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Top Cops in SJP Case - Did Haggling Do them In?

6/20/2009 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: 2:56 ET: Chief Carpenter now says he jumped to conclusions -- when he was told he was dealing with a tabloid, he assumed it was the National Enquirer. Carpenter now says, "I'm not exactly sure. If the National Enquirer didn't have anything to do with this, then I publicly apologize."

Law enforcement sources tell us the two Ohio police chiefs under investigation in the Sarah Jessica Parker caper became targets after they allegedly demanded too much money for stolen pictures.

Here's what we're being told. Martins Ferry Police Chief Barry Carpenter allegedly went to the home of the surrogate who is carrying SJP's baby. We're told cops believe the chief knocked at her door and when no one answered he allegedly broke in. Our sources say once inside the chief took 15 pictures and may have tried retrieving voice mail messages left by Parker.

That's when the alleged plot really got dirty. Our sources say Carpenter and neighboring police chief Chad Dojack had concocted a plan to sell the stuff to a tabloid for $15,000. Law enforcement tells us the deal went south when the chiefs allegedly had a change of heart and doubled the demand to $30,000. The tabloid balked and the plan fell apart -- allegedly.

Now get this. The sources say the tabloid blew the whistle on the police chiefs. We're told Ohio investigators seized Carpenter's cell phone and captured the 15 pictures taken inside the surrogate's house.

Carpenter initially said the tabloid he dealt with was the National Enquirer and that he was just messing with them. The Enquirer tells us they were not involved in the caper in any way, shape or form.

Both Carpenter and Dojak are under investigation. Carpenter has denied any wrongdoing. We haven't heard anything from Dojak.


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Illinois person    

Not only are they police officers but chiefs of police! Can you even believe these two bozos would throw away their law enforcement careers? So who put dumb and dumber up to this anyway? They, as officers of the law, broke into someone's home and would do this? Like what, they already weren't earning a good enough salary? You really have to wonder what other trump up charges they brought against others who probably weren't guilty of anything? Normally I'm very pro police but this is really just awful. So Chief Bozo says "he was just messin w/the Enquirer". Really? Must have been an awful slow day in law enforcement for him to have so much time on their hands. Also, these two must have been stalking the house to just happen to show up when no one was home. And what was the game plan had someone answered the door? These two should be behind bars as they are a threat to their communities. This is about as shocking as those two Creston, Iowa officers (oh yeah, it was the chief of police and his partner) that raped a bartender at the local country club. You never would think anyone in law enforcement would do this but alas they do. For some, I simply don't know where it all goes wrong in one's life.

1917 days ago

Mike Hunt    

SJP has a horse face and eats apple cores right out my hand... I'm serious, man.

1917 days ago


These cops are stupid, but in no way am I gonna blame Martins Ferry or the profession over these two d-bags. Police get paid less than their mayors and a good chunk of us to get into harms way to protect us. We complain about them until we need them and we *still* complain. It takes a pair to do such a thankless, dangerous job.

The best thing to do is expose these guys. Show their faces and histories. I blame the media if this thing doesn't fly because we know if they really want something, they will find it. If they could raid Sarah Palin's garbage they can expose these idiots. It will also be a warning to others in such positions of power not to be stupid.

1917 days ago


This is a sign that policeman SHOULD BE PAY MORE....The are desesperate for money!!!!

1917 days ago


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1917 days ago


They had to be 'dumb' good ole boy white guys,,ha ha ..I hope they get it.

1917 days ago


coco, if they don't get paid enough then let them get a diff job! I don't make enough money at my job but that would not and should not be a defense. What they did was become what they swore to protect us from. Pieces of sh*t in blue is all they are.

1917 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Why the long face SJP? She is FUGLY... she should at least bleach her rat's nest hair.

1917 days ago


Absolutely unbelievable that a woman pregnant with twins must worry about the police invading her home. If the police chief is invading your home, who do you call to keep you safe? Awful awful!

1916 days ago

Rip It Up    

Police = Pigs

1916 days ago


First of all, it doesn't matter how much the officers earn, they swore to uphold the law. Cops like this make a bad name for good cops out there, which are the majority. Barry has hurt other innocent employees in the department for the past five years. He is corrupt and is now getting what he deserves.

1914 days ago

cop mistress    

Well, well looks like Mr. Carpenter got his hand caught in the cookie jar, again Guess what goes around comes around to bite one in the a$$. If you are a local in the town of Martins Ferry, all have to do is go to the Dutch Henry, where many of the Police officers hang out, and you wouldn't believe what you see, or hear. They also let the drunks, get behind the wheel of a car and drive away. They abuse their rights as police officers protecting the rights of citizens. Why else would an 80 year old man with demetia, be tasered. The Martins Ferry Police Department in part of certain officers, abuse their right to wear the "badge." This came from the mouth of a current Police officer. This man stated, that he had abused his rights, by being overly aggressive with a person, just because he was having a bad day. Many times.....if your a pretty or drunk girl that has just got into trouble, all you have to do i go to the back with them, you have "O" consequences. They also have issues not returning items taken from people apprehended, or just cited for a "simple" ticket. This includes everything from: jewelry, alcohol, money, you name it. They keep what they take, and share it among themselves. It would probably amaze one to have the knowledge of what the former background of a Martins Ferry Police Officer is. There isn't anything that is going to make you say "WOW." So.... if doesn't not suprise me to hear of this indiscretion. Maybe Mr. Carpenter is trying to pay for his child support, because of his other indiscretions. Those others who lost their jobs, because of him, for which I have empathy for. These people were faithful, truthful, and law abiding citizens, and employees. People who dedicated their lives to the department. Oh................I see lets weed out the truthful ones. Shame, Shame..... Being a small town, they'll get a slap on the wrist, laugh about it, and continue on in their deceitful ways. I'm sad for Martins Ferry, and Bridgeport to have such representatives. Let not the actions of two citizens reflect the pride of Martins Ferry or Bridgeport. There is always good to be found. God Bless the surrogate Mom, and the proud new parents of beautiful girl twins. I hope they do not back down, and take this unconceivable act to the highest court, if need be. If they don't, it will only continue to harm more innocent people. There may be a silver lining to this event. Possibly, a person/s who are unbiased will not be intimidated by the small town antics of bullies. These are the worst type of bullies, they wear a uniform, and are suppose to uphold society, and protect.

1914 days ago

cop mistress    

Guilty, guilty guilty........ Just ask the community, and the drunks/employees of the Dutch Henry. But they won't's a small town, and they have to live here.

1914 days ago

small town victim    

I just hope this is investigated properly. The Harrison Co. prosecuter lives in Belmont county. Which happens to be the county that Martins Ferry is located in. The citizens of Martins Ferry are almost being held hostage by the police force. Unless of course, you hang out with the cops at a local bar. Carpenter has always been dirty and bragged about it. My fear is that the next chief will even be worse. I really believe that these accusations of the Bridgeport and Martins Ferry police chiefs are true. God help us if they get away with these crimes.

1914 days ago

Joe Friday    

There are over 5,000 men in this city, who know that being a policeman is an endless, glamourless, thankless job that's gotta be done.

1881 days ago
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