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'Love Guru'

Costs Dumbass

6 Months of Freedom

6/19/2009 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0619_love_guru-1It may be the dumbest move of all time: A man risking his personal freedom, public humiliation and his entire career -- all because he wanted to illegally burn a copy of "The Love Guru."

As if sitting through the flick wasn't punishment enough, a 28-year-old named Jack Yates was just sentenced to 6 months in a federal prison for burning illegal DVDs of the awful flick for his friends before the movie came out in 2008.

Yates' copy eventually made it to the 'net, where it was illegally downloaded more than 85,000 times.

Dude pleaded guilty to copyright infringement -- he's also guilty of the worst taste in movies ever.


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First whores!    


1921 days ago


It's official. I'm the only person on Earth who actually liked this movie. :(

1921 days ago


this movie may not be the most intelligent movie ever made but definitely was FUNNY

1921 days ago


I'd watch it again, just for the Timberlake...

1921 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

DAD as my kids call me...I know TMZ so loves me BUT remember I gave my life and hair and the top of my head for pepsi and this is WHY I go to the Doctors and had all the reconstruction and even skin bleaching do to those wounds.I was baddly wounded and I`am still in pain BUT thanks to the doctors I have a life and even family now.Why does TMZ cover up the truth? NOT GUILTY NOT GUILTY and NOT GUILTY and what does that mean to TMZ..nothing nothing at all.

1921 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Little fish will never get to keep or use thier copyright,BUT the SHARKS the huge muti-corps the volate every free trade laws in the books SMASH little fish to bits just tp make a point and to keep the playing feild warped to thier aventi.

1921 days ago


omg I loved this movie...hilarious!! I would watch it a 100x !!
TMZ your opinions suck!! lol

1921 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

He might want to think fast and come up with a better reason for doing time than making Love Guru bootlegs.

1921 days ago


I think Mike Myers should have to pay the dude back for the cost of the cd's and his lawyer bills!!

1921 days ago


Goo grief.... who the hell cares if he burned it. There are worse criminals out there that need to be locked up. Not some guy who burned a freakin DVD!

1921 days ago


#12 read the article, he did more than just burn one CD!

1921 days ago


#13, no he did not do anything more than burn the copy. A yahoo in the OC got ahold of it and posted it onto youtube for personal gain. That's the gut they should be arresting. So really wouldn't the FBI agents who wasted so much time on this been better served doing something else? Come on.

1921 days ago

Your name:    

There has to be a hell of a lot more to this story than that. Millions of copies of thousands of movies are pirated each year without incident. So whats the real story here???

1921 days ago

bill wolfe    

Jacks my nephew, he worked for a company that dubbed these movies for promotional reasons. so he did not illeagally dub this film, it was a copy made for Jay Leno. Jack brought the movie to my house for his family to watch, my other nephew took it let a friend watch it and that guy who's name is Misha uploaded it to you tube. Your story isn't even close to the truth, do some better research next time.

1921 days ago


I thought the movie was hilarious. Sometimes you just need to laugh at silly things.

1920 days ago

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