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6/22/2009 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosseiln celebrated Father's Day like a devoted dad should -- by signing autographs and shamelessly pimping out the TV show documenting his family's demise.

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
Jon, minus Kate, gabbed away outside his Pennsylvania home yesterday -- giving no insight to what tonight's "big announcement" will be, though still wearing his wedding ring.

Most telling: When asked where Kate was, Jon said "I have no idea."


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I feel sorry for Jon. Kate berated him in all ways and she is a Bit**. I hope he finds the right woman, someone to love him for what he is (not balding or his stomach -- I think he looks handsome). Kate looks horrible in her bikinis and her ass is wayyyyyyyyyy too big for a bikini. Kate started all of this and now she has to live with it. As a woman who is verbally abused by my husband for having PTSD from being in Vietnam, he makes Kate sound like a saint. However, it is about time Kate get what is coming to her. She used to hate her fans until the $$$ starting rolling in. I wish Jon the best.

1934 days ago


A final comment -- Kate is to blame for everything. She got "rich" and changed (for the worse). She wears clothing that is too young for her. Her compulsiveness is made up. She makes me sick. She is a hillbilly for sitting in the driveway all day waiting for the paparazzi. She eats it up. She is still too fat for a bikini. Why would anyone with 24 acres of land sit in the driveway all day? Odd!! Jon is completely innocent. She pushed him away. He should have duct taped her mouth shut and moved on long ago. He's handsome and will find someone to love him for who he is. Kate is vain to him. I hope he included verbal abuse in his divorce. Kate has no good qualities except for her loud mouth to call the children for their so-called meals. Now she can have her bodyguard. She needs help in decorating the home. I hope the dogs pee on her leg and crap and she walks in it. All in all, I HATE her. She doesn't love her children the way she treats them. Mady needs psychological help. I think Mady has more issues than Kate herself. Mady needs her mouth washed out and her butt beat. She a little Kate. I could go on and on but I hope Kate falls flat on her face (which might make it look better) and they should take the show/circus off the air. Michael Jackson's hair looked better than Kate's.

1934 days ago

Foot Fetish    

We need more feet contests,enough with this Jon gossless crap,thanks TMZ....

1951 days ago


I still say it's all for publicity. And I can tell them EXACTLY where they can find's in the dictionary between sh** and suicide...

1951 days ago


PULL THE SHOW TLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1951 days ago


He's such a puke!

1951 days ago


The news breaking on Jon & Kate Plus 8 is either:

1) Kate is pregnate with Jon's baby or babies
2) Kate is pregnate with Someone else's baby or babies
3) Jon & Kate have decided to end the show when the season ends
4) They are filing for divorce!

1951 days ago


I don't know how that dude is expecting to be able to pay child support for those 8 kids. He will actually have to get a job and no way in hell will either one of them be able to afford to have a house and buy food and clothing, etc for all of them. They screwed up in a big way they TV show was the only way they could have made this work. Without the show who is going to want to sponsor them, buy the books, pay for them to go skiing and all those other trips. They have a rude awakening ahead of them. Seriously, even if they were miserable together they should have found a way to make it work for the sake of the family

they blew it!

1951 days ago


Why does Jon always look like Jeff Dunham's Walter?

1951 days ago


The only ones that I feel sorry for are the children...they are paying for their parents sins,and it's not right.

1951 days ago


I can't believe I'm going to admit this but....I like him! I hate Kate, was always indifferent about Jon but now I find him kinda enjoyable. It's probably b/c he's dumping that b!tch. I feel bad for the kids having to see their parent divorce in front of the world but I felt worse for them to see their mother treat their Dad like crap in front of the world. It's better for the kids, overall. If they properly budget, like Kate claims to do, they'll be fine w/ all the millions they've made so far. Good Riddins...please be done w/ this family!!

1951 days ago


the announcement is not about a divorce

1951 days ago


My guess is one of two their getting a divorce, or TLC is gonna cancel the show...but here's the kicker...its one of TLC's highest rated shows...if they cancel it the only good thing left on TLC would be american chopper...just sayin'

1951 days ago

Al Jazeera    

who? who's Kate?

1951 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

The big announcement will be that Jon is really gay and that Kate is actually a man (big surprise). However they will stay together and Kate will still wear the pants in the family.

1951 days ago
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