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Jon & Kate

Plus Divorce Papers

6/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon And Kate Gosselin
and Kate Gosselin just filed papers for divorce, this according to

According to the report, the papers were filed moments ago in Pennsylvania.

The two have been married for ten years. They have 8 kids together -- hence the title of that show.

There are reports claiming Jon is planning on moving to New York to live. Sources say he is considering moving into Trump Place.


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The BEST thing for kids is for parents to put their MARRIAGE first. That's why they have kids!! No wonder this marriage fell apart, they lost track of their love for each other. Yes, kids are precious and should be loved, etc... but it's the relationship between the parents that holds a family together. Kids need to see good relationships modeled for them, they already know how to be kids. Those kids will grow up into adults someday and they need to know how to have a healthy relationship.

1950 days ago


hey guys...somebody needs to do better research. they live in berks county pa-they would not befiling divorce papers in bucks county!!! something is not right about your info!! i live in bucks county pa.

1950 days ago


The vow renewal thing in Hawaii was probably an idea of the show's producers. Those of us who watch the show are not surprised at all by them getting a divorce. Kate had a mean mouth, at one point belittling Jon for the way he breathed. Another time she went ballistic over him not using a coupon. Sometimes she would make him repeat her instructions....What did I say? Repeat it back to me!"......The episode in the story was painful to watch....Kate yelling at him across the store and pointing with her finger....he was visibly upset by that and told her so was just one thing after really can't blame him for wanting out although it is unfortunate for the more of those fun "family" outings.

1950 days ago


UM...they wouldn't be filing in Doylestown, PA at the Bucks county courthouse when they live in Wernersville which is BERKS county and the BERKS county Courthouse is in READING, PA. So glad everyone did their research and got the "facts" straight!

1950 days ago


Kate is a witch. It infuriates me how she used the children to become a celebrity. It's no wonder that they have no life with tha pappazatzi stalking her and the kids every move. How dare she say that she doesn't enjoy it. It was evident long ago that Jon wanted no part of pimping his kids in the media. The idea may have been allright for him in the beginning but all the bashing that he took from his wife over the past several seasons must have gotten old quickly. Kate says that she wants to do the best thing for "her children." If that's really the case she will shut down production now. But she isn't going to be doing that as I bet the farm she'll continue without Jon. It's the kids who will never know a real life without the cameras and that's who will bear the brunt of Kate Gosslin's selfish behaviour.

1950 days ago

The Doc Is In    

Reading isn't that far from Manhattan

1950 days ago


He can't live on the property as Kate would still be shrilling at him about something or other. At least now if the show continues we won't have to hear that "JON....Get Over Here!!!!!!etc. etc. etc." He doesn't have to take her crap anymore.

1950 days ago


I read somewhere that when specifically asked, Kate refused to answer the question: "Do you have trust funds for your children?" No answer is the biggest answer of all. Dollars to donuts those two money grubbing cold hearted monsters have not set up trusts for those poor kids. Without their cash cows, there is no "plus eight" and no reality show. Pimping your children, Kate? Real nice. Also we all love your tummy tuck and various plastic surgeries so you can look good in your bikini. I really loved how your daughter BEGGED for some water, you got the water and enjoyed drinking it in front of her while depriving her of a drink. No real mother would be so cruel. If you couldn't handle the responsibility of loving so many children, you should not have had them. I will call you a "bunt" which is a combo of two words that describe you.

Oh....and Maddie turns nine this year. Oh boy! Only eleven more years until she is either working the pole or writting her own "mommie dearest" book to get cash since she didn't have a trust fund while you horrible excuses for parents sold your souls and your babies for the almighty dollar.

Hell has a special place for people like you.

1950 days ago


The important thing (besides the overlooked welfare of the kids angle) is that Kate be seen as the victim. TLC had to have had a hand into the timing of this. Kate told Jon to file, he probably has a place in Bucks County which is why he filed there, and the payoff will be that he doesn't pay support for the eight little ATM's and TLC pays him enough for him to move to NYC.

So now it will be Victim Kate Plus 8. TLC knows they have lost the religious freaks who used to love these two. Now they will tune over to the Duggars until Cousin Amy and Jinger with a J get into some hot girl-on-girl action. Then they will be exploited and finally, everyone will watch Toddlers and Tiaras to watch little girls.....wait for it, get exploited.

Remember when Matt Roloff getting a DUI was it for excitement on TLC?

1950 days ago

AMC Fan    

Jon and Kate both need to get their act together and go get some counseling. There are 8 little people that need to be put first. It isn't all about the grown ups. They made a commitment and they need to honor it.

1950 days ago


I also live in Bucks County, and wondering why would they file here? They live in Berks County.

1950 days ago


So Jon is planning to up and leave those poor kids behind with the hateful, kid-beating wife? Gee, just when you couldn't imagine the guy could sink any lower, he does. I totally understand him wanting to be divorced from the shrew, but to leave those kids in her care is cruel and unusual punishment.

1950 days ago


Well. not that surprised, will be interesting to see who gets custody of the kids (money).... Hopefully Jon will since he is the main caretaker not the gold digger.

1950 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

And the ratings and ad revenue SOARS as America observes the destruction of an entire family. We are a sick sick nation tuning into this crap. I'm so GLAD I don't have cable or satellite service to witness this spectacle.

1950 days ago


I cannot believe I am posting on this thread (I feel cheap for even reading it) BUT..

1) Divorce does not ruin children. It's not the end of the world. It's tough at times but better than having parents rail at each other constantly

2) You can live a good distance away from your kids and still be a good parent to them.

Carry on...

1950 days ago
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