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Boyle's Got Legs, Her Career ... Not So Much

6/21/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One minute you're a worldwide Internet singing sensation ... and the next you're just an "exhausted" old bird being watched over by a series of minders.


Boyle has now bailed on two performances during her short touring career -- take that Amy Winehouse.


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Why did this witch go on the show in the first place if she didn't want to be famous.

1921 days ago


I sort of figured she was an overrated flop, I mean we all wish she went places and lived up to her dream but she's a little bit nutty.

1921 days ago


This woman has a great talent, too bad she's crazy ...

1921 days ago


hey come on she was thrust into the spotlght and please wish her well instead of bashing her

1921 days ago


She is not crazy- just not stable enough for all the pressure. That should have been obvious. Wish her the best.

1921 days ago


Fame is fragile, Boyle, be careful, take nothing for granted. You're not Whitney and you're not Ella. Nothing has met its balance yet, you need to establish a singing project before things get dashed to the wind.

1921 days ago


Don't count her out yet. Many great talents are goofy and unstable.

1921 days ago

Larry Hagman    

I really won't mount her yet & oops, did I call her Goofy, I meant Pluto. And I know she's really not a constable. Oh well you know us people named Carrie, just one bucket of pigs blood short of burning down a high school prom. Tee-Hee!

1921 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

Susan Boyle took my virginity and I want it back!!!

1921 days ago


I mean lets remember she is truly not mentally healthy to begin with, and I believe has led a very sheltered life, now to be out of her element, and under pressure must be extremely hard for her. She should have only been booked for selected shows and not the full tour, did they really think she could complete the full thing!, even if she could make an album, I don't believe she could do a public tour. Its really no different than her being a teenager if you put it in perspective. Such a shame that people seem to be using her instead of looking out of whats best for her.

1921 days ago

Linda Mott    

This poor woman is not mentally or emotionally stable enough for the brutality of fame. She has great talent but the pressure of the limelight was too much for her. It takes a special type of person to be a public figure and she was not cut out for that type of life. Look at the Presidents of the US, they start out looking young and after 4 years the stress ages them. I think that is why so many stars live a drug and/or alcohol dependent lifestyle.

1921 days ago


Would any of you be able to handle what the papers have put this woman through for over 2 months?
What's worse is that so many of you fall for all of the crap and that's why she's in the condition that she's in.
The public turned on her.
Why? Because she wanted to sing? Hard as they tried they couldn't come up with any dirt from her past, but they still managed to destroy her.
Susan was released from the tour.
She chose to do "some" of the shows.

1921 days ago


Somebody please make this nutjob go away.

1921 days ago


This looks like nothing more than a sweet simple lady who can sing a few songs beautifully then thrown into the lions den...
She isn't equipped to handle it. It takes more than a good voice. In fact...event moderate talent. (Mdaonna) and shear determination (and great studio voice overs) can make a great career.
Bottom line is she may not have what it takes....she should just go back to her life if it is to much for her...

Not the end of the world..just is what it is....

1921 days ago


I wish her well. Susan Boyle has a lot of talent. I never expected her to be able to handle a touring schedule. She has some issues that she cant be held responsible for since she was born with them. However I see her recording and I will buy her records. One deosnt have to tour extensivly to have a good career in music. Hold ur family close Susan (and that includes ur cat because god knows when Im feeling down I know my cat will always make me feel better)

1921 days ago
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