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Chris Brown Cops Plea

No Jail Time

6/22/2009 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has copped a plea in his assault case. He won't do jail time, but he will spend 6 months doing things like road cleanup. He's also been ordered to stay 50 yards clear of Rihanna.

Chris Brown & Rihanna: Click to watch
He'll spend 180 days doing community labor (8 hours a day -- 1440 hours total) -- which is, in effect, hard labor. He'll do his service in Virginia which is where Brown lives. A Virginia law enforcement officer told us Brown will be picking up trash, pulling weeds and washing fire trucks.

He gets 5 years probation for FELONY assault -- he pled guilty. He'll get supervised probation. He'll have to come back to court every three months.

He must enroll in a domestic violence counseling program.

This is interesting ... the judge said if Brown and Rihanna are at the same public events, the 50-yard stay away turns into 10 yards. The stay away order lasts 5 years.

The judge said she wanted to make sure that Chris Brown "was treated as any other person who comes through this court."

If Brown violates probation, he could get up to 4 years in prison.

Rihanna is in the courthouse but never entered the courtroom.

So Brown is now a convicted felon and loses the following rights: To own a gun, to sit on a jury, subject to search and seizure without a search warrant and he now has limitations on travel.

When Brown left the courtroom ... Rihanna walked in the courtroom. The judge explained the deal to her. The judge is telling Rihanna about the protective order.



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GROW UP, y'all. Felony charges are plea bargained every single day. Buncha youngass babies.

1915 days ago

so dope    


1915 days ago


#276 Orge whoever your name is, you need to look at the news or TV every now and then apparently you don't know who Chris Brown is, and probably never heard of him before this incident. Just like alot of other people postind, rude, and racist comments on here. FYI Chris Brown is a R&B Singer!!! NOT A RAPPER, IDIOT!!! Have you ever heard the song "No Air" with Jordin Sparks, or "Forever". "With You"??? Uhhh hummm, thought not. Get a life!

1915 days ago


to all the young girl posters>>>ever heard of Ike Turner? he almost killed tina turner, and beat her for 20 years. this brown is a weasel. if he ever has to clean the public restrooms in my park, im gonna make sure to take a huge nasty crap all over the place and the floors and walls. all these chicks have no self esteem because they only see a body, meanwhile he's beating her and taking all her money and giving her his burrito. she's a hoe he's a pimp. and this is what they sing about. pimping hoeing and banging. OOH YEH, SUCH CULTURE AND CLASS IN THE URBAN MUSIC.

1915 days ago


What do you say to Brown sitting in a chair wearing a suite and tie/??

Will the defendant please rise...

It's because I'm green.......................

1915 days ago


A plead out to 5 yrs probation and ROAD CLEANUP? Well, that'll be real meaningful. If his trash bag flies away in the wind, does that mean he goes after it and beats it down?

1915 days ago


I find it interesting that so many of you think he got off light. Hell, I'm from Texas and don't think that ! He's a convicted felon and doing five years probation. He'll never make it through that without violations so he could be on the way to jail on a moment's notice. Anger management class is a real plus too. No celebrity justice here - the judge even said she wanted him to get what anyone else would.

1915 days ago


Unfortunately, it is all too common for domestic violence perpetrators to get off easy. Brown's sentence is actually harsh compared to some I've seen. I am currently a foster mom to an 8-month old baby boy who was beaten nearly to death by his father and suffers permanent brain damage. The father pleaded guilty and received no jail time and a shorter probation period than Brown! What's worse, the mother who allowed the baby to continuously be abused by this man got off scott free and now has a good chance of getting custody of the baby back! Sadly, domestic violence cases are difficult to prosecute, and as a result, often end in the perpetrators copping a plea for a light sentence or getting off with no punishment at all. It's tragic in all cases, but even more so when the victim is a defenseless child.

