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Jon & Kate

Plus Divorce Papers

6/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon And Kate Gosselin
and Kate Gosselin just filed papers for divorce, this according to

According to the report, the papers were filed moments ago in Pennsylvania.

The two have been married for ten years. They have 8 kids together -- hence the title of that show.

There are reports claiming Jon is planning on moving to New York to live. Sources say he is considering moving into Trump Place.


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LOL @ 265 and 268... :)

1892 days ago


I watched a little bit of this show last night and in my opinion, John came across as a spoiled child. He seems to be the one "acting out" and wearing his anger on his sleeve whereas she continued to go through the day and take care of raising all of those children (this sounds like a situation a lot of women get in to). So what if she is a strong woman. She is doing a great job with those kids. Shame on that couple that seems to have their own hidden agenda for exposing them and making this mess so public. That couple gave me the creeps (I believe they are related to John....hummmmm). In my opinion, she came out ahead regardless of what went on behind closed doors.

1892 days ago

Miss Gee    

Ok it is over jon is a ass.
I have watched from the start and I did think she was hard on him. But he is a real ass who she had to tell what to do cause he dont know jack. He is jealous of her books and traveling, due to he didnt want to be Mr Mom home with the kids. Men always think the grass is greener. Than they go and repeat the same mess and ... Read Moremarry another chick and have kids creating another family not knowing what Gods true meaning for marriage is. Love your wife as Christ loves the church . Be the head of the household teach your children.
Protect your wife and family. Jon is a real D-bag he thinks he is cool (wrong).

1892 days ago


He damn well better be planning on taking 4 kids with him. How just like a man to ditch the family to live the single life, fully expecting to load up the mother with the responsibilities and see the kids at his convience.

1892 days ago


Well, well, well, who 'da thunk? lol I've caught the show a few times and could not bare to see two people be so unkind to one another in front of their kids. It's NO wonder the older two brats are having MAJOR behavior issues, the other six will be wellll on their way to those same "head case" issues too. We'll read about the older ( and maybe younger kids) in the paper for drug issues , etc I bet.
I hope we all are saying, " Jon and Kate who?" by the end of summer! I won't be watching anymore of the nut job express!

1892 days ago



1892 days ago

Scam Alert    

So the wedding in Hawaii was just a PR stunt. I'm with Jon. She's turned into a media whore.

1892 days ago


Kate should be ashamed of her behaviour. If she actually wanted the best for her kids and they were her priority, she wouldn't be in this situation. It's inexcusable how she airs her dirty laundry on national telelvision for her children to watch when they get older. If she truly was putting her kids first, she would work on her marriage and go to counselling.

Jon may be at fault too, but only because he was bereated year in and year out on national television. How much is a man supposed to take?!?!

1892 days ago


This is so sad. I hope they that at least tried counseling, but I doubt it…
My curiosity got the best of me last night, and I watched the “show”. One of the saddest things (on the show) was when Jon said that he was “excited” about the change/future. I don’t recall his exact words, but he defiantly said that he was “excited” about the change. He’s a real dope!! I was like,….what….., did I hear that correctly? He is “excited” about all of this? I am not sure how he could feel anything but grief and sadness over this. His family is dissolving…. How could he say that he feels “excited”? Maybe I am getting hung-up on a word, but it was so insensitive to say something like that. It’s obvious that he just wants to be far far away, and be free. I just feel so sad for those little kids; they are going to know what a loser their dad is. They are going to see that he chose satisfying his mid-life crisis, over being there for them. Kate isn’t any better, but at least she seemed genuinely sad about the failure of her marriage. And yeah, what a crock that renewal of their vows was. Kate kept saying to the kids, “This means that we will be together forever.” Way to let your kids down, Kate.

1892 days ago


I think the kids will be fine. I feel bad for Kate. I didn't at first because there were times when she talked down to John. But, as I watched more I realized he has withdrawn. He let her take over. Someone had to with 8 kids, so she did. Kudos to Kate for keeping it all together. Shame on John for being selfish and not trying harder. I literally cried when the show put up the blurb stating they were initiating the dissolution process. But, hey John's only 32 so he has a lot of life left to live! I could have jumped thru the TV when he said that. He is not in touch with his feelings. I hope Kate finds someone new that loves her for her and she can be happy. I hope John grows up!

1892 days ago


TLC has to change the name of the show now to: Kate Plus Eight Looking For A Mate!!

1892 days ago


I feel soooo bad for the kids!!!! They did the show to get food on the table and get a chance for ALL 8 to go to college!!! So it all started when Jon was caught with another woman!!! They might be all rumors it might not so what!!!! I feel bad for Kate if jon cheated then i would feel bad to be in the same room i would i think Kate can get controling but what do you expect if Jon isnt acting like a real man....somebody has to......But what happened is the worst for the kids they shouldnt pull the show they should become friends they can split the money because that will put food on the table!!!!! Its their job to act like the parents....its going to be a sad time for all 8 kids.....:(

1892 days ago


Kate and Jon both changed. Kate has always being the "bossy" type of girl but the outside of her changed with the high maintenance. Jon changed from being an adult to trying to be a young person. You can see with the photos of the two. Her hair, make up, style of dressing and then his ears being pierce, trying to fluff up what hair he has on his balding head, parting with girl's half his own age, dressing all laid back. It really is sad what money/fame can do to you. And for this price is the children. They BOTH forgot what matters- the kids. They buy their affection is what it seems to me. Take them here, buy them this and that, it really is sad. I also hate how the magazines put Kate as a child abuser for simply spanking her child. Would they really "care" had it been anyone else out of the spotlight? I doubt it. I was hoping they would seek councilinhelp for their marriageg, cancel the show and focus on the family. But I guess despite it all money still has the better hold of these parents. I hope they put money aside for their children.

1892 days ago


Cancel the show. Jon and Kate are idiots. If they really cared about the kids and their precious reputation then they would have sought out counceling first. They say they have done their very best? Who are they kidding? CANCEL THE SHOW. I can't even stand to hear their voices.

1892 days ago


New show: Jon less 9

1892 days ago
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