube" or "tube8"

1946 days ago


YES!...YES!....YES! Gentleman, I have seen a vidcap of Leighton's spectacular ass. Oooooooooooooooooweeeee! I nearly dove right into my flat screen. Unlike some of these "celebs", this one might be worth seeing.

1914 days ago
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