1915 days ago


who cares about rino and chris, beside singing what else they can bring for a society nothing, and i have no idea what kind of music this two sing because i don't listen to crap, or rape or whatever the name of their music they sing.

to bad for them be creative and you'll get my support

1915 days ago


Of all the stupid people in this situation, Chris Brown is stupid for accepting the plea bargain. That big head ass Rihanna was trying to ruin him because he cheated on her so she provoked a reaction that caused herself to get a beat down. All that wildness she's been doing lately only proves that the bi**h is crazy and needy. All of these people want to place blame only on Chris but it belongs to both of them. If I were Chris Brown I would sue her ass for everything he's been thru. I am glad though that this is over and he can begin to learn from his mistakes. Every woman should know if you step to man be prepared to get treated as one and keep you hands to yourself. She knew he was cheating on her and she got her revenge and all the crazy people who believed she did nothing wrong helped her. So I challenge TMZ to find out the real story because her part in this has never been exposed. One more thing all the pictures that were supposedly leaked came from her camera phone not Chris's explain how if they have no contact how did he leaked them that crazy hussy did it to envoke sympathy from all of you people and it work. I must applaud her and her agents.

1915 days ago

Osiris Munir    

Man peopla obviously don't have anything else to do but bad mouth a young man like Chris Brown. Does anyone out there remember love when it first blossomed? Chris faked out and lost a head that will surely take a while to recover. He has youth, good looks and possibly a team of experts to assist him in the process of growing up. Let the kid lick his wounds get some psychiatric treatment and move forward. Cause and effect, some of you men, boys did the same stufff but since you don't have celebrity status ya never got caught. Whats in a bow of Cheerios? Milk and Cheerios, the other main ingredient is flavor. Chris has the sweet taste of fame in his veins and like others who have gone on before him, left their mark on someones face, heart and the hmmmm spot, its a hard lesson to learn but one well worth the discipline. with fame comes misfortune, with life comes growth and with some beautiful women comes problems

1915 days ago


He loses the "right" to sit on a jury? How is that a punishment? Please, who do I have to hit to stay off a jury?

1915 days ago


such crap...they made an example out of him...there are plenty of trailer trash that commit the same crime and receive probation...stupid

1915 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

These are Violence Against Women Laws that do not apply to women - only men are punsihed for violence. Awoman can kill her husband or child and get less punishment than Mr. Chris Brown. (feel free to Google news)

It's dangerous and expensive for a guy to be involved with an American woman.

If you're a regular guy this happens all the time in divorces. The divorced dude is now legally separated from kids, home and stuff. bingo the wife gets it. Ge gets stuck with the martial debt, Order of Protection and criminal charge on his record (not good for future employers to see either)

1915 days ago

speak da truth    

For all of you who think that Chris Brown got no punishment or not enough punishment, you obviously have never had any experience with the court system in the U.S.. In a case like this (and many others), the prosecution opts to offer the defendant a reduced sentence for a plea of guilty (which qualifies the defendant as a CONVICTED FELON), and the certainty of the conviction, rather than spend the time AND money that it costs to take the case to hold the preliminary and PERHAPS take the case to trial for for an uncertain conviction. If the case had gone to trial, who's to say that Chris would have been convicted. Chris Brown received a stiffer penalty than any other celebrity I've ever heard charged with a similar crime...and a stiffer penalty than people I have known personally (not celebrities) that were charged with a similar crime.

...and for those who condemn Rihanna for not testifying, WAKE UP!!! Rihanna did not testify because the prosecution and the defense came to an agreement before she got to the courthouse. She could only testify if she was called to testify. She did not have the right or the option to just walk in the courtroom and testify without solicitation. Now, her attorney did say that the prosecution told her about the deal and that she had no objection to it, but that does not imply that if she'd had an objection that the prosecution would have withdrawn the deal offer. They told her as a courtesy, plain and simple. Moreover, why would she object. Don Etra has said since March 5 that his client wanted this matter concluded as quickly as possible and that she wanted to put this behind her and get back to her life. All she did was not object to the prosecutor putting an end to this case as quickly as possible.

SO, to all the Haters...Chris Brown Haters, Rihanna Haters, Mark Geragos Haters, Legal System Haters...go on and do what you do (HATIN'), but find someone else to hate on...this case is a wrap.

1915 days ago
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