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Jon & Kate

Plus Divorce Papers

6/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon And Kate Gosselin
and Kate Gosselin just filed papers for divorce, this according to

According to the report, the papers were filed moments ago in Pennsylvania.

The two have been married for ten years. They have 8 kids together -- hence the title of that show.

There are reports claiming Jon is planning on moving to New York to live. Sources say he is considering moving into Trump Place.


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Michelle Jackson    

No, not the Ozarks. Been there though. Not a hunter either. Not sure what it matters where I'm from, but obviously you've got a thing for me. You're making an awful big deal on the mileage difference for no apparent reason then. Any hoot, I've got to get to sleep as well. Keep an I on that mileage you Mileage Super-Hero you.

1949 days ago


DILLIGAF (if you don't know what it means, look it up)

1949 days ago

krist s    

there is a error in yout investagating. people magizine messed up the bucks county court house is in buscks county not reading pa , they filed divorce in berks county court house in reading pa. you may want to phone the media and fix that error nice reporting tmz you have a error on your hands
if any one is reading this people magizine screwed up and tmz followed suit

1949 days ago


'Bout time Kate got rid of the wimp. Jon couldn't be treated "like a child" unless he chose to be. The only time he ever "stood up for himself" was to quit talking to Kate after he got busted cheating on her. Kate will be singing Gloria Gaynor ("I Will Survive") while Jon will still be sucking his thumb, licking his wounds, and singing, "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me."
A wise man once said, "The most important thing a father can do for his children is love their mother." Jon failed miserably, didn't he? TLC interested in filming "Jon Minus Nine"? I think not. Jon, take the freight; Kate is great!

1949 days ago


AND, these are the next 2 DISGUSTING with Kate being far more DISGUSTING than Jon!

1949 days ago


It makes me sad to hear (more like NOT to hear) that they not once considered marriage counseling. No children should have thier parents split up even though it happens often. I feel that it's OWED to the children for parents to TRY ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help save thier marriage before deciding to seperate. If Kate TRUELY doesn't want to "raise the children alone" (as she said it) then she shouldn't have made degrading comments about Jon on and off camera. He too has flaws, nobody's perfect but not once did he make a bad comment about her. She said a couple of times or more that she's tired of putting on a smile but crying on the inside, I'm sure she now knows how Jon feels and that she needs to make characteristic/personality changes. Neither of them should have to pretend to be happy and the moment that one or both felt like that, they should have discussed it and seeked HELP and NOT turn thier backs on each other for the sake of the children. What annoys me is that they say they both agree that they do everything they do for the kids but yet not seeking help to try and mend the feelings and marriage tells me otherwise. I'm on the same page with them when they say that they do it all for the kids but I too do all I can for my husband and he does for me in return as well. I think that the relationship between the parents should be a priority as well as the children and I never saw that with them. There was only one time that I can remember when they took time out for themselves and you can tell that they were happy that day. They NEEDED more times like that. What good are you to your children if you don't take the time to keep your relationship fresh and full of love? Kate cried when she talked about "having to stay away from the kids when Jon has them" which I can understand being a mother as well but what I don't understand is that she already is away for days or weeks because of her book tour or conferences that she speaks at, so what makes it so different now? Anyway, this of course is ONLY MY OPINION and THOUGHTS. I pray that God enters thier hearts, minds and home and changes it all for the better.

1949 days ago


I liked the show originally because it showed 2 parents that seemed to put their children as a priority. Now I see two self-centered adults acting like spoiled children. If money and fame are your priority then you will lose everything that is important. You earn your way out of a divorce by going to therapy long term and making sure there is no way of saving the marriage. If you love your children and say you are a Christian then you work on the marriage and pray. The best thing parents can do that love their children is keep there marriage secure. It is very sad and I feel really sorry for the children. Jon & Kate get your priorities in order. Jon quit acting like a teenager and grow up. Who in the world would offer you a job as irresponsible as you have been. Kate at least works for the family to support them. I won't be watching the show anymore.

1949 days ago


Same old story, wife has baby( Babies), husband gets no attention, acts like a fool and cheats on wife , then wants out. He needs to grow up and be a man and take some responsibility for his actions. He is immature, selfish, self absorbed and a baby!
Now Kate has the responsibility of raising 8 kids and providing for them, typical of a man who never grew up and doesn't want the hardships of raising his kids! I give Kate all the credit in the world, she is a strong woman, determined and focused on her kids and giving them the best in life. Boo Hoo She yelled at Jon, MAN UP PUTZ! Shame on you, I hope she finds a real man who can handle life, and I wish her all the best !

1949 days ago


I've never seen any love between Kate and Jon since I started watching the show a few years ago. This is no surprise.

1949 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

I remember when you needed talent to become famous.
Now all you need is sperm, eggs and two Douche Bags…

You have to be retarded or stupid to watch this crap!!!

1949 days ago


Kate might actually lose her frustration once she gets a real man and finally has the lame wimp out of her life. Mr. smoke-a-joint,party animal, lame adulterer and monotone-face. He's about as exciting as a cardboard box. Very ungrateful towards Kate, never showed her any appreciation {real appreciation} . Women DO get cranky if they have to ASK for attention and respect from the person they've married,had kids with and basically sacrifice their lives for. Adios John, you twit.

1949 days ago


LOL he'll fit right in in NY with those Ed Hardy shirts!

1949 days ago


They say there christians but i think being in the lime light got the best of them. Heres some lyrics to a DC TALK song. What do you think does it fit?

Is this one for the people? Is this one for the Lord?
Or do I simply serenade for things I must afford?
You can jumble them together, my conflict still remains
Holiness is calling, in the midst of courting fame

1949 days ago


are people actually trying to pin this on him, cmon guys, seriously, if you had to live with someone that nagged ALL the time, i seen one clip where she was ticked over him not using a coupon, are you seriously going to have a fight over a 50 cent coupon. I think at first it was for the show for ratings, but, it got to the point it was all the time and once he made enough that the kids could be well taken care of then he just said enough is enough. so i doubt that unless she changes her ways and stops being a rosanne barr type she will never be able to move on and be with someone else. this is the consequences of her actions and sadly she deserves it, however, the kids do not, and hopefully he will see the kids a lot. otherwise that makes him an even bigger douche bag.

1949 days ago


who cares?

1949 days ago
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