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Lindsay Lohan -- The Face of Frustration

6/20/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not just a saying ... sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. Lindsay Lohan at Sam Ronson's house, trying to gain entry at 3 a.m. yesterday morning.



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Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

Rumor has it! Sam had Spencer Pratt tied-up in her closet with beads in his butt. Those were Lindsay’s anal beads and she wanted them back!

1959 days ago


Why can't everyone just leave her alone. I think most of us would go crazy too being stalked all the time and put under a microscope.

1959 days ago


I wonder if the paparazzi ever lose sleep over the crap they pull?
Usually I'm not that sympathetic with pampered celebrities whining about having their pictures taken, but when someone is in distress like this, it's not right to exploit it.
Then again, having sympathy requires a soul.
Apparently the TMZ retards have none.

1959 days ago


Aww Lindsay come on dude. You can always call Sam but don't go
knocking at her door especially at 3 in the morning that's too much.
Look at the mirror see what you know you deserve and better yourself.
Don't go to girls, guys are so much better and they are right for you
not a woman who looks like a little boy. Do that thing for tv along
with Ryan Seacrest that should be fun :)

1959 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

She won't have to wonder what to do if she'll just pick up the phone and call the Jane Fonda advice line.

1959 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

Why can’t this girl just hibernate for a while and stay away from the paparazzi and all of us??? 3-year rehab in Antarctica would be great!!!
What did her white trash parents do to her to make her this way???
Poor girl!!!

1959 days ago

Knock It Off    

Dearest Rev El Douche M.D. I think it would be very fitting if you wore a uniform for the Gay Nazis For Jesus. When I first tried it on it made me feel invincible in the face of Armageddon. Rev. Douche I think your queen on acid. Please Please get help.

1959 days ago

Dee McMillan    

Leave the poor girl alone. You did it to Britney, pushing over the edge and now it seems you've made Lindsey the target.

1959 days ago


I don't really like lindsay lohan but it's obvious that she has hit rock bottom so why don't the papparazi just leave her alone so she can get back to wherever she used to be.

1959 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

The family jewels...But it AN`t easy2loose a friend?.KNONK KNONK who`s there anyone was long as it`s not seacrest...OK your in.

1959 days ago

its me    

haven't u people ever had a broken heart and if so dont you remember it??? you feel like your heart is all in pieces . you get depressed all get my point .
it could be that and it also could be that lindsay doesn't have a place to go so i wonder. but i do believed ll loved Sam.

i feel for ya Lindsay , i really do. hang in there. it does get better. you just have to drill that in your head IT DOES GET BETTER IN TIME

apparently the girl still needs help and i hope she gets it.
out of all that bunch of people Brittney Spears and ((maybe)) Nicole are doing greaT AND STOPPED ALL THE HANGING OUT . BUT ll IS STILL SO YOUNG. I JUST HOPE SHE CAN BE SAVED. SHE SEEMS LIKE A GOOD PERSON.

1959 days ago


I think I am a lesbian in a mans body

1959 days ago


can we change her name to liklo or leslo?

1959 days ago



1959 days ago


Someone had better get this girl some real professional help, fast. Where is her oh so caring mother and family?

1958 days ago
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