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Michael Bay: Steven & Jerry Wouldn't Take This!

6/21/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael BayMichael Bay sent a scathing email to Paramount Studios before the release of "Transformers 2," complaining in effect that his famous director friends would be shocked at the way Paramount was promoting the flick.

We've obtained an email dated May 4, 2009 -- from Bay to Paramount head Brad Grey, along with a bunch of other Paramount honchos. Bay complains bitterly that Paramount's ad campaign for "Transformers 2" was tepid and ineffective.

"... I have been waiting, and waiting for the anticipation of an 'event movie' to make it into the 'public zeitgeist,'" Bay writes.

Bay calls the print campaign an "abject failure," with a "pathetic presence" in the L.A. Times. He's especially pissed about the profile of the movie on the MTV Video Awards, calling it "so lame."

But here's the best part. Bay name-drops Jerry Bruckheimer, saying Jerry always told him "a studio that does not make [the opening of a movie] an event ... will get bitten in the ass." He then adds, "Besides my good friend Steven [Spielberg], Jerry has made a lot more successful movies then (sic) all of us."

Bay then asks, sarcastically, "Is this is a cash issue with your company?"

In fairness, on June 6, Bay clearly had a change of heart, sending an email to Grey and others at Paramount, praising them for treating him well, adding ..."Paramount is like family. Thank you all for busting your butts and bringing your 'A game' for the release of Transformers."

Bet Steven and Jerry haven't sent such a nice email to their studios!


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PEPSI Generation    

Dream works was sold off last year and steven is still trying to setup shop at someother major studio than FOX/Viacom/SONY.The first super dream team was howard Hughes/walt disney`s CHURUBUSCO studio in 1938-It was called the DREAM FACTORY and was commissoned by the president to take back the international markets that the SS had blocked hollywood from.EL STUDOZ CHURUBUSCO was handed back to the mexican goverment after the war and is still the bigger producer in mexico and studios worldwide.B movies don`t get a big`s more hit and miss and maybe a build up in production values IF and when it HIT`s after market marketing.IT HAS TO MAKE MONEY or htye dryup and blow way Like walt Disney did in 1947 when Howard Hughes bailed HIM out with a two million dollar interest free loan.Howard&Walt saved hollywood and the USA markets by hidding production in mexico by president`s orders.MEXICO PRODUCED 60& of all food and OIL for the allied forces SO they rest is all copy cat.MACHAL howard Hughes 123 and machal walt disney.

1948 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

Spielberg actually made "movies."

1948 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

TO ALLIED FORCES from mexico.HOLLYWOOD is just copy catting Howard Hughes`s STILL and killing his kid PLUS HOHA REWRITES spywear and softwear warfares.BILLIONS ripped of from the real HUghes`s kids

1948 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Spielberg doe`nt make movies,He makes money for the jewish defence leg and for hollywood.Makeing movies is NOT about art it`s about makeing money for the shareholders.if you do not make money you will fail.ART is ART and money is money...hollywood is NOT about is about selling a product to make money.Loads of people make movies BUT few ever make money at it thus a JEWISH money KING knows the hows and whys.DReam works was sold off for billions as was SHREAK GOOD move by steven yet again.Now he has to find a new place.HE will downsize as is the trend and make more billions for the jewish system.Thats why the move was planned in the first place to keep the look new and max the profits as he has done like NO one before.

1948 days ago


Are you kidding me?? I can't go three seconds without finding a commercial for this movie. They're selling cell phones and action figures and whole cars for chrissakes. Does Bay want the kind of promotions we used to see, with the limited-edition cereal and fast food tie-ins at five different restaurants, cardboard cutouts at the grocery store selling the fruit chews and roll-ups, billboards, sky writing, I mean...seriously, what would it take??? I've seen more articles about Shia LaBarf and Megan the Fox than I care to recall, pictures "leaked" all over the internet for at least the last six was that not good enough? Maybe this all has something to do with the articles about Bay being sick of "Transformerworld. He says he wants to make a movie without explosions, which would be like Burton trying to leave out the creepy stuff (like Danny Elfman). All Bay is good for is slow motion helicopters and camera-jostling explosions. The day he's on the same level as his good buddies Jerry and Steven is a sad day in Hollywood, indeed. Luckily for us it's pretty doubtful that such a comparison would ever earn more than a laugh.

1948 days ago

we will miss MJ    

I hear this transformer2 movie is so bad that nobody wants to be associated with. Make a quality picture then you will get the promo it deserves.

1948 days ago


Seems like Bay has been partacking in his favorite pass time too much -- hopefully he didin't take any "blow" to Japan!

1948 days ago

who gives a shit    

ALL FOR PUBLICITY, How could it not be??????????

1948 days ago


Hell, like how much promotion does the movie need? It made BIG BUCK the first time around and all those eager fans will be seeing the sequel. More BIG BUCK. He's such a diva.

1948 days ago


And so we keep talking about Transformers and Michael Bay.......
Do you understand now how it works with "leaking" (distributing) those "confidential"(made on purpose) emails?

1948 days ago


Michael Bay also doesn't get that it's "could have" not "could of"... This sort of grammatical error makes my skin crawl especially when is appears in a "professional" letter. Perhaps Bay also needs to hire an assistant with a basic grasp of grammar.

Oh, and is Transformers 2 coming out this year???

1948 days ago


I've met Mr. Bay a few times now. I can honestly say that he's a punk. He's movie making skills are very limited... whipping great crews endlessly and over stimulating the audience with adolescent crap. He should watch some of his friends films more closely.

1948 days ago


Does anyone remember Bay's HiDef VS Blu Ray rant when Transformers was getting released on DVD? then he retracted it. I have a feeling he should not be let near a keyboard when he gets a head of steam about something.
That said, he does have a point. The Australian Red Carpet premier of Transformers 2 (since there are Australian actors in it) was a non event with media and paparazzi actually discouraged from attending!
Then the related TV interviews were an absolute yawn (was Isabel Lucas jetlagged?)
Maybe this is a sign of new studio marketing, relying on the fact that fans of the first one will be looking out for the sequel so there's no need to push it.

1948 days ago


Sumner Redstone is an IDIOT.

Brad Grey is a MORON.

Michael Bay is a NIMROD.

whoops did I sign my name?????

1948 days ago


Just another lame CGI movie. No amount of hype in the world will change that.

1948 days ago
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