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I Don't Know Nothing

'Bout No Lawsuit

6/19/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson has feebly signed legal papers asking a judge to throw out a judgment against him and in favor of his former publicist Raymone Bain.

Jacko's Signatures

Bain sued Jackson for $44 million, claiming he stiffed her for publicity and management services. She got a default judgment in the case after Jackson failed to answer her complaint.

Now Jackson wants the default set aside, on grounds he was never served with legal papers.

Bain has filed legal papers claiming she tried in vain to serve Jackson. According to the docs, one time a process server went to the gate of Jackson's home but a security guard said, "Get the f**k out of here!"

Jackson signed a declaration explaining he wasn't served nor was he aware of the lawsuit.

Michael, you should be reading TMZ more ... we've been all over this one.

Michael jackson


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"11. die jacko already
Posted at 12:59PM on Jun 19th 2009 by iLUVbutts"

Happy now?

Raymone is an amazing person whom I've met. She wouldn't have filed the suit unless it was her last resort and only option. Her heart must be broken. Even though this lawsuit came to be, no one will ever convince me that she isn't completely devastated by the loss of MJ.

Be well, RB .... stay strong.


1941 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I like to suck C*ocks...

1954 days ago

Michael Madsen    

This sad b*astard spends almost all of his time avoiding, answering, settling denying and swimming in lawsuits...
lesson for all you Pop singers...
Don't have sex with children.

1954 days ago


I will not be suprised if his "comeback" tour ends up cancelled. Which will end up in more lawsuits from all the unpaid talent and crew and Kenny "HSM" Ortega having a fit.

1954 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

The entitlement this guy thinks he has is unbelievable. He probably wants God to answer to him.

1954 days ago


JACKO IS DEFINETLY WACKO!!! Wonder why he never takes that mask off??? its cus he's SOOOOO UGLY!!!!

1954 days ago


I thought his signature would be printed in block letters, like a six-year-old. Sort of like his voice.

1954 days ago

Michael Madsen    

The middle of his signature looks like a penis... take a look.

1954 days ago


Talk to enough people in the music industry and you will find that jackson is infamous for ripping people off. he seems to think people should work for him creatively and not get paid.

1954 days ago


As to the question of where will the money come from... If Jacko's creditors get together, they could probably force him into bankruptcy which would force the sale of all his assets. He could lose what he still owns of Neverland, the Beatles songbook, his own songbook, and probably the house his family lives in, if his name is on the deed. At that point, he could probably get some benefactor to give him an old refrigerator carton to live in on in alley in L.A.

1954 days ago


die jacko already

1954 days ago


9. The middle of his signature looks like a penis... take a look.

Posted at 12:18PM on Jun 19th 2009 by Dr. Fungula

lol it does look like the head of a cark. Nice observation.

1954 days ago


Seriously, some people in this forum need to get a life. Don't you have anything better to do than criticise?
And what the hell? The signature looks like a penis? Who's the one with the dirty mind now? Not Jacko!

1954 days ago


TMZ you idiots, he didn't "feebly" sign it - he used a different pen you numbskulls

1954 days ago


I want a handwriting expert's opinion. Some letters are huge and others are puny--if that doesn't reveal he's psychotic....

1953 days ago
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