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Jon & Kate

Plus Divorce Papers

6/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon And Kate Gosselin
and Kate Gosselin just filed papers for divorce, this according to

According to the report, the papers were filed moments ago in Pennsylvania.

The two have been married for ten years. They have 8 kids together -- hence the title of that show.

There are reports claiming Jon is planning on moving to New York to live. Sources say he is considering moving into Trump Place.


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# 70~ You are a dumb ass. I hope your husband cheats on you some day. Not to mention, Kate probably takes care of her kids better then you could ever dream of.

1913 days ago


This is so sad. Those poor kids. Hopefully all will turn out okay, even the parents. Now, Jon and Kate can move on and hopefully they will be happier.

1913 days ago


I 've watched this show several times and my impression was always that Jon was as close to robotic as a person can be. He wasn't affectionate, assertive or fun. It looked like Kate was carrying the show and the family...and this was long before I even thought to google the show & see if anyone was commenting on it. So was shocked to see the hatred directed at Kate. Then began watching thinking about Kate from different point of view. Still saw her as a woman with way too much on her plate, and she seemed insecure about her hair, etc which Jon rarely I see them as: Kate insecure big time, Jon withdrawn/indifferent and fairly incompetent. His earrings on last night's show cracked me up. And his excitement! Oh boy! Best to Kate and the kids. Would much rather live with Kate if I were a kid than with Mr. Wonderful.

Also--many comments here use the word "retarded." My daughter is mentally handicapped, and the more & more prevalent use of "retarded" is painful and offensive to parents of mentally handicapped children, It isn't OK. And no, I will never "lighten up" when it comes to that word.

1913 days ago


Uh,John is a weak man who couldn't handle a STRONG WOMAN! With 8 kids she has to be organized & regimented. He to me is typical of every other man that cheats on his wife.Something else on the streets got his nose WIDE OPEN & he ready to run to it. He talking about standing up for himself.You PUNK! Kate had to be tough or yor family wouldn'y have lasted this long.John You are WEAK! & NO WOMAN wants a WEAK MAN!
Stop bashing Kate for being strong & taking control of her family.Anybody that has more than 1 child knows you have to be organized. I know I had 4 if you don't, there will be abosolute chaos in your home. So if he can't handle her running a tight ship , then DON"T LET THE DOOR KNOB HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON THE WAY OUT JOHN, with your PUNK,WEAK SELF!

1913 days ago

demoiselle susan    

Sorry, but I blame Jon for this debacle. Kate may be difficult, but he is passive aggressive and immature. Deep in a mid life crisis, he is chasing women, drinking excessively, and refusing to discuss his issues with their relationship. This makes counseling impossible. With a lack of appropriate male leadership in the household, Kate is forced into the role of drill sargeant. His lack of maturity, commitment and responsibility is further manifested by his moving approximately 100 miles away, which will interfere with his ability to participate in his children's lives. By the way, travel from NY City to Reading usually takes more than 2 hrs due to traffic in the NY City Area. I've spent up to two hours just to enter the Lincoln or Holland tunnels sometimes.

1913 days ago


That is so sad that they are getting divorce. Becuase i feel so sad for the childrens. They need to both move on. But they need to be nice to each other in front of the kids.

1913 days ago


Jon moving to New York, how awesome for him,,,bring the hoooooss!!!

1913 days ago


This is probably ANOTHER lie of theirs trying to promote MORE publicity. These folks are making ALOT of money at the expense of their children. Anyone who further supports these scammers should be ashamed.. Turn em off!!

1912 days ago


I am amazed that it took this long. That woman is so self involved she will never see, and definitely never admit, that she contributed in any way to the destruction of her marriage. She is a harsh, controlling shrew that has to have her own way no matter what. I hope they can both find some sort of peace but in order for her to do that she will need to change how she treats people. Not many men would put up with that for as long as he did.

1912 days ago


What happened to the Kate in the dating videos and marriage videos who was so in love and acted like a teenager with her first boyfriend. And what happened to the Jon who was so devoted to his family. Jon your 15 minutes of fame are over, you are a dad not a single man. Buck up guys and take care of your responsibility. Get back to the basics the people you were before the show. What happened to that couple that just wanted some kids no matter what. Both of you have lost site of reality and gotten caught up in the reality show.

1912 days ago

Cynthia Uaisele    

As far as I can see they're both to blame,but who am I to judge! No ome in this world is perfect, we all have our faults. Fortunate for us we don't hat the poperatzi following us every where we go and keep invading our privacy. I feel that there should be alot more compsion for those 8 beautiful children! How do you think it makes them feel hearing people bashing their parents? I agree, Iove gossip as much as the rest of you but it needs to stop. It truely saddens me to know they're filing divorce papers, I really thought they were a solid couple. Cynthia Uaisele Hon,HI

1912 days ago


LIKE ANYONE DIDN'T SEE THIS COMMING! God, I am so SICK of these to idiots! The show started out centered around their children, and now it's centered around their stupid marriage! Here's something to do, Jon and Kate, CANCEL THE STUPID SHOW. Cancel the show, and solve your marrige. Don't publicize your marrige on national TV and then say you want your privacy, because if you haven't noticed, NOBODY GIVES ONE.

1912 days ago


JOHN said he wanted to stop at the twins. But no, Kate HAD to try again. She is constantly attacking him and he is just the timid little husband. I feel really sorry for him. If I was a guy, I could not put up with Kate either; or even as a person. She was so selfish when the church donated beds to them, but refused since they didn't match. I cannot stand her, and I am tired of her ALWAYS being he victim. They both need to grow up.

1854 days ago


this is not a fairytale marriage ,but it sure shows how jon could not handle it and further more blaming kate.

1881 days ago


one more thing , I wish the whole family a best resolution and that they have a wonderful life in which direction they choose.
kate ,please never go back with blimbo jon he is humilation to all .good luck in your next move

1881 days ago
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