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Paul Rodriguez -- Water War Turns Violent

6/19/2009 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Paul Rodriguez got into it with a Fresno local over the state's water distribution system -- and the stand-off erupted into a one-sided shoving match.

It all went down yesterday outside of the Tower Theatre, where Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was speaking about the water issue. The showdown with Rodriguez broke out when a farmer interrupted the comedian's interview and accused the Paul -- who's also chairman of the California Latino Water Coalition -- of "betraying the people."

From what we can tell, the man was upset because he felt Rodriguez was not doing enough to help valley farmers facing a water shortage.

Pushes were thrown, but we're told no cops were called.


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ha ha first suckers

1921 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

HOWS do you like those apples

1921 days ago


He lied and betrayed the people, one man stood up to this comedian/water activist on a soap box routine.

That man showed great courage. awesome

1921 days ago


What do you expect, it's Fresno.

1921 days ago

Larry Hagman    

You'd think a professional cameraman could do a better job of keeping the action in frame.

1921 days ago


I live in Fresno and i can tell you Paul has done nothing but try to help the Farmers with the water problem. The person on this tape is out of line. O just for the record i am not Mexican.

1921 days ago


Why the anger? Whoopi Goldberg asked George Lopez why he likes golf, he said, "Anytime you can hit something WHITE with a club...." he thinks that's funny? If the reverse was said, there would be protests.

George Lopez announced he will have a Hispanic Talk Show soon. Guess we know where he stands.

1921 days ago


A million to Juan!!!

and to #2.. its not apples...

its' How you Like them Oranges!!!

1921 days ago


to #4.. look at Wanda Sykes... she gets away with it because there is a black president laughing about it.. Imagine Bush or Clinton or any other white president saying it and there would be all hell broken out.

1921 days ago


I wonder if he is here legally? There wouldn't be a water shortage if 20 million of his friends and relatives didn't cross over the border unannounced. GO HOME!!! Fix your own country of origin instead of draining ours.

1921 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Look, People, jujst because Paul Rodriguez enjoys the odd Taco... doesn't make him Mexican... leave hime alone... he doesn't need an insult like that added to his plate.

1921 days ago


THE VIEW let George Lopez' comment about why he likes golf, he said, "anytime you can hit something WHITE with a club" go out over the air. What is going on in this country? People keep putting their real feelings and feet in their mouths on a routine basis.

Imagine he this was reversed? Just saying....

1921 days ago


Paul has finally woken up and seen the light. Those "evil" Republicans he's bashed over the years were actually the ones keeping his farm alive and from falling apart. Now that the lib quacks are in charge of the water control he's figured out that he's been blinded with ignorance his whole life. Go Paul, kick ya some liberal ass!!!!

1921 days ago


California Latino Water Coalition? WTF?

1921 days ago


Just like gays and blacks, mexicans have been brainwashed for decades into thinking that Republicans are the bad guys. Paul finally gets a taste of what its like with liberals running the show. Funny thing is, a lot of his ignorant, racist Mexican compadres don't want the lands to have water because they don't want the white farmers to have any growth. Screw the mexican farmers that are on the same lands!!! Morons!!!!

1921 days ago
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